Gynecomastia, prostate cancer caused by H Pylori? Real reason proton pump inhibitors cause gyno

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So I was reading the naturalwomanhood.org article linked below and learning that 1 million children are born a year that were concieved while their mother was on birth control.  This estradiol effects the fetus for life making their cells more reactive to estrogen, probably causing things like gynecomastia and prostate cancer among other cancers.  Broccoli sprout extract has sulforophane and can treat some of these cancers but I know that sulforophane kills h pylori.  Also people that take antacids, proton pump inhibitors get gynecomastia.  Stomach acid fights the ammonia that h pylori produces.  So the PPI are probably causing h pylori overgrowth.  H pylori damage is suppressed by estrogen.  So the body likely creates aromatase to convert testosterone to estrogen to fight the h pylori.  This excess estrogen causes gynecomastia.  So mabye these women who are taking birth control and get pregnant while on it, are increasing their childs propensity to be chronically severely colonized with -hidden allergy inducing- h pylori.  H pylori along with tetanus and diptheria cause heart to skip beats.

estrogen helps fight h pylori so mabye aromataze is upregulated in h pylori

h pylori meds cause gynecomastia

estrogen on h pylori



brocccoli sprouts help psa and cancer? We know estrogen exposure causes prostate cancer, could the intermediary be h pylori?

Diptheria: The DMT Vision producing sickness

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This may be tough to follow but stick with me as I connect many important dots here.  Interestingly the other day I was reading about a doctor that was recording his hospice patients dreams and visions.  I believe he is the first to complete a scientific study on it.  While he didn't postulate as to what is causing this visionary state, myself and I'm sure many others can discern that these are DMT visions.  Also interestingly on Alex Jones interview on Joe Rogan recently Alex says that DMT is released when the brain is low on oxygen.  I have also noticed that breating more helps reduce the effects of DMT experiences.  But Jones is referring to sleep apnea low oxygen levels causing it.  However I think that the same bacteria that causes sleep apnea (I know haemophilis is also involved in sleep apnea) corynebacterium (diptheria) also creates DMT.  So yes those with sleep apnea will have more DMT release and more intense experiences because of low oxygen (I think oxidation reduces the effect of DMT) but also because the bacteria causing the sleep apnea is also creating DMT itself that effects us.  Diptheria causes a swollen "fat" neck.  Doctors measure your neck for your sleep apnea propensity.  I think it is diptheria causing it (in conjunction with haemophilis). Interestingly I believe from research that haemophilis metabolizes tryptamines so the haemo could be feeding on diptheria poo (the DMT it produces). I have heard in the past that people saw visions when sick as a child (I think Tesla was one, also a female catholic saint?) which was likely DMT visions caused by Diptheria.  Also I wanted to say it seems diptheria causes you to not want to breathe so also central sleep apnea.  To cure it you want to snort and gargle water mixed with some saponins and a drop of oregano and/or cinnamon essential oil.  Diptheria lives in the nasopharanx primarily.  So to sum it up, seeing visions and dreams is not a sign that people in hospice are seeing the afterlife, but that they are infected with corynebacterium and there is an infectious outbreak at hospices and this sickness is what is killing them.

Corynebacteria creates tryptamines:


The beast and the anti-christ are here: Here is how this all plays out

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Just to reiterate, this does not mean that the end of the world is soon, there have been beasts and antichrists multiple times at least as far back as 0 AD as found by the revelation  12 astrological sign. However this always does pose a big challenge for oppressed groups primarily Christians.

So as I have said before Xi Jinping is the Beast of this age.  The farther we get along in his reign the more obvious this becomes and now it is coming out that people of China who have made negative social media comments among other infractions like jaywalking can no longer get plane or train tickets.

The Antichrist will come out of america in 2024 and I predict that it will be Martin O'Malley.  Right now he seems like a fine dude however he will bring the Chinese Beast system to America.  This is what the prophecy states.  The Antichrist will bring (back) the beast system.  Or in this case use it as a model to introduce in another part of the world or the rest of the world.  Already those who don't want to be in a facial recognition database will be unable to fly in America starting 2020.  It is plain to me that America (the deep state at this point) is following China closely.  In 2024 the Deep State becomes the Official State of America.  The analog to the "Hitler Youth" will be social media moniters that can censor speech at will and report "hateful individuals" to the authorities.  "Youtube Heroes" is one such analog of the Hitler Youth.

