The TVA game statistic system. Traits, values, and attributes

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This system is the same system I mentioned a few posts ago but I want to name it, the TVA system and I hope you use it in your game.  Your charecter has innate traits as the most basic statistic.  These traits affect nothing except the rate that you gain values points.  You start with for example 100 trait points to distribute amoung 6 traits each with 50 points maximum each.  So before you even start the game you can have 1/3 your traits maxed.  This is a big theme in my game, I want new charecters to be 1/3 the strength roughly as maxed out players.  This means you can play with your new friend no matter how long you or he has already been playing.   So this 1/3 theme will come up often.  There will be 40 levels to achieve in the game, and every level you can dustribute 5 new trait points.  Since traits merely help you increase your values fasrer, theoretically you could have extremely high values merely as a level 1 charecter.  This would make you a sleeper since other players will see you as a weak newb lvl 1 when in fact you could be extremely powerful.  Also there may be things players do like make builds that are lvl 10 max etc.  Bieng a low level but highly trained may have advantages.

Your values are the bread and butter of the game.  These values are gained by either using up your attributes (all attributes are pools like health and mana are pools) or doing other tasks in game like fishing or hunting or helping others or exploring or meditating.  If a value boosts a certain attribute like health, taking damage will be one way to improve that value and in turn increase your maximum health; but not the only way.  The goal here is that the player should just go out into the world and do what they love to do, and they will naturally organically improve values that they would want to have.

Attributes are where the rubber meets the road.  Not only do you have health and mana pools, but also strength pools, spellpower pools, strength pools, etc.  Attributes are all "bars" that redyce during normal gameplay.  These can be regenerated certain ways.  Your values will increase certain attributes and that is the main thing values do.

And that is the basic TVA (Trait Value Attribute) statustic system.

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