Martin O'Malley is likely responsible for Pete Buttigieg's Presidential Run

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In his announcement speech that he will be running for office, Pete said that he wasn't even thinking to run for president last year.

Then I see a video of martin omalley in feb 2017 (see link below) pushing for Pete to be DNC chair and basically saying that Pete went along with the plan to run for DNC chair ("hes wanting to throw himself into this task").  So basically what I am seeing is that Martin O'Malley and other high ups in the democratic party like Howard Dean are basically urging pete to do certain things.  Kind of like how Harry Edwards urged kaepernick to protest in the NFL.


Interestigly also in Martin O'Malleys speech he mentioned Pete going up against Trump ("take on trump").  I think this was a freudian slip.  His ultimate plan was to get Pete to run for president in 2020.  Why would he want this? Because Martin needs someone who will pave the way for Martin to run in 2024 - an election where democrats have a much higher chance to win the election (since most presidents win a second term, Martin knows Trump will get reelected).  Also Martin wants to get Pete out of the way in 2020 so Pete doesn't pose a threat to Martin's own run in 2024.

Pete Buttiegieg seems to me to be part of the archetype of the Antichrist.  He uses the guise of Christianity to condemn people based on his judgement of their character.  He would be the one to turn liberals on to this way of thinking which will pave the way for them to accept Martin O'Malley in 2024 and the fascism he plans to usher in.

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