Givism: Because Capitalism and Socialism don't work

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Most of us realize that socialism doesn't work.  It has been plainly obvious that when you make the government the arbiter of all human activity, the people running it become corrupt and the people suffer from wars, famine, disease, broken down infrastructure, etc.

But most of us have not realized that Capitalism is more of the same.  Capitalism is just disguised socialism.  Take corporations for example.  Corporations are socialist entities.  Everything is owned by the company and shared commonly among employees.  Costs are shared and rewards are shared.  You may get a small bonus for winning new customers, but the "government" of the corporation (board/shareholders) pocket the vast majority of the profits.  Corporations are mini socialist states.

Not only that but the rise of Monopolistic Tech Giants shows that over time the winning corporations will literally take over the economy and we are again ruled by, in the end, a single corporation that "won" the competition of capitalism and now gets to become the socialistic ruler of society.

Capitalism will most of the time resort to a form of Fascism.  As soon as corporations start threatening the power of the State, basically the state starts making regulations to favor those corporations to keep them happy but prevent a coup.  Look at the FDA making regulations that kill any competition to big pharma.  "Capitalist Democracies" will do the same with the tech giants, which is already just happening in the EU as platforms are now legally responsible for random peoples comments on their platform.  This means only the biggest and best funded platforms will be able to have the power to do this and small independent platforms like GAB will be unable to comply.

So what is the solution?  The only solution is to scrap capitalism and obviously socialism and focus on Givism.  Givism is the only way a society can function in a long term capacity.  Givism is defined as giving the fruits of your labor.  Lets say you grow food.  You grow what you can, eat some of it and give some of it.  You give all your excess.  It sounds like some idealistic or naive or utopian idea but sadly it is the only viable method to a society that will not collapse. 

How do we implement givism?  Obviously the only way is voluntary.  Start by using your free time and discretionary income to produce something and give that away.  This creates what I have termed the FreeContaigen and that is how Givism will destroy socialism and capitalism.  No one can compete with free.  Once you start giving then it spreads to others and once a critical point is reached of people giving the fruits of their labor, then no corporation or socialistic nation can compete with free.  These entities will be put out of buisness and bankrupted and Givism will rise and as long as people keep practicing it, nothing will be able to overthrow it and the society will never collapse.

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