Givism: Because Capitalism and Socialism don't work

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Most of us realize that socialism doesn't work.  It has been plainly obvious that when you make the government the arbiter of all human activity, the people running it become corrupt and the people suffer from wars, famine, disease, broken down infrastructure, etc.

But most of us have not realized that Capitalism is more of the same.  Capitalism is just disguised socialism.  Take corporations for example.  Corporations are socialist entities.  Everything is owned by the company and shared commonly among employees.  Costs are shared and rewards are shared.  You may get a small bonus for winning new customers, but the "government" of the corporation (board/shareholders) pocket the vast majority of the profits.  Corporations are mini socialist states.

Not only that but the rise of Monopolistic Tech Giants shows that over time the winning corporations will literally take over the economy and we are again ruled by, in the end, a single corporation that "won" the competition of capitalism and now gets to become the socialistic ruler of society.

Capitalism will most of the time resort to a form of Fascism.  As soon as corporations start threatening the power of the State, basically the state starts making regulations to favor those corporations to keep them happy but prevent a coup.  Look at the FDA making regulations that kill any competition to big pharma.  "Capitalist Democracies" will do the same with the tech giants, which is already just happening in the EU as platforms are now legally responsible for random peoples comments on their platform.  This means only the biggest and best funded platforms will be able to have the power to do this and small independent platforms like GAB will be unable to comply.

So what is the solution?  The only solution is to scrap capitalism and obviously socialism and focus on Givism.  Givism is the only way a society can function in a long term capacity.  Givism is defined as giving the fruits of your labor.  Lets say you grow food.  You grow what you can, eat some of it and give some of it.  You give all your excess.  It sounds like some idealistic or naive or utopian idea but sadly it is the only viable method to a society that will not collapse. 

How do we implement givism?  Obviously the only way is voluntary.  Start by using your free time and discretionary income to produce something and give that away.  This creates what I have termed the FreeContaigen and that is how Givism will destroy socialism and capitalism.  No one can compete with free.  Once you start giving then it spreads to others and once a critical point is reached of people giving the fruits of their labor, then no corporation or socialistic nation can compete with free.  These entities will be put out of buisness and bankrupted and Givism will rise and as long as people keep practicing it, nothing will be able to overthrow it and the society will never collapse.


Basil is a hallucinogen: methyl chavicol

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Man, another one huh? In my quest to make SADC 7 (see past posts) I have been thwarted twice now with unknown psycadelic plants.

First was eucalyptus leaf.  That one is a potent DMT analog precursor.  just 150mg of leaf powder is enough to produce mind altering effects.

This time around it was basil.  Who knew? This one seems to be a MDMA analog.  2 x 00 capsules (around 1.2g) of basil leaf powder produced effects in conjunction with 10 drops cinnamon, 10 drops mint, and 10 drops eucalyptus essential oil.  Turns out this has been predicted before if you web search for basil mdma.

Its sad because I was really looking forward to using basil to counteract salmonella but I will have to find an alternative.  My experience with basil below.

2 capsules (1.2g)
10 drops cinnamon mint euc
1 cap ginger
sadc 7.1? 1 cap
1 cap natures fury
within about 30 mins:
weak hands
feel slow
feel like I dont want to move
before falling asleep bubbling sound, auditory hallucinations?
dream: in a huge house on huge grounds.  We were trying to navigate away and many of us saw a crossstreets sign  but a guy was turning it so we werent sure which street was what.  Inside the house there was a guy with a knife and he wanted to do tricks with me and I refused but he wouldn't stop. I told people to help but they just said to call the cops.  I left the room sneakily.  I'm not sure if he follwed me so I went around through multiple rooms.  All these other rooms were empty though so if he did find me there would be no one there.  I was trying to find a way out of the house but I couldn't.  There was a groundskeeper too I heard.  Then I woke up face down on my pillow.

cinnamon oil and blue chamomile

probably methyl chavicol

methyl chavicol is dopamine like so the auditory hallucinations make sense as dopamine hallucinogens can produce that.

Disintegrating ray: How to pulverize materials more finely

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In working on improving TEEF powder technology (teefpowder.com) I want to not only be able to produce the tetracalcium phosphate peroxide (special ingredient) faster but also grind it more finely so that it can effect and build teeth enamel better.  Just to be transparent I gain no financial benefit from the sale of TEEF powder, I help produce the special ingedient because I believe it can help change the world.  I have been looking at grinders like ball mills and especially planetary ball mills because the planetary version can grind down to 100 nanometers which is 10x finer than a regular jar style ball mill.  Why this extra fineness? An increase of the grinding force.  So there are a few factors which determine how fine you can grind something: Dryness of the material, brittleness of the material, temperature of the material (basically effects the brittleness), the hardness of the grinding media, the smallness of the grinding media (basically the sharpness) for a given weight, the force of contact or weight of the grinding media or RPM for planetary mill, and I am going to introduce one more factor; the charge of the grinding media (or charge of any factor in the environment including gasses).

