Socialism: "Social Ownership" is a lie

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Social ownership is the factor that underlies all socialism but it is not true.  Lets say that I am the socialist ruler and I split up all the marbles between the 100 citizens in my country.  Each person gets 10 marbles.  Now thier is "social ownership" of the marbles right? Wrong.  Billy trades his marbles for a hug.  But that isn't allowed because now the marbles are distributed unequally.  As the socialist dictator I say that you cannot trade or give away your marbles because then there is inequality.  Does Billy really have ownership of his marbles then?  No.  Ownership means you have sole authority over what you can do with what you own.  But in this case I am telling you what you can and cannot do with what you "own".  Therefore this is not ownership at all but rather posession.  The government owns everything in socialism since they control everything.  The government giving you the marbles is a bailment, you can posess things and perhaps use them how the government allows you to use it, but the government has control over what you can and cannot do with it.

Givism destroys socialism because what little you do own (that which you produce outside of your job) you can give away to meet peoples needs.  The more people that do this the more peoples needs will be met without the socialism controlled "day jobs". Once the government controlled jobs are no longer needed, then they will collapse.  People will then give freely and meet eachothers needs without a socialist overlord telling people what they need to do.

Capitalism isn't the answer either.  Capitalism is a competition over who gets to gain the monopoly.  There aren't winners and loosers in capitalism, there is one winner at which point capitalism ends and socialism begins.  Typically, instead of a competion deciding the winner, socialism is enacted by violence and the winner of the civil war aka "revolution" gets to be the socialist ruler.

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