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TEEF powder is great and all and oral health really is the most important thing you can do.  Without it humans lived around 40 years but after anti-microbial oral health we lived to 75.  Well the next thing is gut health.  We have just begun as a society to barely scratch the surface of it.  But I have gone all the way.  My SADC gut health recipie is hundreds of years more advanced than what is in the mainstream just like my TEEF powder is likewise (teefpowder.com).  Once my SADC recipie is at a place where I am really happy with it, I will release it. Anti-microbial gut health will bring the human lifespan north of 115 years.


Yes you read that right.  Once I am happy with the recipie (follow my SADC posts here and there to keep tabs on the development) I will start taking requests.  I will be sending it out in 70g bags of SADC for absolutely no cost, not even a shipping cost.  This is more than me "giving back".  This is me showing how the world should work.  Everyone does what they do as a hobby for free and give it away.  This is the only way the people can win against monopoly corporations and governments.  If we empower eachother we will win.

Stay tuned, I think after a couple more iterations it will be ready and the wait list will be long I'm sure...

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