The real cause of Boeing MAX 8 planes crash (it's not software)

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Update: It could be the cut rate Spirit produced Thrust reversers.  Thrust reversers have accidentally deployed in the past shortly after takeoff causing crashes.

Don't expect a "software patch" to fix the Boeing Max planes.  This is a problem with the engine.  The automated stall prevention system is just a crappy bandaid to try to keep the plane from crashing when the engine seals blow.  When these engine seals blow what happens is organophosphate containing smoke is created which gets pulled into the cabin and knocks out the pilots (web search: cabin fume plane).  Then with the pilots out of commission the plane tries to keep itself from stalling but crashes.  The engines are so heavy that when the plane looses power the nose tilts up and the plane stalls.

This is corroborated by eyewitness accounts that said the latest ethiopian flight had smoke coming out before it crashed.

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