Mechanism of how inflammation causes insomnia

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 Edit 4/26/19: Looks like Hepatitis C also Upregulates COX-2.  That is probably the main cause of insomnia but LPS and many other endo and exotoxins from bacteria also I'm sure upregulate it too.

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I have learned a lot about what causes insomnia.  Most of it is empirical (experimental) but very litle is actually theoretical.  Well today we uncover some theory behind one of the causes insomnia I have duscovered.

Ecoli and other gram negative bacteria cause one of the most indetectible causes of insomnia.  A persistant low grade inflammation it turns out.  Of course, how did I not make the connection earlier between LPS (lipopolysaccharide which causes herxhiemer reaction) to sleep loss? Well I am now.

Turns out the LPS from these gram negative bacteria activate the COX-2 enzyme.  This enzyme causes the production of PGE2.  PGE2 is what causes fever and things like that.  Turns out this inflamatory molecule causes sleep loss.  However there is another inflammatory marker PGD2 which is sort of the opposite and it causes sleepiness.  So when COX-2 is suppressed, PGE2 stops bieng made and extra PGD2 is created.  This is exactly wht we want (besides the basics of killing the ecoli with mustard, thyme, activated charcoal, etc) Two herbs which can do this is a cold water extract of willow bark powder (Salicin and other polyphenols) and Tumeric (curcumin). These will literally lower PGE2 and elevate PGD2 inducing sleep.  Some say PGD2 is the most basic and powerful inducer of sleep in nature and is what causes narcolepsy when it is dysregulated.

Another way is to take mustard and thyme powder or actuvated charcoal and within 20-30 mins your Ecoli will be killed off as well.  If that diesn't help you see the above links for many other bactria that cause insomnia with mechanisms so far unknown, but whose cures are known.

prostaglandin d2 inhibited by asprin

prostaglandin e2 opposite kf d2

pge2 reduced by asprin

pge2 higher in insomnia and diabetes

imoortant feverfew k2

cox2 mediates pge2 tumeric

willow bark beats asa

e2 vs d2

d2 is sleep promoting

turn off cox2->E2vD2^

willow only shuts off cox2 and boosts cox1

curcumin tumeric also selective cox-2

gyno is cox-2 mediated aromatase

opposite low e2 high d2 causes balding

cox2 causes most asthma

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