Natural Organic Raw Homemade Hot Chocolate recipie powder

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So many important things I need to post but I'll get this up quick.

This is in progress and the amounts will certainly change to taste.  1.3 is a pretty stable release.

50g organic raw cacao powder (Navitas is good, may be high in cadmium though,calcium from milk powder should bind cadmium and cause it to fall to bottom of glass in the sludge.)

85g organic raw cane sugar (was 50g, then 70g, then 80g)

100g nonfat dry milk powder (was 20g, then 70g)

10g organic cacao butter (was 20g)

1g sea salt (was 0)

Put into a little food processor and grind.

Upped sugar to 85 was 80, just needs a tad more sweetness.  Added 1g salt to help the flavor pop.  Cacao butter and milk powder was perfect, was perfectly able to emulsify.  A few bubbles upon mixing is a good sign.

Reduced cocoa butter to 10g was 20g because still oily.  Increased sugar to 80g was 70g because still not quite sweet enough.

Upped the milk 100g from 20g because the cocoa butter wasn't fully emulsified and the drink was astringent.  Even at 70g milk powder drink was still astringent.  Upped the sugar because it wasn't quite sweet enough to 70g was 80g.

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