A proposed mechanism of sickness from death cap poisoning; clostridium perferingens

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Its not amatoxin that causes death in death cap mushroom poisoning, it is clostridium perferingens.  Well amatoxin works in synergy with clostridium.  The amatoxin causes perforations in the gut allowing the clostridium to access the bloodstream.  I figured this out when reading about high dose penicillin as a treatment for death cap poisoning.  I then proceeded to look if any bacteria were symbiotic with deathcaps and c. perferingins popped up in a search.  That made sense to me because perferingens could cause the intense fluid loss and diarrhea that is seen in death cap poisoning.  Next I saw if penicillin kills clostridium perferingins and yes it does.  So in my mind this connection is secure.  Everyone has this bacteria in the gut and eating a death cap mushroom makes this bacteria go bonkers.

The natural cure if this is true is to take adaptogens (triterpenoid saponins) like gynostemma together with steroidal saponins  like tribulus terrestrus to help the triterpenoids be absorbed by the gut.  Most of the havoc will be in the gut though so in early case exposure triterpenoids may be enough.

Also of course take mill thistle to protect the liver

c perferingens cause same symptoms

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