Spending Detox is real

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You and I both know that the current monetary system is a fraud and is the cause of most crime and wars in the world.  We need to move past it.  However that doesn't mean that we shouldn't learn to manage our resources like money wisely.

We need to so we don't unnecessarily become burdens on others.  Like Paul's example we should all work to sustain ourselves.

We need to save our money so that we can fund our goals and dreams and also so we have freedom to not be a slave to bad situations you feel you are stuck in since you don't have enough money to support yourself.

When you are in the habit of spending a lot, it is really hard to stop.  You have to break the cycle.  And that breaking of the cycle hurts and makes you feel slimy.  When you try to quit you feel like a failure that you have been spending so much and you want to keep spending to somehow justify the spending you have already done.  If you spend more, somehow you feel less guilty of your past spending.  But this just kicks the can further down the road and you will have to deal with it ast some point.  Might as well be now.  When you feel guilty and want to spend more to feel better about yourself, realize that the depressed feeling you are experiencing is medicine.  When you push through that feeling and don't spend, its that feeling of despair that cures you and will allow you to save up tons of money.

Just push through the feeling.  Accept the feeling.  Realize that the spending detox depression is your medicine to help you stop for good.

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