Cryogenic computer take 2

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Here is another iteration of the cryogenic computer idea I published earlier on this blog.

The main idea of this is a conduction block is attached to the processor instead of a heatsink or water block.  This conduction block is attached to the inside of the case.  This case is hermetically sealed and submerged in a cold liquid like liquid nitrogen.  In this iteration 3 pieces of aluminum are used and welded together.  In this iteration a APU (combined graphics and processor) is used so a graphics card is not needed.  The board is attached to one of the pieces of aluminum  The other piece of aluminum is attached to the conduction block on the processor preferably with indium and then welded on if possible.  The pieces of aluminum (prebent, one piece has one bend and the other has 2) are then welded together with the computer inside.  this leaves one end of the motherboard open.  All the cables attached to the motherboard come out through here.  Another piece of amuminun has holes with water tight connectors.  Insude the case titanium dioxide is packed inside for heat conduction kf the rest of the components.  Then that aluminum piece is welded onto the open side, hermetically sealing the case.  Then the case is dipped in liquid nitrogen.  The final aluminum piece that was added can be ovwrsized so it can sit in a rack so the cables aren't exposed to the liquid nitrogen.

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