Virtual Experiences (VE): New term for video games, digital toys, sandboxes, social media, and simulators

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Video games is a term past it's prime.  Invented in a bygone era, it has come to bring to mind a kid on a skatebord with a gameboy.  We are way past that charecterization.  Now everyone is a "gamer" but are they really?  Would they like to charecterize themselvves as a stereotype that they don't believe they embody?

No, we need a more inclusive brand.  It may backfire or be counter intuitive, but this brand is more incluaive.  Mabye they would call us "virtuals" but then they would be insulting themselves too.  Everyone has a virtual life now.

Virtual Experiences.  That is what these new "games" really are.  First and Foremost in my mind they are places to relax.  Places to get inspired.  Places to inspire others.  Places to connect with others.  Places to experience life.  They should increase our leverage and ability to be Human, not lessen it.

At the end of the day it isn't about the specific virtual experience you find yourself in, but the community you are there with.  Its not about the experience, but that the experience is helping you more easily connect with others at a personal level.  And use that opportunity to go deeper and learn who your contacts or friends really are as people.

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