The Two Witnesses also arise in this relative time period.  Usually the two witnesses are prominent Christians within the Catholic church or protestant church as well but I have a feeling that these current two witnesses will not belong to a church at all.  God is a God of irony and making the first last and the last first so I am excited to see what he does here.  Typically the Two Witnesses are killed by the Beast or Antichrist but they sometimes are not killed.  They always expose the evil people and systems for what they are and help many people through these troublesome times.


Mini Ice Age will bring back extinct species

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As we enter the mini ice age that will primarily fall between 2025 and 2035, we will start to see extinct species make a reappearance.  Primarily bigger and more cold adapted creatures.  There have already been sightings and recent death from possible Dire Wolves in the northern US.  Other ice age denizens will likely also crop up or more normal species will gain traits from ancient ancestors.  The reason for this is DNA is recycled.  DNA can last a million years in the environment and even longer bieng carried dormant through animal and bacterial DNA.  When the conditions present themselves, these dormant traits will again become selected for and dominant.  This is why the dead are buried, because DNA doesn't go away but is recycled through species.  Eating DNA is absolutely essential to maintaining our own genetic resilience.  Have you ever wondered why the human genome doesn't degrade over the generations?  It is because we eat DNA from lower species that allow our genetic code to be supported.  Since we are now eating more processed foods with less DNA the human genetic code will weaken.  Also as mass extinctions of insects and other lower species the planets DNA database will weaken and the house of cards will collapse, as the DNA structure of lower species dwindles there will be less to support our genes and we will start loosing gene efficiency leading to shorter lifespans.  Eat more DNA.  Fresh minimally cooked wild fish, grass fed beef, and other wild foods are very important for the adaptive DNA they contain.

Wheatgrass powder contains dangerous alkaloids like solanine

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Whatgrass contains extremely high levels of alkaloids.  It contains more alkaloids than protien actually.


Based on my personal experience with the plant, it contains glycoalkaloids that are anticholinergic much like solanine in potatoes.  It possibly does actually contain a little solanine.  The way I know this is that wheatgrass causes arm numbness during sleep for me.  The only other things that do that are alcohol and potatoes.  Wheatgrass does it consistently giving me no doubt that it contains an anticholinergic.  This could be effective if lowering blood pressure or cardiac output is needed (like stroke prevention) and seems less dangerous than overripe potatoes.

Since wheatgrass has been my go-to cure for h pylori, we are going to try broccoli sprout powder and senna powder.  I will let you know if anticholinergic effects are seen in these and how effective they are for h pylori eradication.  Symptoms of h pylori are heart skipping beats and chronic cough.


Hillary Clinton is preparing to crash the Democrats 2020 party

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Hillary Clinton, again, will be the reason democrats loose the 2020 election.  Do you really think that after all Hillary has gone through (I believe even the m word as far as Vince Foster, Gadaffi, etc) cooing favor with all the superdelegates and buying the DNC and marrying Bill Clinton and masterminding the mueller investigation in order to become president that she would just give up now?  Fat Chance.

Hillary is waiting for Mueller to release his report and for there to be an announcement that Russian Interference had a substantial effect on the outcome of the 2016 election (which is BS by the way).  Then she will come out "victorious" and say "I told you so! I am the rightful president!". And she will just expect that everyone will jump on board and say that she is the rightful president and that she should be the Democratic candidate to fight Trump.  Well she will be wrong.  Democrats don't want her, they like the current candidates much better.  The problem is she does still have sway with the DNC and superdelegates and will muscle her way undeserved into the primary spot, and even if she doesn't win her parties primary, she still will mess things up for democrats so bad by accidentally exposing corruption in the DNC and democratic candidates that they will loose 2020 to Trump again.


My unbiased review of Apex Legends from the eye of a casual

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First I will start with the good.  The art, the music, the intro animation, etc. did a great job of portraying this game as badass.  I really got a strong sense of badassness.  Also the game is polished.  As a engineer; polish though does not make up for honing.  A game can be polished and smooth but still have bumps.  By polished I mean (besides my initial connection error which I solved by deleting some folders as per google) the game loads fast, matchmaking is fast, gameplay is smooth as in running jumping climbing and sliding, etc.

