Quantum screens: An adaptation of Moving Pixel idea

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Here it is, the true form of the moving pixel idea.  In thisniteration pixels don't even need to move at all.  Instead of a pixel bieng either on or off, it can be probablistic
  What this means is that the pixel can be either off or on randomly.  So in practice if you are looking at a white circle on a balck screen, if it is a quantum screen the pixels on the edges of the circle will have a certain probability of bieng either off or on depending on the neighboring pixels.  So basically if a pixel is white and all its neighboring pixels are white, it will have a roughly 100% chance of bieng white at every screen refresh (60 times a second (hz) or whatever). but if half of the pixels around it are white and half are black, the pixel will have a roughly 50% chance of bieng white and a 50% chance of bieng black.  This ccan also work with colors, either the brightness or shade could be probablostic.  Basically this idea would smooth out the look of things on the screen so there won't be distinct pixels since they kind of take on an average of those around them.  If it was simply an average shade or color though (like a pixel between white and black was just grey) you would still see the distinct blocky pixels.  But if the pixel has a probabilkstic distribution of bieng on or off or light or dark or blue or red etc, then you really wouldn't be able to see them.

Anyway that's that.

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