Eucalyptus is a Hallucinogen: Eudesmic acid like mescaline

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Ever since I started trying to work with non-extract herb powders I have been finding that common plants are hallucinogens! 3 so far, eucalyptus powder, basil powder, and thyme powder.  Here is my notes on eucalyptus, this was discovered right when I made sadc 7.0 a few months ago.

SADC 7.0 turned out to be psycadelic.  I believe this was from the eucalyptus leaf.  a total of 150mg of dried powdered eucalytptus leaf was taken in 4 capsules of SADC.  Here was the recipie used.  Psycadelic effects were mild and were countered by activated charcoal.  See my eucalyptus leaf powder trip report for more info on the effects.


30g cinnamon
20g garlic
20g gynostemma
10g tribulus
10g orange peel
30g ginger
30g wheatgrass
15g eucalyptus
10g cranberry


150mg of eucalyptus per 4 capsules

It's alright to let go

The lesson of this trip is that it is ok to let go.

Dosage 150mg leaf powder taken with other leaf powders, some that contained steroidal and triterpenoid saponins that can enhance absorption.  Other herb powders were antibacterial so may have prevented active principle breakdown or conversion in the gut.  With DMT; breathing deeply mellows the trip, but with the eucalyptus compound, breathing shallowly mellows the trip and deep breathing enhances it.  To me this means the active principle is an oxidized version of a DMT precursor in eucalyptus, or a DMT or NMT analogue that has different oxidation metabolism effects. This would make sense based on the first step in the protocol for making mescaline from eucalyptus sawdust.

I have not tried mescaline to compare this, but it was quite comparable to an ayahuasca trip.  I can tell that indole acetic acid is not a breakdown product of this compound because with DMT I can smell the IAA in my nasal passages and that didn't happen with this.  Also this causes less "hangover" mental effects than DMT does for me, however the day after I do feel slowed down a bit, like a Koala.  I feel like this compound would actually be safer than DMT for long term use since it seems it doesn't feed brain bacteria like DMT seems to.  However it may have mental side effects of its own with large doses or prolonged use.

It does cause the charecteristic "Dread" that I get with the onset of an ayahuasca trip.  the onset was faster than acacia confusa powder, the eucalyptus came on in 2 hours wheras the acacia takes about 4 hours for me.

Since my dose was very low I basically had to be falling asleep to notice anything.  But it does tend to prevent you from falling asleep so you can be in that in-between state pretty easily.  I had to take activated charcoal to end the (very mild) trip before I could fall asleep.

Some of the things I saw was this table shelf thing that in my half-dream I wanted to fill with things.  Someone else was filling it with things.  I had the sense that "it is ok to let go, you have important goals and dreams but you are not alone to make them happen". That was a really good epiphany because I tend to shoulder a lot of the responsibility I feel to make the world a better place.

I also saw what seemed like a shadow creature, weird mabye glowy animals, "enchanted forest" type visuals.  Not 100% badass, lots of goofy things in these themes too.  I also saw talking heads (human) telling me something.  I kind of lost sense of my self for moments which frightened me but I feel this is why REM sleep is rejuvenating (because DMT released in rem).  Don't breathe deeply as this makes it worse.

I got up to eat at one point and I typically wolf down my food, and I tried to do that while in this state, and I felt like I may choke because I wasn't chewing fast enough to support my eating rate.  So I had to slow down eating.  I kind of felt like a koala or sloth, very mellowed out and mentally slowed.  Ayahuasca turns off my parasympathetic functions like salivating and defecating and sphincter tone, and this seemed similar to that except not those exact symptoms, more of just the mental side of it.  Bieng like a newborn.

I felt a sense of trancendence and importance of things I was looking at.  Things looked special when I saw them.  A sense of novelty like what terrence mckenna talks about (Although I do not condone the use of high doses of entheogens like he does).

The day after; my morning commute was much improved, instead of bieng boring and me getting mad that I see the same things every time, things felt fresh and new.  I felt much more rejuvenated mentally (mabye physically too) than normal from a weekend.

I like this better than acacia confusa.  Has the benefits but not the drawbacks in my estimation. My dose was quite small and is similar to what 150mg of acacia confusia would do.  If this relation holds true, 3g of eucalyptus powder would be a strong dose and I'm not sure that would be safe as I have read (but not seen any evidence presented) that eucalyptus is toxic.  However I noticed no toxic effects.  Perhaps the other powdered herbs I took with it prevented bacteria breaking down compounds into toxic byproducts.  This is the blend I made (I now call it PSYDC for psycadelic detox cleanse,) and took 4 x 00 capsules of this mixture:

Likely trimethoxybenzaldehyde

...oxidized to eudesmic acid


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