I am the ultimate casual and the last shooters I have played was counterstrike 1.06 and halo 1.  Do I think this game is innovative? Not really but I don't think that was what they were shooting for.  Was Lyft innovative? No but they did do something important, compete with the monopoly.  So I give massive credit to Apex for standing up to Fortnight and bringing back first person view which I think is important and also keeping the monetization very non-obtrusive.  Kudos for that.

Now for the bad.  The game is boring.  Yes this is coming from the ultimate casual but still I enjoy an exciting FPS like Counterstrike and Halo.  This game is more boring than those.  Why? This game is the majority of the time a loot grab.  Reminds me of unreal tournament in this regard but much worse than that.  To do well in this game you literally have to hunt all around the map non-stop for lewt.  Halo and counterstrike (from what I remember) you could choose your guns up front and they were balanced and you didn't have to search out 4 different types of ammo.  Its like they replaced the building aspect in Fortnight with a l00t quest.  I would much rather they replaced it instead with crafting or ... actual strategizing?

Since there is no building and fortifying, may as well make the weapons more balanced and less confusing (there are so many different types that all look the same and some are much stronger than others) and just make the ring close faster so we aren't following our teamates around like a puppy opening every chest on the map.  yawn.

Also the map I feel is lacking clarity for spotting foes.  Halo and counterstrike were crisp and easy to point and shoot and notice foes which was satisfying.  This game doesn't have that feel.  Things feel messy, not in a "hiding in the grass" kind of feel which would be cool, but more of a chaotic way.  Also since the map is so big you almost always encounter players at a long distance in the wild.  This severely underpowers close range weapons.

Also the lack of local lan support is a big negative to me as I would want to have our local gaming lounge host parties.

Do I reccomend getting it and playing it? Of course, its free.  But just don't expect to stay engaged for multiple matches in a row if you are a casual like me.

Should I use fixie or single speed in my fixed gear bicycle? Pro's and Con's

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I am really digging my new SXL fixed gear road bike.  The simplicity, reliability, inexpensiveness, and free excercise makes for a combo that beats any car hands down.

These new fixed gear bikes come with a choice in the included flip-flop hub.  If you install the rear wheel one way you have a single speed experience which allows the rear wheel to turn without forcing the pedals to turn.  This means you can coast while keeping the pedals stationary.  The other mode is fixed, where there is no coast mode and the pedals will keep turning as long as the bike is moving.

Certainly single-speed mode is easier, however that does not mean I recommend a beginner start with it.  The most important thing to know is that switching from single speed to fixed gear can be dangerous.  I highly suggest if you make this transition give yourself some serious practice before riding on the sude of road in traffic. 

I accidentally made the transition myself.  After getting a flat I didn't notice that I installed the rear wheel in fixed gear mode.  This made for a harrowing commute.  When I first got on the bike I almost fell over the handlebars as the pedals pushed my body forward.  I immediatly though sonething was wrong, was the bacj wheel coming off or was my seat in the wrong position? I finally realized what was actually happening.  A couple times I stopped pedaling and instantly got a jolt forward.  When I'm merging on trafuc I usually stop pedaling to look over my shoulder, this caused me to get jolted and swerve right next to traffic.  I had to constantly remind myself to NEVER stop pedaling.  One time coming up to a sidewalk ramp I took my feet entirely off the pedals so I coukd coast in.  Bad idea because I wanted to get off my bike to wait for the light to turn but soon realized if my feet were off the pedals it would be hard for me to get off, and it would have been impormssible at that point to find the spinning pedals with my feet.  So I kind of butt hopped off the seat and luckily it worked and I landed on my feet.

Will I keep it in fixed gear mode? I think so.  There are a couple negatives besides the slow start you can tell I had in the above paragraph.  For one it was 40 F outside and my shirt was sweaty when I got in to work.  This has never happened to me and I have ridden to work in the 60's before.  Usually when I am tired I coast and since I couldn't coast today I pefmdaled the whole way which probably led to me getting more sweaty.  Also getting kn and off the bike has to be done while basically pedaling so I feel this puts more stress on the bike frame, especially when starting off.  in singke speed mode I stand stationary on the pedals and push off the ground on my feet, then sit down before starting to pedal.  This keeps a minimal stress on the frame instead of launching off pedaling without sitting first.  So the frame may warp earlier.

