The beast and the anti-christ are here: Here is how this all plays out

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Just to reiterate, this does not mean that the end of the world is soon, there have been beasts and antichrists multiple times at least as far back as 0 AD as found by the revelation  12 astrological sign. However this always does pose a big challenge for oppressed groups primarily Christians.

So as I have said before Xi Jinping is the Beast of this age.  The farther we get along in his reign the more obvious this becomes and now it is coming out that people of China who have made negative social media comments among other infractions like jaywalking can no longer get plane or train tickets.

The Antichrist will come out of america in 2024 and I predict that it will be Martin O'Malley.  Right now he seems like a fine dude however he will bring the Chinese Beast system to America.  This is what the prophecy states.  The Antichrist will bring (back) the beast system.  Or in this case use it as a model to introduce in another part of the world or the rest of the world.  Already those who don't want to be in a facial recognition database will be unable to fly in America starting 2020.  It is plain to me that America (the deep state at this point) is following China closely.  In 2024 the Deep State becomes the Official State of America.  The analog to the "Hitler Youth" will be social media moniters that can censor speech at will and report "hateful individuals" to the authorities.  "Youtube Heroes" is one such analog of the Hitler Youth.

The Two Witnesses also arise in this relative time period.  Usually the two witnesses are prominent Christians within the Catholic church or protestant church as well but I have a feeling that these current two witnesses will not belong to a church at all.  God is a God of irony and making the first last and the last first so I am excited to see what he does here.  Typically the Two Witnesses are killed by the Beast or Antichrist but they sometimes are not killed.  They always expose the evil people and systems for what they are and help many people through these troublesome times.

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