Durian fruit is a holy grail antibacterial (HGA)

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What makes a holy grail type antibacterial? I can design products that can kill virtually all bacteria in the body.  I do not believe in good bacteria.  However I do acknowledge that some bacteria are better than others and can even provide a beneficial trade-off in certain circumstances.  One of these circumstances is people who want to have a robust microbiome.  I believe going germ-free is ideal but admitedly it takes a lot of effort and leads to a somewhat fragile existence that is extremely dependent on natural medicines.

So a holy grail antibacterial is one that kills the most pathogenic microorganisms while leaves the least harmful organisms alive so that the body is not suseptible to other pathological organisms because the less harmful ones can out-compete the worst ones.

I had a dream of a couple, About 30 years old, healthy looking.  Brown haired man clean shaven and well groomed and a blonde girl.  The girl had a 1oz tincture bottle of a natural medicine.  I asked what it was for.  She told me but I could not remember what she said once I woke up.  I asked what the extract was and the guy answered me that it was pineapple and skunk pineapple.  At this point I made myself wake up so I would remember what it was treating and what it was.  I remembered what it was but couldn't remember what it was treating.  However I do remember that I didn't think what it was treating was that important.  This means either it isn't a serious medical problem in my eyes and/or I thought my typical antimicrobial herbs could treat the same disorder well enough.

Well my best guess right now is the couple in my dream was using the "stinky fruit" extract to treat infertility.  Durian fruit (I didn't know this untill I did research after the dream) is used widely to treat infertility in women.  This makes sense that the woman was holding the tincture.  Also they were the age that a couple would want children.  Also the dream was a couple so that would make sense too.  So I'm pretty sure that the dream was referring to using stinky fruit like durian to treat infertility.

It turns out that eating durian fruit kills ecoli and pseudomonas body wide (Food grade DE also kills these bacteria however that is limited to the intestines and wouldn't make it into the female reproductive tract.) Durian also kills yeasys and fungus as well like candida.  It is a holy grail antimicrobial (HGA) becuase it does not kill gram positive bacteria as well so it will leave behind "less bad" bacteria so various types of bad bacteria won't make you sick.  So now we just have to figure out how to extract ths active principle so we don't have to spend tons of money importing the raw fruit.

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