There are also some positives.  Since I was sweatier I will conclude that fixed gear mode is a better workout.  I don't time my rigmde so I can't say if it was much faster or slower than usual, but I feel that it is more efficient in fixed gear mode.  Not having clip on bike shoes, it seems to mimic that effect by keeping the pedals moving on the upstroke and downstroke.  Also it feels like a mini flywheel attached to the wheel and since the pedals are basically fixed to the rear wheel, less energy is lost when you stop or slow pedaling with a single speed. But mabye it is more mechanically efficient but possibly less biologically efficient since you can't coast without moving your legs.  But that is good for low intensity workout.

Your brakes will last longer in fixed mode.  You can learn to slow the bike down without brakes for routine anticipated stops like stoplights.  However your gear and chain might last shorter because more stress is bieng applied to the chain.  But since brakes are disposable and are designed to wear out, its nice to not have to replace them as often.  Also you could save weight and remove them, however may want to keep at least your front brake.  and with no rear brake, it will be significantly easier to change a rear wheel flat.

Also in single speed the sprocjet thing that allows the wheel to turn independentlynof the bike will eventially wear out.  Fixed style does not have this issue and less moving parts.

So in general if you wabt to keep your bike as a heirloom and never stress the frame or gears or chain and also want the safest ride possible then may want to go single speed.  if you want less moving parts, have more direct control to the road, and have easier maintainence and more excercise, go with fixed gear.

And fixed gear is a little more exciting and fun.  I think I will stick with it.  Oh and I am getting Marathon plus tires so I will avoid flats turning this thing into the most efficient, cheapest, and most reliable transportation imaginable :).


Hack Our World Organization Announcement!

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Hack Our World (HOW) is a non-profit (awaiting approval) organization devoted to creating truly free (non-monetized) and open source Realistic Virtual Experiences (RVE).

Virtual experiences (VE) are commonly known as games, simulators, modeling/prototyping software, social media, etc.  We will mainly focus on the Persistant Open World (POW) genre because we feel it lends itself to powerful engagement, but we may also branch out to other genres of VE as inspired.

We want to use the RVE medium to learn and teach and prototype more about our world.  Though realism is important to teach about our world, we also prioritize fantasy, creativity, "what-if" scenario's, and play, as these are how new things are imagined in nature; young creatures playing to learn and the playful and creative inspiration that comes in REM sleep.

We also want to give back by helping solve real world problems.  With the empowerment that comes with learning about our world to create a virtual one, we want to help find solutions to big issues.  We feel we will be uniquely suited to doing this as we are students of our reality.

You know WHAT needs to be done to change the world, let us show you HOW.


Virtual Experiences (VE): New term for video games, digital toys, sandboxes, social media, and simulators

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Video games is a term past it's prime.  Invented in a bygone era, it has come to bring to mind a kid on a skatebord with a gameboy.  We are way past that charecterization.  Now everyone is a "gamer" but are they really?  Would they like to charecterize themselvves as a stereotype that they don't believe they embody?

No, we need a more inclusive brand.  It may backfire or be counter intuitive, but this brand is more incluaive.  Mabye they would call us "virtuals" but then they would be insulting themselves too.  Everyone has a virtual life now.

Virtual Experiences.  That is what these new "games" really are.  First and Foremost in my mind they are places to relax.  Places to get inspired.  Places to inspire others.  Places to connect with others.  Places to experience life.  They should increase our leverage and ability to be Human, not lessen it.

At the end of the day it isn't about the specific virtual experience you find yourself in, but the community you are there with.  Its not about the experience, but that the experience is helping you more easily connect with others at a personal level.  And use that opportunity to go deeper and learn who your contacts or friends really are as people.


Persistant Open World (POW): New game genre

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A new game or simulator genre is defined: Persistant open world.  I think for our type of game to take off like the Battle Royal genre we have to let old lables be old lables.  There was no way First Person Shooters would have hundreds of millions of players.  The genre was simply too dated and the terminology had too much baggage.  When I think of FPS I just think of unreal tournament/halo (they are both the same game anyway). Branding is extremely important and the FPS brand is just pigeonholed.

Battle Royale is really just a normal FPS.  I don't really see any significant difference.  Mabye it supports a few more concurrent players and the playable area shrinks and thats about all.  And they are free to play typically.  So those simple changes really set FPS on fire.

