How hemochromatosis increases stroke risk

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Hemochromatosis means you have high Iron.  That is my current theory for what is the root cause of all my problems.

High iron prevents normal blood clotting.  Typical chelators can prevent strokes it seems so it would stand to reason that reducing iron in people with hemochromatosis may help their blood clot properly and prevent strokes.  Mabye this is how Bayer is trying to perform eugenics because they know that by advising everyone to take asprin, people with hemochromatosis will be killed off by following this advice and getting a stroke from it.

Low iron causes blood clots

Julian Assange should be Pardoned NOW by Trump

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You don't play with fire.  Trump likely is waiting until the Wikileaks case is over and he is reelected before pardoning Assange and other victims of the RussiaGate Witch hunt.  However that is very risky and playing with fire.  If I was president (which I don't believe in the office so I would never accept the position because leadership is given by God not by human offices).  But I believe to do the right thing in Trumps position short of stepping down would be to Pardon Assange and everyone persecuted by russiagate yes even including Cohen the Rat. Magically the FBI Informant Jerome Corsi will be the only one not in need of a pardon which is par for the course for such intelligence assets.

Trump shouldn't dilly dally and play politics with innocent peoples lives.  Pardon all right now and defend the republic like a true Boss.  Never Give up Never Surrender.  A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bushel.  Never wait to do good, when it is currently in your power to do so right now.

Ecclesiastes 4-6:

"Those who wait for perfect weather will never plant seeds; those who look at every cloud will never harvest crops. 5 You don't know where the wind will blow, and you don't know how a baby grows inside the mother. In the same way, you don't know what God is doing, or how he created everything. 6 Plant early in the morning, and work until evening, because you don't know if this or that will succeed. They might both do well."

Proverbs 3:24:

"28 Never tell your neighbors to wait until tomorrow if you can help them now."



Virtual storefront

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Since most shopping is moving online there are a couple downsides.  For starters it is hard to ship things bought in bulk and used in large quantities such as groceries or water.  These things cannot be shipped economically to everyones home from across the country so Amazon is creating local warehouses so as to lessen this downside and only the last mile needs to be delivered.  So this problem is in the process of bieng solved.

But there is another problem that I don't believe is bieng solved.  Curated content.  A storefront has sections based on department.  Lets say I want to get into crafting but I don't know all the different types of crafting that are typically done.  No problem I go to the arts and crafts section of walmart and see what they have and browse.  You cannot effectively do this online.  You also can't pick things up online and examine them and try them out.  Sometimes you can do this in store but sometimes not.  These are issues you can solve with virtual storefronts.

This is an open source invention for a virtual storefront.  It can be of any form from text based to voice based to 2D to 3D to VR.  Basically you are using any type of technology to create or recreate a "virtual storefront" or any other way to curate products in a way that enhances a user experience.  For example a sewing store can be created where a user sees a sewing machine in front of them and can click on the machine itself to find different types of machines organized by review or any other method, they can click the needle to see many different types of needles and needles for sale, even ones compatible with sewing machine(s) selected, they can click a rack with thread to learn more about what types of threads can be used and options in the marketplace.  Another example could be a store modeled off of radioshack.  So for example someone could go into a virtual radio shack and look at things on the shelf and even look in drawers and find parts they need.

The basic premise of this idea is to help people easily see not only a product they are looking for, but even rather just a hobby they want to explore.  Don't know where to start with knitting?  No problem!  Go to the knitting VR storefront and see all the typical things people buy for knitting and try them out in VR!

The way these stores are curated could be by hand by people employees or others coming up with it, or crowdsourced as to what things people typically buy together or having users create their own stores or ideas for stores, to imitating a real store, to AI algorithms predicting based on user patterns, etc or any other way.


Dieseling your air rifle pellet gun like a NatureHacker

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So call me late for dinner but around 8 years after it was invented I finally heard about what is called dieseling an air rifle.  What you do is put a flammable liquid or waxy thing like lip balm, 3 in 1 oil, or vaseline behind the pellet in the rifle.  When this combusts it slightly increases the muzzle velocity of the pellet.  Well of course bieng me the same moment I learned about this I set out to invent the best formula for a combustible mixture to use for this purpose.  The design criteria is low flash point so it combusts easily, viscosity so it doesn't spray around and get the orings flammable and therefore destroyed, and high energy.

To protect your orings before doing this you should use high vacuum grease to coat your orings so you dont combust them.

2 tsp Nitrocellulose (flash point 4c)
1 tsp Tagetes essential oil (flash point 25c)
3 tsp Butyrate (flash point 71c)
2 tsp Beeswax (flash point 204c)
1/2 tsp Zinc Peroxide

The above recipie is untested and will be my starting point.  Add more beeswax if needed to make it around as solid as lip balm.  Ideally pour the melted mixture in a empty lip balm tube for easy dispensing.  Nitrocellulose can either be made under 12.6% nitrogen to bypass explosives manufacturing laws, or use smokeless powder which is higher than 12.6% nitrogen but it is exempted from the laws.  This recipie is much lower than 12.6% nitrogen in finished form so this recipie is NOT an explosive and is not regulated by the ATF and therefore can be sold anywhere if desired.

Beeswax used to make it relatively solid like lip balm.  Butyrate added because it is a natural fatty acid, the most volatile and therefore lowest flash point of all the fats.  Tagetes is the lowest flash point essential oil I can find and it will help neutralize the vomit smell of the butyric acid.  Nitrocellulose or smokeless powder is obviously added to lower the flash point even farther.  Zinc Peroxide used to help oxidize the fats/wax and also when combusted forms zinc which protects barrel from fouling.

For the record the flash points of the typical components vaseline and 3 in 1 oil are listed below.  We can safely assume our above recipe will be much more powerful than the standard things used.  Also I think people blowing their orings were using 3 in 1 oil which goes everywhere including the orings and will burn it up.  Ours should be reasonably firm and not get into the orings.  Also the high vacuum grease will prevent anything from happening to the oring when applied on the grease is applied to the oring since its flash point is so high.

(Vaseline flash point 185c)
(3in1 oil flash point 150c)
(High vacuum grease 300c+)

Essential oil flashpoint tagetes

Dues and guns

Egrade nitrocellulose below 12.6% nitrogen is not an explosive.

Can store smokeless powder legally.

Varget smokeless powder

Valeric acid flash point 86c

List of saturated fatty acids (shorter lower flash point)

Essential oil lemon lime lemongrass

Zinc eliminates copper fouling

Zinc leaves no fouling

Zinc prevents rust

Class 1 oxidizer zinc peroxide reduces to zinc after combustion.


Canker sores caused by h pylori

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Canker sores in the mouth and other places seem to be caused by h pylori.  I took a drop of carrot seed essential oil under my tounge and in the morjing the cankers were gone.  Carrot seed eo is amoung the best along with apparently german chamomile eo (beware of fakes) that kill h pylori very well.  Also h pylori causes uncomfortable front bottom incisor teeth as well.  Also it possibly causes "loosening" teeth which can be moved slightly by pushing with the tongue.  H pylori is also a vector of hepatitis C and certainly causes heart skipping beats and possibly constipation in conjunction wuth Hep C.