Escalating shutdowns is how the US government crumbles

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Shutdowns will be the end of our government.  Shutdowns show people what life could be like without the government.  People and buisnesses will step up and fill the voids when the monopoly government can't function.  Government shutdowns are the relief valve for our govenrnment.  When the government gets too big and becomes too unweildy to function and thus the population divides, nothing will be able to get done in a large government.  One side will shutdown the other side and no sides will be able to make progress.  Eventually partial shutdowns will become permanent and government agencies will shut their doors.  Well meaning people will jump in and offer better solutions and services than what the government agencies were providing anyway.

Shutdowns are the future and will continue to escalate and they signify the beginnings of the crumbling of the US government.  Prepare for Liberty.

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