I think a new twist on the RPG and MMO is likewise in order.  Or perhaps in desperate need.  We -players seeking meaningful interaction and long term challenge- are every bit as numerous and powerful as the BR players who love a quick fix.  We just need to mobilize... into a game genre that really brings out what we are looking for.

I think focusing a genre brand on the amount of players the game holds is erroneous.  The type of people who like MMO (massive multiplater online) also like single player games like Skyrim or LAN games like Minecraft.  The amount of players is not what defines our gamer type.  Neither does RPG.  Not all of us like roleplaying like dungeons and dragons and acting out some fantasy role and guzzling mead.

I think what we can all agree on is we want a persistant world.  Persistant means that the world and your achievements don't reset next match like Battle Royale does.  It means you choices matter, not just choices but the values and the character you develop grows over time mostly for better but sometimes for worse as in gaining a bad reputation.  Our type of people are thoughtful, meditative, and want to be inspired.  Many of us want to help and have an honest positive influence on peoples real life.   If we can do something in game that inspires someone in their real life, that is the greatest accomplishment for many like us.

Persistant simply means that the world you come back to is the world you left the way you left it (or slightly different based on world happenings).  You gold is still in the bank.  The item you dropped on the ground is still there (if it hasn't rotted) etc.  It could mean a deformable world, or it could just mean you can save your game.  The point is you aren't reborn as a new charecter every time you log in and the world doesn't reset every 10 minutes.

We also want an open world.  We want to explore.  We want to be the first to find something and share it with our friends.  We want to feel solitude and see a breathtaking view that only you and the game creators have seen.  We want to be immersed in a world that captivates all of our senses, music, visual beauty, a living world.  Open world is not necessarily 3D.  Games like Paper Minecraft and Dragon Warrior embody this mechanic even in 2D.

We want to share the experience.  Whether that is talking about your single player experience on the forums, whether that is with a friend in co-op, a group of friends on a LAN night, or massive amounts of people online.  We want to see and be seen.  We want to have a reputation.  We want to be larger than life.

We don't want our hand to be held and directed through a boring complex story that we don't really jive with.  We want to create our own story.  We want to understand game history and myth/lore (likely fictional, but also real accomplishments of real players that came before) so we feel a sense of place.  But we want to write the next chapter.  This doesn't come by killing what came before (like Deckard Cain) but by embracing it and building on it.

Persistant Open World games are that.  That feeling of first signing on WoW and the awe and wonder of exploring.  That ecstacy of finishing off the boss with your group in Everquest and gaining amazing loot.  That feeling of solitude and magnitude in Skyrim.  We don't need fast paced action.  We need wonder and meaning above all else.

I think Minecraft is the best example of a POW game.  Everquest, WoW, Skyrim, BoTW, soon to be Outward.

To move this genre forward we need new branding like POW, and also to cater to these specific needs that our types of players have.  common things that get in the way of a POW experience are clans, grouping, minimaps, rules, ettiquite, camping, vertical level progression exclusivity, global chat, too loot focused.

To fix these issues here are a few ideas:

1. You are de-facto grouped with everyone in the area.  This encourages co-op playing.
2. No or few EPIC drops.  Important items should be crafted by skill and drops should be raw materials to make various options.
3.  Challenging encounters.  We want to go toe to toe with enemies and if another enemy joins in, we may have to run.  And running may not save you!
4.  No map or player generated maps only.  This encourages the 'I discovered this' feeling.
5.  Some sort of death penalty or inconvieniece...Actually instead of a death penalty give a bonus for staying alive! Positive reinforcement is always much preferable to negative.
6.Massive fights.  Zerg mentality.  All of us verses the environment mentality.  We are all in this together mentality.  No clans and no groups, we are all on the same team.  Combining low levels and high levels in the same zones.  No exclusivity.
7.  New unique happenings.  Not a christmas event with christmas fashion lootboxes.  Actual events like a city getting raided by a new species of monster and everyone needing to work together to retake it.
8.  amazing inspiring music.
9.  Not tooo much difference between a new and high level charecter.  I think its good to shoot for a new player is 1/3 as strong as a high level charecter.  This is to promote friendships and that no one is worthless to fight alongside with.
10.  Engaging survivalish elements like dark nights, dangerous traveling, long challenging travel, need to prepare for journeys, harsh environments, hostile monsters (that attack if you get too close) etc. along with other more traditional survival elements like eating and drinking and repairs and disease if desired.
11.  No de-facto currency like gold and silver.  Let players choose what is universally valuable or barter for what specific people need.  Like SOJ's or Runes in diablo for example.  No need for gold. And this brings us to an imoortant point...
12.  Emergent gameplay is everything.  Never punish emergent gameplay or nerf it.  This is one way players beat your game, for many of us, outsmarting the developers is how we beat the game.  Don't ban us for this.
13.  NEVER NERF.  Improve what people don't like to use, never make something worse that people actually like! Common sense!
14.  Make it free, donations only.  Community is everything in this day and age.
15.  Make it open source.  People want to actually own the game and everything about it.  The biggest game companies in the future will be non-profits.
16.  Extremely limited fast travel.  Fast travel should be extremely special like porting in original everquest by certain classes at a high level.


