Hack Our World Organization Announcement!

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Hack Our World (HOW) is a non-profit (awaiting approval) organization devoted to creating truly free (non-monetized) and open source Realistic Virtual Experiences (RVE).

Virtual experiences (VE) are commonly known as games, simulators, modeling/prototyping software, social media, etc.  We will mainly focus on the Persistant Open World (POW) genre because we feel it lends itself to powerful engagement, but we may also branch out to other genres of VE as inspired.

We want to use the RVE medium to learn and teach and prototype more about our world.  Though realism is important to teach about our world, we also prioritize fantasy, creativity, "what-if" scenario's, and play, as these are how new things are imagined in nature; young creatures playing to learn and the playful and creative inspiration that comes in REM sleep.

We also want to give back by helping solve real world problems.  With the empowerment that comes with learning about our world to create a virtual one, we want to help find solutions to big issues.  We feel we will be uniquely suited to doing this as we are students of our reality.

You know WHAT needs to be done to change the world, let us show you HOW.

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