1 year before financial collapse

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Taking a look at the sunspot cycle on my space weather page (click the picture with the bars on the right sidebar) I realized that we are near the end of a sunspot cycle.  This is typically a weaker time for the planets magnetic field and plants and animals are affected in a negative way from this, basically it is a stressful time for life on this planet.  The FED knows this and they use it to create market downturns.  We know that when there is an "inverted yield curve" or a flatline the clock starts ticking and at any given moment the economy will collapse.  Not a matter of if, but when.  When you see an inverted yield curve or a flatline yield curve it means the FED is looking to collapse the economy so they and their friends can buy up assets at pennies on the dollar.  So we are there, the yield curve has inverted and flatlined.  Now I think they will wait till the solar minimum in 10 or so months time before they pull the plug on the economy and start reducing interest rates.  The starting of reducing interest rates is what causes collapses.  The reason is that no one wants to buy long term investments if the interest yields are going down.   So all long term investments are cancelled.  When there is less investing there is less buying and therefore production and therefore jobs.  No one is buying so no one is working to supply for demand.  This is how it all works.  The FED chair is exactly right, an inverted yield curve signifies people expect intrest rates to go down, what he didn't mention is that decreasing interest rates cause economic collapse!

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As you can see below, lowering rates lead to recessions (recessions are grey bars)

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