The TVA game statistic system. Traits, values, and attributes

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This system is the same system I mentioned a few posts ago but I want to name it, the TVA system and I hope you use it in your game.  Your charecter has innate traits as the most basic statistic.  These traits affect nothing except the rate that you gain values points.  You start with for example 100 trait points to distribute amoung 6 traits each with 50 points maximum each.  So before you even start the game you can have 1/3 your traits maxed.  This is a big theme in my game, I want new charecters to be 1/3 the strength roughly as maxed out players.  This means you can play with your new friend no matter how long you or he has already been playing.   So this 1/3 theme will come up often.  There will be 40 levels to achieve in the game, and every level you can dustribute 5 new trait points.  Since traits merely help you increase your values fasrer, theoretically you could have extremely high values merely as a level 1 charecter.  This would make you a sleeper since other players will see you as a weak newb lvl 1 when in fact you could be extremely powerful.  Also there may be things players do like make builds that are lvl 10 max etc.  Bieng a low level but highly trained may have advantages.

Your values are the bread and butter of the game.  These values are gained by either using up your attributes (all attributes are pools like health and mana are pools) or doing other tasks in game like fishing or hunting or helping others or exploring or meditating.  If a value boosts a certain attribute like health, taking damage will be one way to improve that value and in turn increase your maximum health; but not the only way.  The goal here is that the player should just go out into the world and do what they love to do, and they will naturally organically improve values that they would want to have.

Attributes are where the rubber meets the road.  Not only do you have health and mana pools, but also strength pools, spellpower pools, strength pools, etc.  Attributes are all "bars" that redyce during normal gameplay.  These can be regenerated certain ways.  Your values will increase certain attributes and that is the main thing values do.

And that is the basic TVA (Trait Value Attribute) statustic system.

Back pain cured

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Feel like you have a knot in your back from excercising or straining it?  It is cured by taking potassium citrate and also activated charcoal.  Both should be taken, they do not need to be taken at the same time.


SADC 7: Super advanced detox cleanse

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For this iteration we are doing mostly herbal powders.  These make it all the way through the gut so are much more effective than extracts, cheaper too.  Also getting rid of DE if possible because that does contain some aluminum.

Cinnamon powder (pseudomonas)
garlic powder (bacillis and mycoplasma)
milk thistle seed powder (gram positive and liver protection)
horseradish powder
clove powder
echinacea powder
pomegranate seed powder
lemongrass powder
gynostemma powder (gram positive bacteria)
tribulus powder (absorption enhancer for gyno)
eucalyptus powder (proteus)
ginger powder (campylobacter)
wheatgrass powder (h pylori)
quercetin powder (extract but poorly absorbed anyway)
prune powder
oregano powder
marshmallow root powder


orange peel

7.0 recipie turns out this is PSYDC, need to renove the eucalyptus.

30g cinnamon
20g garlic
20g gynostemma
10g tribulus
10g orange peel
30g ginger
30g wheatgrass
15g eucalyptus
10g cranberry

A proposed mechanism of sickness from death cap poisoning; clostridium perferingens

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Its not amatoxin that causes death in death cap mushroom poisoning, it is clostridium perferingens.  Well amatoxin works in synergy with clostridium.  The amatoxin causes perforations in the gut allowing the clostridium to access the bloodstream.  I figured this out when reading about high dose penicillin as a treatment for death cap poisoning.  I then proceeded to look if any bacteria were symbiotic with deathcaps and c. perferingins popped up in a search.  That made sense to me because perferingens could cause the intense fluid loss and diarrhea that is seen in death cap poisoning.  Next I saw if penicillin kills clostridium perferingins and yes it does.  So in my mind this connection is secure.  Everyone has this bacteria in the gut and eating a death cap mushroom makes this bacteria go bonkers.

