Tim Sweeney will be fired as Epic Games CEO within 3 years

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I predict that the board of directors will oust Sweeney within 3 years as the head of the company.  He may "step down" which they will encourage him to do to save face.

Why will this happen?  Tim has made some very boneheaded moves in the recent past.  He somehow was able to turn the welcome competition against the Steam monopoly into a PR nightmare for his company by aggressivly pursuing games as exclusives for Epic game store.  No, it wasn't enough to have developers actually want to also list their games on Epic for a larger profit and mabye some kickbacks.  But Tim Sweeny wanted his cake and ate it too and wanted to make sure the games that promised to release on Steam CANNOT be on Steam and must ONLY be on Epic.  What a blowhard.  Not only did this hurt Epic but also hurt the game companies that did the deal with the devil as their fans can clearly see they sold them down the river for #FortniteMoney.

Also Epic responded to Apex Legends by screwing up Fortnite.  Tim Sweeny was like 'Respawning in a battle royale?  Ya well we will give health and materials for each kill to compete with apex's fast and contonuous gameplay'.  Well it backfired.  This led to a steep increase in the skill gap of fortnite and noobs got crushed.  However every good fortnite player got used to the change.  When Apex seemed like no longer a threat, Sweeney reverted the change, and fans and streamers of Fortnite are totally pissed.

Tim Sweeney is a vindictive, tone deaf, and trigger happy CEO who has already gotten Epic in a lot of hot water and will continue to do so into the future.  Having exclusive games on your platform isn't necessarily a bad thing but the way Sweeney went about it basically ensured that Epic will never be able to have exclusive games without invoking very bad memories in gamers.  He is ruining the Epic brand.

I used to have a lot of respect for Tim Sweeney in that he developed unreal engine 1 which I feel was a huge revolution in gaming and made its way into my favorite game, Everquest.  He also pioneered the "free to use" unreal engine model which was awesome, the free to play model of fortnite which is great, and even a fairer split for dev's on the Epic game store.  How any CEO is capable of spinning all of those great achievements in a way that makes everyone hate your company... is an #EpicFail.  This is the new brand Sweeney has created.

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