Diptheria: The DMT Vision producing sickness

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This may be tough to follow but stick with me as I connect many important dots here.  Interestingly the other day I was reading about a doctor that was recording his hospice patients dreams and visions.  I believe he is the first to complete a scientific study on it.  While he didn't postulate as to what is causing this visionary state, myself and I'm sure many others can discern that these are DMT visions.  Also interestingly on Alex Jones interview on Joe Rogan recently Alex says that DMT is released when the brain is low on oxygen.  I have also noticed that breating more helps reduce the effects of DMT experiences.  But Jones is referring to sleep apnea low oxygen levels causing it.  However I think that the same bacteria that causes sleep apnea (I know haemophilis is also involved in sleep apnea) corynebacterium (diptheria) also creates DMT.  So yes those with sleep apnea will have more DMT release and more intense experiences because of low oxygen (I think oxidation reduces the effect of DMT) but also because the bacteria causing the sleep apnea is also creating DMT itself that effects us.  Diptheria causes a swollen "fat" neck.  Doctors measure your neck for your sleep apnea propensity.  I think it is diptheria causing it (in conjunction with haemophilis). Interestingly I believe from research that haemophilis metabolizes tryptamines so the haemo could be feeding on diptheria poo (the DMT it produces). I have heard in the past that people saw visions when sick as a child (I think Tesla was one, also a female catholic saint?) which was likely DMT visions caused by Diptheria.  Also I wanted to say it seems diptheria causes you to not want to breathe so also central sleep apnea.  To cure it you want to snort and gargle water mixed with some saponins and a drop of oregano and/or cinnamon essential oil.  Diptheria lives in the nasopharanx primarily.  So to sum it up, seeing visions and dreams is not a sign that people in hospice are seeing the afterlife, but that they are infected with corynebacterium and there is an infectious outbreak at hospices and this sickness is what is killing them.

Corynebacteria creates tryptamines:

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