Why does the charge of the grinding media matter? well this goes back to my battery experiments that when ions are dissolved off of an anode electrons are liberated and flow through the circuit.  So to disintegrate something, you have to be able to liberate electrons or phonons or something else depending on the type of material.  I talked about this effect in water in past posts; in order to evaporate water some sort of energy has to be liberated, the hydrogen bond energy must be liberated.  Energy cannot be lost and in order to break a bond you must free that energy.  in the case of metals in a battery that bond is an electron bond (ionic?) and so an electron is freed when you create ionic copper.  I'm not exactly sure what form the hydrogen bond takes when it is broken but I suspect that plants gain the majority of their energy from these hydrogen bonds as water is allowed to evaporate out the plants stoma.  I believe there must be structures in the stoma or near them that capture these broken hydrogen bonds' energy and store them in the plant in some way.

But anyway breaking apart rocks also must break certain types of bonds.  Probably van der waals or something like that predominantly.  So the reason we can't surpass the 100nm limit in a planetary ball mill is we can't provide enough force (actually torque) to break these bonds at this level.  the smaller your particles the less leverage you have.  if you have a 1 Newton force and a very long stick you can move a boulder because you multiply the force times the distance to get torque.  when the distance is small (small particles) your force is less effective at creating the torque needed to break the particle further.  Also the smaller the balls the more torque applied. Why? because you are trying to force your particle to bend around the grinding ball.  If the ball is small and so it forces the particle you are impacting to bend more to conform to the shape of the ball producing more distance and more torque.

But it's not just torque that breaks bonds, charge can also help break bonds.  Even though we may not be bound by electrons specifically, we are bound by some sort of "negatively charged energy". This is illustrated by the "molecular light" experiments that got photons to stop repelling and stick together by removing some of their "negativeness" by using a highly positively charged rubidium gas.  What we are doing here pulverizing rock is a little different, photons repel because of their negativeness but things like minerals stick together because of their sharing some "negativeness". So if we positively charge the grinding media, this can help siphon away some negativeness and allow the bonds to be more easily broken.  I could envision a positively charged beam that can act as a disintegrating ray for virtually any element or mineral.

So how do we do this in a planetary ball mill? You plate an agate grinding jar in metal, gold leaf may be good.  Or aluminum foil for a poor mans version.  The metal needs to contact very tightly with the agate.  Then you positively charge the metal.  Quartz crystal (agate) is actually good at moving charges and even holding a high charge.  So you could even charge up the agate jar and/or grinding balls and then disconnect them and they should still carry the charge.  this is important because it would be a little challenging to keep the jars electrically connected to a positive charge while spinning.

So thats it, get agate grinding jars and charge them up with positive charge before grinding.  I will update this when i figure out a good way to generate a positive charge.


Quantum Pixels (QP): Synchronized probabilistic pixels (SPP)

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Also known as Synchronized probabilistic pixels (SPP).  This idea combines the quantum screen idea with the moving pixel idea.  The thought is to use a probability curve to define a chance a pixel is white or black, red or blue, off or on, etc.  And then to synchronize this behavior with those around it.  So it is a 2 step process.  Of course the goal is to achieve a pixeless look.  So for example on a boundary between white and black; if pixel1's neighboring pixel(s) on the boundary happen to be white this refresh, then pixel1 would have a higher chance or 100% chance of bieng black.  So in this instance the black pixel (and white) will effectively be moving back and forth between spots. 

So like the previous blog post and the example above, based on where a pixel is located near a boundary it will have a "base probability" (BP) to be white or black.  If the pixel is several pixels back into the black side of the boudary, it will have a very high probability of bieng black.  For pixels near the boundary or right on it, they will have equal or nearly equal probabilities of bieng white or black this refresh.  Now that is the base probability.  Superimposed on that "base probability"  is a "proximity probability" (PP). What this is, is a probability inversely related to what the adjacent pixels actually pick.  So the base probability is set as soon as the screen image is decided.  Then the base probabilities of, for example, half of the pixels (randomly chosen) roll the dice and pick a color.  Next, the other half of the pixels have a proximity probability superimposed on their base probability.  So if nearby pixels roll black for this example, then the proximity probability would be higher for white.  The base probability would still be in effect though, the proximity probability would just be a modifier for the base probability.  So if the base probability for rolling white is 99.9% yet everything around it is white so the proximity probability is low, it will still most likely roll white.  Only at the boundaries will the proximity probabilities make a difference. 

