Hillary Clinton is preparing to crash the Democrats 2020 party

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Hillary Clinton, again, will be the reason democrats loose the 2020 election.  Do you really think that after all Hillary has gone through (I believe even the m word as far as Vince Foster, Gadaffi, etc) cooing favor with all the superdelegates and buying the DNC and marrying Bill Clinton and masterminding the mueller investigation in order to become president that she would just give up now?  Fat Chance.

Hillary is waiting for Mueller to release his report and for there to be an announcement that Russian Interference had a substantial effect on the outcome of the 2016 election (which is BS by the way).  Then she will come out "victorious" and say "I told you so! I am the rightful president!". And she will just expect that everyone will jump on board and say that she is the rightful president and that she should be the Democratic candidate to fight Trump.  Well she will be wrong.  Democrats don't want her, they like the current candidates much better.  The problem is she does still have sway with the DNC and superdelegates and will muscle her way undeserved into the primary spot, and even if she doesn't win her parties primary, she still will mess things up for democrats so bad by accidentally exposing corruption in the DNC and democratic candidates that they will loose 2020 to Trump again.

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