Thyme is a hallucinogen: Baicalein tyramine hallucinogen

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I don't know what if any mechanism could be known but the hallucinogenic properties seem similar to dmt however with sort of a less emotional perspective.  I've never tried LSD but I assume it is similar.  This is also active seemingly without an MAOI.  One capsule of thyme powder along with echinacea and mustard and ginger, mabye they enhanced the absorption of the active principle of thyme.  These were all taken before bed and the thyme gave vivid exciting dreams in a way that I didn't want to wake up because I was more excited about the dreams than my own ideas and goals.  This is very important for me since I tend to not like sleeping and don't get enough.   I know it is the thyme becuase it has happened several times I've taken it and never with the other herbs which I also take a lot.  Mabye ut is related or even possibly the same but slightly different to the MDMA like molecule in basil.  Oh and this principle is not in the essential oil because I have taken large amounts of that with no effect.

actually its probably baicalin


scutellaria (skullcap) contains it and baicalin converted to baicalein by human body and bacteria (gneg?)

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