Stratospheric aerosol injection geoengineering is very bad

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SAI is the permanent tattoo of chemtrails.  Currently chemtrails are injected into the troposphere and only last a couple weeks before raining down on us. But in the stratosphere the nanoparticles could last for years.  Think of it like the chemicals are basically orbiting the earth instead of blowing around in the typical atmosphere.  Tropospheric chemtrails will still be done because this is a great way to expose the population to lung damaging nano particles and antibiotic resistant bacteria from the skies in the eyes of the deep state globalists.  The only reason they are telling you about SAI is they know they couldn't pass it off "as just your imagination".  If this happens we will all be in deep trouble and I predict the earth retaliates.  This is sulfuric acid and will cause global acid rain and unbearable oxidative and suffocating air worldwide.

from wikipwdia
Lifespan of aerosols: Tropospheric sulfur aerosols are short lived.[17] Delivery of particles into the lower stratosphere in the arctic will typically ensure that they remain aloft only for a few weeks or months, as air in this region is predominantly descending.[18] To ensure endurance, higher-altitude delivery is needed, ensuring a typical endurance of several years by enabling injection into the rising leg of the Brewer-Dobson circulation above the tropical tropopause. Further, sizing of particles is crucial to their endurance.[19

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