Hepatitis C is the king of inflammation

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I've discovered a multitude of bacteria involved in chronic inflammation and especially those that cause insomnia.  When I got to the second to the most recent I discovered, mycoplasma bovis or TB I thought that was the king.  But then I discovered Haemophilis and I figured that was the king.  By the king I meant kind of the master controller of the gut and whole body pathogenic bacteria.  All the bacteria I have discovered are really involved in body inflammation and are super important but I may have now stumbled on the real root cause.

Hepatitis specifically type C also known as HCV.  This may be the root cause of most of our woes.  Chances are if you struggle like me with hair loss, lack of energy or adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, kidney issues including recurrent UTI's,  Gynecomastia/puffy nipples even if you are a woman, Insomnia, GERD or chronic cough, excessive bleeding, tend to static charge things more than other people, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, joint pain, constipation, heart skipping beats (hpylori + HCV),  Brain fog (HCV + aluminum) etc etc then you likely have Hep C.

Hep C is sort of like HIV in the sense that people tend to look down on you for having it and it is associated with bad health outcomes, sometimes even death.  If I do have it, I expect I contracted it in my mothers womb as it can be transferred during pregnancy. Hep C can easily be treated herbally.  Research has linked it to Hpylori bacteria (which is killed with Agrimony herb powder and carrot essential oil and blue chamomile essential oil) and Streptococcus that produce urease (which are killed with adaptogens like gynostemma coupled with steroidal saponins like tribulus terrestris).  I strongly believe ecoli also can enhance the virus (killed with food grade DE, Mustard, thyme powder).  And of course the liver itself can be helped with killing the virus with Milk thistle seed powder, schisandra, dandelion root, artichoke leaf, and licorice.

Also killing the bacteria linked with inflammation I have previously discovered, should help.  See a list below and my recent post "SADC thoughts" for more info.

Upregulates COX-2!

HCV herbs

h pylori



bacteria I just know are involved or at least enhanced in oxidative state.

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