NatureHacker face mask

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Here are the basic ingredients in the mask

Food grade DE or bentonite clay
Raw honey
potassium citrate
gynostemma extract powder
proline powder
coconut oil
orange oil
thyme oil
frankensence oil
carrot seed oil
cinnamon oil
clove oil
rosemary oil
eucalyptus oil

very similar to wound healing salve


Cryogenic computer take 2

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Here is another iteration of the cryogenic computer idea I published earlier on this blog.

The main idea of this is a conduction block is attached to the processor instead of a heatsink or water block.  This conduction block is attached to the inside of the case.  This case is hermetically sealed and submerged in a cold liquid like liquid nitrogen.  In this iteration 3 pieces of aluminum are used and welded together.  In this iteration a APU (combined graphics and processor) is used so a graphics card is not needed.  The board is attached to one of the pieces of aluminum  The other piece of aluminum is attached to the conduction block on the processor preferably with indium and then welded on if possible.  The pieces of aluminum (prebent, one piece has one bend and the other has 2) are then welded together with the computer inside.  this leaves one end of the motherboard open.  All the cables attached to the motherboard come out through here.  Another piece of amuminun has holes with water tight connectors.  Insude the case titanium dioxide is packed inside for heat conduction kf the rest of the components.  Then that aluminum piece is welded onto the open side, hermetically sealing the case.  Then the case is dipped in liquid nitrogen.  The final aluminum piece that was added can be ovwrsized so it can sit in a rack so the cables aren't exposed to the liquid nitrogen.

Natural Organic Raw Homemade Hot Chocolate recipie powder

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So many important things I need to post but I'll get this up quick.

This is in progress and the amounts will certainly change to taste.  1.3 is a pretty stable release.

50g organic raw cacao powder (Navitas is good, may be high in cadmium though,calcium from milk powder should bind cadmium and cause it to fall to bottom of glass in the sludge.)

85g organic raw cane sugar (was 50g, then 70g, then 80g)

100g nonfat dry milk powder (was 20g, then 70g)

10g organic cacao butter (was 20g)

1g sea salt (was 0)

Put into a little food processor and grind.

Upped sugar to 85 was 80, just needs a tad more sweetness.  Added 1g salt to help the flavor pop.  Cacao butter and milk powder was perfect, was perfectly able to emulsify.  A few bubbles upon mixing is a good sign.

Reduced cocoa butter to 10g was 20g because still oily.  Increased sugar to 80g was 70g because still not quite sweet enough.

Upped the milk 100g from 20g because the cocoa butter wasn't fully emulsified and the drink was astringent.  Even at 70g milk powder drink was still astringent.  Upped the sugar because it wasn't quite sweet enough to 70g was 80g.


Cracked tooth dental pulp resevior for H. Pylori reinfection

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Watching a great natural health doc on netflix about toxic root canals got me thinking about my cracked molar and how it could be a major cause of my problems with bacteria.  My insomnia and lower back pain and dental issues were closely linked.  I have been struggling with h pylori and wondered if my cracked tooth could be infected with it which could be causing my skipping heartbeat.  So I know carrot seed essential oil kills h pylori so I began putting carrot seed oil on a q tip and applying it to my molar.  Wow within 10 minutes I was feeling a definite detox symptoms like an agitated feeling.  My heartbeat definitly changed, not perfectly healed but something was different with the missed beats so i know I'm on to something.  Turns out scientists are discovering that the mouth can be a resevoir of h pylori for it to keep reinfecting the stomach and gut chronically.  This is probably why this bacteria is so hard to eradicate.  I need to make a carrot essential oil mouthwash to use daily or something...Also to clear h pylori from the whole GI tract wheatgrass powder should do the job, mabye a tbsp a day.  Not the juice or juice powder because that won't make it through the whole GI system.  H pylori can live in the intestines as well, doctors have reported.

