Wheatgrass powder contains dangerous alkaloids like solanine

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Whatgrass contains extremely high levels of alkaloids.  It contains more alkaloids than protien actually.


Based on my personal experience with the plant, it contains glycoalkaloids that are anticholinergic much like solanine in potatoes.  It possibly does actually contain a little solanine.  The way I know this is that wheatgrass causes arm numbness during sleep for me.  The only other things that do that are alcohol and potatoes.  Wheatgrass does it consistently giving me no doubt that it contains an anticholinergic.  This could be effective if lowering blood pressure or cardiac output is needed (like stroke prevention) and seems less dangerous than overripe potatoes.

Since wheatgrass has been my go-to cure for h pylori, we are going to try broccoli sprout powder and senna powder.  I will let you know if anticholinergic effects are seen in these and how effective they are for h pylori eradication.  Symptoms of h pylori are heart skipping beats and chronic cough.

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