SADC 7.1 recipie and theory

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Super advanced detox cleanse. (SADC)

Yes there really have been 7 major iterations, this started as ADC just DE and charcoal but it has progressed millenia past that.  The 7th iteration is herbal powders.  7.0 was psycadelic with introduction of eucalyptus powder which was removed in 7.1.  Serving roughly 3g or 5 OO size capsules.


30g cinnamon (haemophilis & pseudomonas)
20g garlic (mycobacterium & corynebacteria)
20g gynostemma (streptococcus)
10g tribulus (gram positive)
10g orange peel (serratia)
30g ginger (campylobacter)
30g broccoli sprout (h pylori)
10g cranberry (proteus)
15g horseradish (pseudomonas)
10g senna (h pylori and laxative)

10g peppermint (haemophilis)
10g oregano (staphylococcus)
5g basil (salmonella) hallucinogenic, see future post.

nice to have:
prune (yersnia and listeria and laxitive)


  1. I was just getting ready to ask you about the original DE & charcoal formula that I have come to love (thank you) I am at the bottom of my reserve, & need to replenish my stock. Is this the new & improved item? Thank you for all you do. You have helped my family & even my fur babies!

    1. Well yes and no. Charcoal and de will always be great emergency medicine but I am working on improving the theory. Once SADC 7 is ready for the prime time then it will be a more healthy way to maintain and improve gut health. However to get clean i itially charcoal will be needed and De will be a help.


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