Gynecomastia, prostate cancer caused by H Pylori? Real reason proton pump inhibitors cause gyno

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So I was reading the naturalwomanhood.org article linked below and learning that 1 million children are born a year that were concieved while their mother was on birth control.  This estradiol effects the fetus for life making their cells more reactive to estrogen, probably causing things like gynecomastia and prostate cancer among other cancers.  Broccoli sprout extract has sulforophane and can treat some of these cancers but I know that sulforophane kills h pylori.  Also people that take antacids, proton pump inhibitors get gynecomastia.  Stomach acid fights the ammonia that h pylori produces.  So the PPI are probably causing h pylori overgrowth.  H pylori damage is suppressed by estrogen.  So the body likely creates aromatase to convert testosterone to estrogen to fight the h pylori.  This excess estrogen causes gynecomastia.  So mabye these women who are taking birth control and get pregnant while on it, are increasing their childs propensity to be chronically severely colonized with -hidden allergy inducing- h pylori.  H pylori along with tetanus and diptheria cause heart to skip beats.

estrogen helps fight h pylori so mabye aromataze is upregulated in h pylori

h pylori meds cause gynecomastia

estrogen on h pylori



brocccoli sprouts help psa and cancer? We know estrogen exposure causes prostate cancer, could the intermediary be h pylori?

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