Instead of half of the pixels choosing first you could have 1/3 or 1/4 or whatever.  The higher your refresh rate the fewer pixels have to choose at once.  The more rounds of selections the more diverse the results will be, but also the slower, resulting in motion blur.  This is why the number of rounds need to be adjusted based on the screens refresh rate (hz).  As you can see this will also habe the effect of screens lasting longer and reduce burn-in effects since things are constantly changing even on a static image.

This can be achieved by probability alone but not in a deterministic way.  In this iteration of the idea, the probability is more determined to make the pixel actually move rather than just going on and off or red to blue etc.  Why probability at all then, why not just make the pixel move like in the moving pixel idea? Well which direction do you make it move? That is the problem.  With the moving pixel idea you have to have it move in a path, and this takes a lot of pixel real estate.  With using synchronized probability then it can move in any direction   That is the heart of this idea.  Moving pixels that can move in any given direction while also taking up only 2 pixels (or more but the fewer the pixels the more HD the picture will be and less fuzzy)


Quantum screens: An adaptation of Moving Pixel idea

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Here it is, the true form of the moving pixel idea.  In thisniteration pixels don't even need to move at all.  Instead of a pixel bieng either on or off, it can be probablistic
  What this means is that the pixel can be either off or on randomly.  So in practice if you are looking at a white circle on a balck screen, if it is a quantum screen the pixels on the edges of the circle will have a certain probability of bieng either off or on depending on the neighboring pixels.  So basically if a pixel is white and all its neighboring pixels are white, it will have a roughly 100% chance of bieng white at every screen refresh (60 times a second (hz) or whatever). but if half of the pixels around it are white and half are black, the pixel will have a roughly 50% chance of bieng white and a 50% chance of bieng black.  This ccan also work with colors, either the brightness or shade could be probablostic.  Basically this idea would smooth out the look of things on the screen so there won't be distinct pixels since they kind of take on an average of those around them.  If it was simply an average shade or color though (like a pixel between white and black was just grey) you would still see the distinct blocky pixels.  But if the pixel has a probabilkstic distribution of bieng on or off or light or dark or blue or red etc, then you really wouldn't be able to see them.

Anyway that's that.

The real cause of Boeing MAX 8 planes crash (it's not software)

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Update: It could be the cut rate Spirit produced Thrust reversers.  Thrust reversers have accidentally deployed in the past shortly after takeoff causing crashes.

Don't expect a "software patch" to fix the Boeing Max planes.  This is a problem with the engine.  The automated stall prevention system is just a crappy bandaid to try to keep the plane from crashing when the engine seals blow.  When these engine seals blow what happens is organophosphate containing smoke is created which gets pulled into the cabin and knocks out the pilots (web search: cabin fume plane).  Then with the pilots out of commission the plane tries to keep itself from stalling but crashes.  The engines are so heavy that when the plane looses power the nose tilts up and the plane stalls.

This is corroborated by eyewitness accounts that said the latest ethiopian flight had smoke coming out before it crashed.


Moving Pixels: Next generation in screen fidelity

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Have you ever wondered how our vision as humans is so crisp and clear and no pixelation? We have individual light sensing cells however for some reason our vision isn't granular or pixelated.  Why?  Most of us probably believed that there are just so many cells that you don't even see the pixels.  Well I don't think that is the case.

The other day I was just awaking and I saw some patterns in my vision.  I had the sense that these were the "pixels" in our vision but we just can't see them all the time.  They were moving.  I realized that was the key, if the pixels are moving then it will enhance the fidelity many many times over.  I remembered back to watching a baseball game through a chain link fence or sun shading.  The more you move your head back and forth the clearer view you would get.  I realized that if pixels were moving they wouldn't be squares anymore but they would turn into smooth lines and the pixelation would disappear.

This would ESPECIALLY be clutch for VR as that uses a small screen at a close distance.

Moving pixels is the solution.

Also how should they move? My thought is either circles or infinity signs.  As I have said on another post a simple swinging oscilation with a little perpendicular bump traces out an infinity sign.  This is probably the mest pixel movement but also a simple vibration (especially random vibration) would work fine.   Either the LCD could move or the pixels could be projected on the screen.  Or there could be 2 (or more) LCD screens overlapping eachother and the picture goes between one and the other that are slightly out of line with eachother.  That could give functional pixel movement with no actual physical movement.  Or each eye could be given different views.

Or the easiest way would just be for the picture on the screen to move a little perhaps in the figure 8 pattern.  What I mean is lets say you have a white pixel at position 1.  The next flicjer (60hz or whatever) the white pixel is at position 2.  At the next flicker it is at position 3 and so on and it may or may not return to position 1 or have some average position.  I think that would be the easiest and most effective method.  Randomness may also help or may not.

Or any other way to create virtual or functional or real pixel movement.



