The NatureHacker Journey: It has merely just begun

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Since it's inception, NatureHacker has been a learning experience.  The goal of which was to make me independent of the healthcare system.  My big dependency at the time (2014) was on medicine for insomnia.  I started with ambien, and then figured out I could make due with just the active ingredient in Nyquil (Doxylamine Succinate) an over the counter sleep aid. But I wanted to be free of this too and really discover the root cause of my issue.  I believed that nature has the answers to every health problem, and I have not been dissuaded of this belief along the way, rather this belief has been greatly strengthened.  And I have figured out several causative factors of my insomnia and have greatly inproved it which I will discuss.

My journey started with Nutrition.  I felt that with perfect nutrition, the body could stay heathy and overcome any problems.  But fats, carbohydrates and amino acids - even vitamins and minerals and supplements I figured out - were not enough to reverse problems.  Next I moved to the gut microbiome.  With my science and engineering background I figured out that bacteria are broken down into 2 main types; gram negative and gram positive.  This classification does not strictly have to do with good or bad bacteria, but rather the type of cell wall they have.  I realized that most bad bacteria tend to be gram negative.  I had already experimented with food grade diatomaceous earth (to kill parasites like pinworms I thought may be causing my insomnia) and noticed massive "dieoff" symptoms.  I traced these symptoms back to endotoxins released from the diatomaceous earth killing gram negative bacteria.  I postulated that the mechanism producing this was the dessication properties of the diatomaceous earth.  But this didn't cure my insomnia, but it did make it so I never got the flu or food poisoning again (to this day, that was around 2012).  I then moved onto gram positive bacteria.  These are typically killed with detergents.  I found food safe natural detergents in steroidal saponin plants like tribulus terrestris (and later discovered triterpenoid saponins in adaptogens).  This still didn't cure my insomnia so I moved forward, but it did boost my testosterone from under 300 to over 1500 (it was literally off the charts, and the triterpenoid saponins cured my anxiety).  This reasearch led me to studies on germ-free mice.  Untill then I thought bacteria were beneficial to nutrition but I quickly learned that mice live on average 50% longer (translating to human years, instead of living to 80 a human would live to 120) when kept in a sterile environment without any bacteria, good or bad.  This suprised me because I knew before caloric restriction could cause life extension, and likely this means the mechanism in both of these life extension methods was terraforming the microbiome, the bacteria in the gut.

After killing the gram positive bacteria, some bad things started happening.  I would get symptoms of infected food much easier than most, but I had the tools to beat them so I still didn't get sick...until I got c. diff.  I noticed it was C diff from the intense pain and the smell of isopropyl alcohol in my bed and what felt like the makings of bedsores on my body at pressure points.  I was scared.  I knew that modern medicine can't really effectively treat C. diff so I knew I had crossed the threshold into the unknown in a sort of solitary and irreversible way.  (I did contemplate taking probiotics along the way before this moment, and I did, but they made me moody and gain weight).  But I believed in Nature.  I determined to do research to find out things that would kill Clostridium difficile.  Luckily there is a monumental amount of research into herbs by foreign countries who are trying to lessen their dependence on the pharmecutical industry.  I started with green tea extract and that did help.  Later I learned that triterpenoid saponins are probably the best to kill this bacteria.

I made it.  Going beyond C. diff. with virtually no bacteria in the gut was a real milestone and a threshold few people have ever crossed in all of history.

But I wanted more.  The further I got down this path the more I believed was possible.  I had already witnessed changes in my body that led me to believe that virtually all diseases were caused by bacteria in the body and likely mostly from the gut.

I started to piece together pictures of other bacteria that may be causing symptoms like insomnia, mabye hair loss and gynecomastia, adhd symptoms, chronic cough, etc.  I discoverd bacteria like Tuberculosis, Campylobacter, heamophilis, h plylori, proteus, and more that are causing virtually everybody problems that they don't realize are from bacteria.

It turns out that plants produce these antimicrobial agents like saponins and essential oils as actually their own immune system.  Plants don't have white blood cells so they rely entirely on chemistry to fight invaders.  This is why plants are so good to extract for medicine.

And I finally figured out the causes of my insomnia.  It was very complex.  My insomnia is from an interplay of haemophilis, streptococcus, campylobacter, proteus, and tuberculosis, in that order of prevalence.  I now can take a mixture of herbal extracts and essential oils targeting these bacteria and I can always fall back asleep when I wakeup in the middle of the night.  Sometimes I can even recognize the symptoms of one of these bacteria and just take the herbs to kill that one and I can fall back asleep.  I hope that eventually as my immune system improves by bieng exposed to the byprodycts of killing these bacteria (antigens) daily, that I will have to take them less as my immune system learns to fight them on it's own (like a natural vaccine).  But these bacteria are all well adapted to subverting human immunity so it will be a long journey, but hopefully a journey that lasts close to 120 years ;).

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