The natural cure if this is true is to take adaptogens (triterpenoid saponins) like gynostemma together with steroidal saponins  like tribulus terrestrus to help the triterpenoids be absorbed by the gut.  Most of the havoc will be in the gut though so in early case exposure triterpenoids may be enough.

Also of course take mill thistle to protect the liver

c perferingens cause same symptoms


Death cap mushroom spores in chemtrails?

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With the reports of deathcaps springing up across the country, I think it is probable that deathcap spores are bieng spread in chemtrails.  Along with I believe antibiotic resistant bacteria.

3 Tier Game Statistic System: Free and open source game

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A game that uses this system will have 5 bars that can be reduced and recouperated during the game.  These basic bars will be health, mana, strength, accuracy, and spellpower.  Certain skills and other things may use up or regenerate these bars during gameplay.  These quantifiable statistics are driven by another deeper layer called "Values".  This word is used in 2 ways, these are quantifiable values, but also the personality or moral values the player wants to embody.  These are fitness, wisdom, leadership, friendship, and skillfulness.  In addition to these values influencing the players statistics, they also may offer other perks in game.  These perks can be used to help balance gameplay.  For example if no one is choosing friendship, it could have a bonus property on improving group experience or something.  These values will improve over the course of playing.  and the rate at which they improve will be dictated by charecter traits.  Charecter traits are the only things that can be directly chosen by the player at the beginning of the game.  They are charisma, perception, intelligence, drive, and boldness.  A total of 250 points (50 each) can be gotten but to start 150 points are allowed to be alloted in any way the player desires.  This could allow them to max out up to 3 traits.

Here is a picture of what traits benefit which values which in turn benefit which statistics.

Charisma: leadership friendship
perception: wis,lead,friend,skill
intelligence: wis,lead,skillfulness
care: karma, friendship, wisdom, leadership

karma: endurance, health, mana

health: amount of damage can take
mana: amount of spells can cast
strength: damage melee
accuracy: chance to hit melee
spellpower: power of spells
endurance: base regeneration rate

all these connections can be tweaked to improve balance

more info:
300 max (50 in each trait, 6 traits total)
start with 100 pts so can max 2.

each level you gain 5 trait points.  So at level 40 you will max all your traits.  Levels are only gained from killing monsters in PvE.

Traits ONLY boost the learning rate for values.  So you do not have to level up at all to boost your values, it will just make it faster to do.

 The tick rate is the base rate %chance you will level up a value.  With maxed trait(s) that effect that value you will level up that value every tick rate.  The tick rate however is influenced by diminishing returns.

Values have no maximum but follow diminishing returns (logarithmic growth). They are gained by training in game.  This training can be PvT (player vs trainer), PvP, or PvE.  Values have a second level of diminishing returns in that you can't just constantly train one value.  There will be what amounts to a cooldown timer before you can train that value again.  If you try to constantly train 1 value your returns will quickly diminish.  This "timer" will be set so that normal gameplay will train you the most efficiently.

Statistics are the ONLY thing that effects gameplay.  Statistics are "where the rubber meets the road."

Values are the ONLY thing that effect statistic numbers.  So the numbers on your six bars are only affected by your trained values.  In other words, your traits do not effect your statistics.

Other players can only see your level.  So if you are a highly trained lvl 1, you will be a sleeper.

Value training:

fitness: trained by climbing, exploring, digging,using associated stats.
wisdom: trained by summiting, fishing, exploring, digging, collecting, meditating, using associated stats.
leadership: trained by grouping, meditating, using associated stats.
skillfulness: trained by crafting, using associated stats.
friendship: trained by grouping, talking, using associated stats.
karma: trained by turning engagement of hostile mobs to yourself when player currently engaged by the mob is close to dying, casting beneficial spells on others, meditating,using associated stats.

karma: endurance, health, mana

health: amount of damage can take
mana: amount of spells can cast
strength: damage melee
accuracy: chance to hit melee
spellpower: power of spells
endurance: base regeneration rate