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TEEF powder is great and all and oral health really is the most important thing you can do.  Without it humans lived around 40 years but after anti-microbial oral health we lived to 75.  Well the next thing is gut health.  We have just begun as a society to barely scratch the surface of it.  But I have gone all the way.  My SADC gut health recipie is hundreds of years more advanced than what is in the mainstream just like my TEEF powder is likewise (teefpowder.com).  Once my SADC recipie is at a place where I am really happy with it, I will release it. Anti-microbial gut health will bring the human lifespan north of 115 years.


Yes you read that right.  Once I am happy with the recipie (follow my SADC posts here and there to keep tabs on the development) I will start taking requests.  I will be sending it out in 70g bags of SADC for absolutely no cost, not even a shipping cost.  This is more than me "giving back".  This is me showing how the world should work.  Everyone does what they do as a hobby for free and give it away.  This is the only way the people can win against monopoly corporations and governments.  If we empower eachother we will win.

Stay tuned, I think after a couple more iterations it will be ready and the wait list will be long I'm sure...


UK Porn Ban: Beginning of the Internet ID

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Survielance is the first step of slavery.  Survielance = control. The UK porn ban is an absolute and serious threat to freedom worldwide.

This has nothing to do with the "children".  Every oppressor will use "children" as a scapegoat to enslaving it's population.

This has everything to do with surveilance.  This system makes it possible to find out the persons identity; not only knowing who is visiting certain sites and at what times and for what assumed purpose, but then they can link your identity to all your IP addresses and all your device ID's and know exactly what devices you own and ALL the websites you visit through your ISP, not just porn.  Basically getting a Porn ID is making your entire online life fully trackable by the UK government and deep state Intelligence Agencies.

Obviously the solution to this issue is torrents.  But I'm not so sure torrents can save the entire internet, there is just too much content to re-host via torrent.  Also this particilar system can be avoided with a temporary sms generator since one of the verification methods is sms.  I'm not going to point you to a particular workflow but using a temporary email to get a temporary SMS online while using a VPN (temporary IP address) and for good measure a "burner device", you can get "verified" without your correct personal details filed away by intelligence agencies.

Just like it is now in 2020 becoming impossible to travel by air in the US without submitting to facial recognition databases, it soon will become very difficult to use the internet without every keystroke bieng tracked in live time by foreign and domestic intelligence agencies (terrorist organizations like the CIA and FBI and MI6)

First they came for porn, but I said nothing.  Then they came for "hate speech" (negative emotions), but I did nothing.  Then they came for everyone and then controlled what everyone was allowed to do and when they are allowed to do it and how often.


SADC 7.1 recipie and theory

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Super advanced detox cleanse. (SADC)

Yes there really have been 7 major iterations, this started as ADC just DE and charcoal but it has progressed millenia past that.  The 7th iteration is herbal powders.  7.0 was psycadelic with introduction of eucalyptus powder which was removed in 7.1.  Serving roughly 3g or 5 OO size capsules.


30g cinnamon (haemophilis & pseudomonas)
20g garlic (mycobacterium & corynebacteria)
20g gynostemma (streptococcus)
10g tribulus (gram positive)
10g orange peel (serratia)
30g ginger (campylobacter)
30g broccoli sprout (h pylori)
10g cranberry (proteus)
15g horseradish (pseudomonas)
10g senna (h pylori and laxative)

10g peppermint (haemophilis)
10g oregano (staphylococcus)
5g basil (salmonella) hallucinogenic, see future post.

nice to have:
prune (yersnia and listeria and laxitive)


We are in an Inverted yield curve: Collapse imminent

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Several months ago I had a dream about 1yr and 5 year bonds.  I have never thought about this even for a second before this dream.  I researched this and found out that when 5yr yield is lower than 1yr yield that is called yield curve inversion and always is directly linked to an economic collapse.  Interestingly when i had this dream we were a couple months away from when the inversion hit.  I made a post about it but I think it happened around december.  Since then the curve has been inverted ever since.  From my research a few months back I found out that there is no set specific moment the hammer will drop but that as long as the curve is inverted we are on borrowed time.  I think just a couple more interest rate hikes and the collapse will happen for sure.  Right now home prices are going up as everyone is trying to get in the market before interest rates go higher.  This is how we know we are near the peak.  What will always happen is that as long as interest rates go up the bubble will keep expanding with FOMO.  As soon as they start decreasing the rate the economy will collapse in grand fashion.  This could be the big one folks.  My suggestion for inverted territory we are in is to have your money in cash and easily accesible bank deposits   If you can only pull $400 a day from your ATM you're in trouble.  Make sure you have your money spread so that you can pull out at very least 1k a day so you will be able to access your money to buy things as prices tank.  This is the time to funnel all your money into savings.  Don't wait or you really will miss out.