My unbiased review of Apex Legends from the eye of a casual

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First I will start with the good.  The art, the music, the intro animation, etc. did a great job of portraying this game as badass.  I really got a strong sense of badassness.  Also the game is polished.  As a engineer; polish though does not make up for honing.  A game can be polished and smooth but still have bumps.  By polished I mean (besides my initial connection error which I solved by deleting some folders as per google) the game loads fast, matchmaking is fast, gameplay is smooth as in running jumping climbing and sliding, etc.

I am the ultimate casual and the last shooters I have played was counterstrike 1.06 and halo 1.  Do I think this game is innovative? Not really but I don't think that was what they were shooting for.  Was Lyft innovative? No but they did do something important, compete with the monopoly.  So I give massive credit to Apex for standing up to Fortnight and bringing back first person view which I think is important and also keeping the monetization very non-obtrusive.  Kudos for that.

Now for the bad.  The game is boring.  Yes this is coming from the ultimate casual but still I enjoy an exciting FPS like Counterstrike and Halo.  This game is more boring than those.  Why? This game is the majority of the time a loot grab.  Reminds me of unreal tournament in this regard but much worse than that.  To do well in this game you literally have to hunt all around the map non-stop for lewt.  Halo and counterstrike (from what I remember) you could choose your guns up front and they were balanced and you didn't have to search out 4 different types of ammo.  Its like they replaced the building aspect in Fortnight with a l00t quest.  I would much rather they replaced it instead with crafting or ... actual strategizing?

Since there is no building and fortifying, may as well make the weapons more balanced and less confusing (there are so many different types that all look the same and some are much stronger than others) and just make the ring close faster so we aren't following our teamates around like a puppy opening every chest on the map.  yawn.

Also the map I feel is lacking clarity for spotting foes.  Halo and counterstrike were crisp and easy to point and shoot and notice foes which was satisfying.  This game doesn't have that feel.  Things feel messy, not in a "hiding in the grass" kind of feel which would be cool, but more of a chaotic way.  Also since the map is so big you almost always encounter players at a long distance in the wild.  This severely underpowers close range weapons.

Also the lack of local lan support is a big negative to me as I would want to have our local gaming lounge host parties.

Do I reccomend getting it and playing it? Of course, its free.  But just don't expect to stay engaged for multiple matches in a row if you are a casual like me.

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