Cracked tooth dental pulp resevior for H. Pylori reinfection

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Watching a great natural health doc on netflix about toxic root canals got me thinking about my cracked molar and how it could be a major cause of my problems with bacteria.  My insomnia and lower back pain and dental issues were closely linked.  I have been struggling with h pylori and wondered if my cracked tooth could be infected with it which could be causing my skipping heartbeat.  So I know carrot seed essential oil kills h pylori so I began putting carrot seed oil on a q tip and applying it to my molar.  Wow within 10 minutes I was feeling a definite detox symptoms like an agitated feeling.  My heartbeat definitly changed, not perfectly healed but something was different with the missed beats so i know I'm on to something.  Turns out scientists are discovering that the mouth can be a resevoir of h pylori for it to keep reinfecting the stomach and gut chronically.  This is probably why this bacteria is so hard to eradicate.  I need to make a carrot essential oil mouthwash to use daily or something...Also to clear h pylori from the whole GI tract wheatgrass powder should do the job, mabye a tbsp a day.  Not the juice or juice powder because that won't make it through the whole GI system.  H pylori can live in the intestines as well, doctors have reported.

Dental pulp H pylori

oral resevoir of h pylori

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