Basil is a hallucinogen: methyl chavicol

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Man, another one huh? In my quest to make SADC 7 (see past posts) I have been thwarted twice now with unknown psycadelic plants.

First was eucalyptus leaf.  That one is a potent DMT analog precursor.  just 150mg of leaf powder is enough to produce mind altering effects.

This time around it was basil.  Who knew? This one seems to be a MDMA analog.  2 x 00 capsules (around 1.2g) of basil leaf powder produced effects in conjunction with 10 drops cinnamon, 10 drops mint, and 10 drops eucalyptus essential oil.  Turns out this has been predicted before if you web search for basil mdma.

Its sad because I was really looking forward to using basil to counteract salmonella but I will have to find an alternative.  My experience with basil below.

2 capsules (1.2g)
10 drops cinnamon mint euc
1 cap ginger
sadc 7.1? 1 cap
1 cap natures fury
within about 30 mins:
weak hands
feel slow
feel like I dont want to move
before falling asleep bubbling sound, auditory hallucinations?
dream: in a huge house on huge grounds.  We were trying to navigate away and many of us saw a crossstreets sign  but a guy was turning it so we werent sure which street was what.  Inside the house there was a guy with a knife and he wanted to do tricks with me and I refused but he wouldn't stop. I told people to help but they just said to call the cops.  I left the room sneakily.  I'm not sure if he follwed me so I went around through multiple rooms.  All these other rooms were empty though so if he did find me there would be no one there.  I was trying to find a way out of the house but I couldn't.  There was a groundskeeper too I heard.  Then I woke up face down on my pillow.

cinnamon oil and blue chamomile

probably methyl chavicol

methyl chavicol is dopamine like so the auditory hallucinations make sense as dopamine hallucinogens can produce that.

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  1. Wow! That's crazy. Thanks for sharing! :)


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