Julian Assange is a true hero and martyr

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Very few in the history of the world have done as much to free humanity as Julian Assange of Wikileaks.  Just like Jesus he condemned those in power and sought to empower the powerless people of the world.  Jesus used universal truths that could set mankind free.  Assange used exposing those in power and the evil deeds in high places.  Julian Assange was a counter-spy, he fought against the tyranical surviellance state worldwide that has been developed and weaponized to enslave humanity and it has been extremely effective.  Assange is one of the few people who have found the chink in the superstate's armor and has had the guts to seriously risk his own life to take the shot.

Julian Assange will go down in history as one of the greatest advocates for humanity that has ever existed and will join the ranks of the few and proud Humanitarians that have graced mankind with their presence.

Thank you Jullian Assange.  We are all in debt to you.

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