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So basically SADC has a few goals.  First and foremost is to clean out the gut of bacteria.  Secondly to support sleep.  Third to promote regularity.  And thats about it.

It is challenging because I want to makenit as accessible as possible which means I need to prefer using herb powders over extracts or essential oils.

Right now a good mix for me is natures fury (1:4 tribulus extract and gynostemma extract), ginger powder, food grade de, garlic powder, mint and cinnamon and eucalyptus essential oils, and agrimony

My thought is that:

natures fury kills strep and staph bacteria
ginger powder kills campylobacter
DE kills ecoli and pseudomonas
garlic powder kills mycoplasma
mint and cinnamon kills haemophilis
eucalyptus kills proteus
agrimony kills h pylori

However I wanted to substitute herb powders for:
natures fury- hard to get pure extracts
DE- contains aluminum
mint cinnamon and eucalyptus eo's- try to remove eo's
cold water extract willow bark- hurts liver
senna- causes electrolye imbalance and campylobacter overgrowth
wheatgrass- causes potato poisoning symptoms of numb arms during sleep.

So far I got trib and gyno powders to try in place of nqtures fury.  Doesn't work effectively.  In order to get the levels of saponins in natures fury I would probably have to take tablespoons of the herp powders which isn't practical.  So I need to use natures fury in sadc 7 which is in development.

I am trying to substitute mustard powder, thyme powder, and cinnamon powder for the DE.  This does seem promising.  Also tumeric with natures fury may also remove the insomnia that comes from the LPS from the bacteria.  So removing food grade de is looking promising.

Mint and cinnamon eo's for haemophilis I am trying to substitute with mint and cinnamon powder.  not quite sure how that is working currently.  Some potential in echinacea purpea root powder to kill haemo.

eucalyptus essential oil I am trying to replace with echinacea and cranberry and mabye uva ursi powder.  Not exactly sure how that is going yet but some slight promise with the cranberry. havent tried echinacea yet.

cold water willow extract I am trying to substitute with tumeric.  seems quite promising especially with natures fury as absorption enhancer.

senna I am trying ti substitute wuth slippery elm bark powder to promote regularity.

Wheatgrass I am tryubg to substitute with agrimony for h pylori.

Now i am encapsulating individual herbs instead of uing prototype blends so I can better pinpoint what is helping and what is needed:

The current powders I am working with:

echinacea-proteus and haemophilis
tumeric- inflammation caused by a few types of bacteria including ecoli, kill hpylori
agrimony- hpylori
slippery elm- regularity
ginger- campylobacter
milk thistle- liver support
thyme- gram negative ecoli
mustard- gram negative ecoli
natures fury-absorption enhancer and strep and staph

notable missing ones that may need to be added:
cranberry- proteus and ecoli
cinnamon-pseudo and haemo

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