Mini Ice Age will bring back extinct species

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As we enter the mini ice age that will primarily fall between 2025 and 2035, we will start to see extinct species make a reappearance.  Primarily bigger and more cold adapted creatures.  There have already been sightings and recent death from possible Dire Wolves in the northern US.  Other ice age denizens will likely also crop up or more normal species will gain traits from ancient ancestors.  The reason for this is DNA is recycled.  DNA can last a million years in the environment and even longer bieng carried dormant through animal and bacterial DNA.  When the conditions present themselves, these dormant traits will again become selected for and dominant.  This is why the dead are buried, because DNA doesn't go away but is recycled through species.  Eating DNA is absolutely essential to maintaining our own genetic resilience.  Have you ever wondered why the human genome doesn't degrade over the generations?  It is because we eat DNA from lower species that allow our genetic code to be supported.  Since we are now eating more processed foods with less DNA the human genetic code will weaken.  Also as mass extinctions of insects and other lower species the planets DNA database will weaken and the house of cards will collapse, as the DNA structure of lower species dwindles there will be less to support our genes and we will start loosing gene efficiency leading to shorter lifespans.  Eat more DNA.  Fresh minimally cooked wild fish, grass fed beef, and other wild foods are very important for the adaptive DNA they contain.

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