EA Needs to Kneecap Epic Games

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When a fighter winds back and goes to throw a huge punch, they make themselves vulnerable to getting broadsided.  This is what Epic Store CEO Tim Sweeney is doing.  He is focusing on taking big shots at Valve's Steam.  However, EA has everything they need to come in and destroy the vulnerable Epic Games.

All of Epic's money is coming from a single game Fortnight Battle Royale.  That is a precarious position and anything that reduces Fortnite's earnings could spell disaster for Epic.  EA has Apex Legends which is the biggest competitor to Fortnite.  EA needs to expand the team and bring on experts to drive Apex further up the charts versus Fortnite.

Secondly EA has it's own launcher.  While Epic Store's biggest selling point, taking only a 12% cuts of games income, could easily be undercut by EA's Origin launcher.  EA could only take a 10% cut and make Epic look dumb.  Origin could also QA games that want to launch there and charge a flat $2,500 to make sure that all games that launch on Origin meet EA's standard of quality.  So titles would only have to pay $2,500 + 10% to launch on Origin.

Thirdly Epic has Unreal Engine.  This engine is free to use and Epic charges developers 5% profits to use the engine in their games.  EA could easily beat this.  EA has Frostbite engine.  While this engine has some serious problems, it gives great graphics.  EA needs to open-source the Frostbite engine.  Immediately this engine would be the most used engine in the industry, a professional open source engine is unheard of.  All companies would be picking up this engine and using it in their games, and a huge development community would grow centered on this engine and making the engine better...for free.  EA has everything to gain and nothing to loose by open sourcing Frostbite.  As an added bonus to hype up developers into using the Frostbite engine, waive the $2,500 QA fee for launching on the Origin store if the company is using the Frostbite engine in their game.  This would help increase the prevalance of the Frostbite engine and have it compete with Unreal and also make it so the cheapest a game can launch on Epic store is 12% revenue, and the cheapest on Origen is a flat 10%.

In conclusion Epic racing after Steam with tunnel vision is like a Noob in a FPS game, crafty players will sneak up on the rusher and take them down from behind.  As I have said it is only a matter of time before Tim Sweeney gets picked off as a failed CEO for #EpicFail games.

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