We are in an Inverted yield curve: Collapse imminent

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Several months ago I had a dream about 1yr and 5 year bonds.  I have never thought about this even for a second before this dream.  I researched this and found out that when 5yr yield is lower than 1yr yield that is called yield curve inversion and always is directly linked to an economic collapse.  Interestingly when i had this dream we were a couple months away from when the inversion hit.  I made a post about it but I think it happened around december.  Since then the curve has been inverted ever since.  From my research a few months back I found out that there is no set specific moment the hammer will drop but that as long as the curve is inverted we are on borrowed time.  I think just a couple more interest rate hikes and the collapse will happen for sure.  Right now home prices are going up as everyone is trying to get in the market before interest rates go higher.  This is how we know we are near the peak.  What will always happen is that as long as interest rates go up the bubble will keep expanding with FOMO.  As soon as they start decreasing the rate the economy will collapse in grand fashion.  This could be the big one folks.  My suggestion for inverted territory we are in is to have your money in cash and easily accesible bank deposits   If you can only pull $400 a day from your ATM you're in trouble.  Make sure you have your money spread so that you can pull out at very least 1k a day so you will be able to access your money to buy things as prices tank.  This is the time to funnel all your money into savings.  Don't wait or you really will miss out.

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