Dental pulp H pylori

oral resevoir of h pylori

Beware of potato poisoning

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Be careful with potatoes.  Even if you cook them well, green spots or black spots are high in solanine which is dangerous.  My symptoms were my arms falling dead asleep at night and strange dreams/ nightmares.  I woke up and I was sedated feeling and had a weak and slow pulse and low blood pressure.  Was inspired to take activated charcoal which helped.  Turns out my symptoms were caused from bad potatoes.  Be careful.

bacillus bacteria including cerus or subtilis may contribute, cool them well also to kill this bacteria which is used as a "natural" pesticide


Escalating shutdowns is how the US government crumbles

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Shutdowns will be the end of our government.  Shutdowns show people what life could be like without the government.  People and buisnesses will step up and fill the voids when the monopoly government can't function.  Government shutdowns are the relief valve for our govenrnment.  When the government gets too big and becomes too unweildy to function and thus the population divides, nothing will be able to get done in a large government.  One side will shutdown the other side and no sides will be able to make progress.  Eventually partial shutdowns will become permanent and government agencies will shut their doors.  Well meaning people will jump in and offer better solutions and services than what the government agencies were providing anyway.

Shutdowns are the future and will continue to escalate and they signify the beginnings of the crumbling of the US government.  Prepare for Liberty.

The Share a Ride system: Easy way to beat uber and lyft

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The share a ride system is simple.  It can be anything but preferably an app.  This app would keep track of rides and/or miles and/or time that you give rides and recieve rides. Everyone starts with a set number of credits, it could be zero.  You gain more credits by giving people rides, and you use up credits by recieving rides.  The credits could be the same internationally or differ based on what nation or area or city you are in and could require a conversion, but preferably stay constant worldwide.  There could be other ways to trade credits too, perhaps with other similar apps like delivery apps etc.  So if one person for example doesn't have a car to give rides, he could do something else to earn points or credits to use in getting rides.  Preferably credits would not be tradable or convertable for real money.  Also preferably points could not be minable by computers.  The point here is to bypass the need for money or proof of work besides the actual work bieng done by giving rides.  A use case for this is someone planning a vacation to miami in march.  They could give a few rides in california, their home, and build up points.  Then they fly to miami, don't bring their car, and catch rides using the points they earned back home.  The downsides are it is a centralized system and as such it can fail at any time so users wouldn't want to bank an uneccesarily high amount of points.  The upside is you can earn rides by giving rides and not need to use money at all.


What makes something Fun? Fun defined.

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What makes something fun?  Firstly, what is fun?  I would say fun is characterized by several different neurotransmitters released in unison like dopamine and serotonin.  But fun is only a symptom that you are doing something beneficial.  Like anything, fun can be "cracked" and you can have fun doing non-worthwile things.  But in general fun is a feeling designed to tell you that you are doing something very right.

Here is my definition of fun:

Fun is anything that is...


Fun is progressing.  Fun is inspiring.  Fun is helping and sharing experiences.  Fun is often solitary and expansive and covers a variety of fields and topics; perhaps it uses synergy and synthesis from a variety of sources.  Fun is relevant and applicable to everyday life and our other endeavors.  Fun is challenge, but not that things are broken, challenging in an understandable, confident and hopeful way.  Fun is rewarding.  Fun is learning.  Fun empowers us in a physical, mental, or spiritual way.  Fun is free.  Fun has no constraints.  Fun prepares you for the future.

That is the definition of fun.  Now go out and create fun stuff.

Stratospheric aerosol injection geoengineering is very bad

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SAI is the permanent tattoo of chemtrails.  Currently chemtrails are injected into the troposphere and only last a couple weeks before raining down on us. But in the stratosphere the nanoparticles could last for years.  Think of it like the chemicals are basically orbiting the earth instead of blowing around in the typical atmosphere.  Tropospheric chemtrails will still be done because this is a great way to expose the population to lung damaging nano particles and antibiotic resistant bacteria from the skies in the eyes of the deep state globalists.  The only reason they are telling you about SAI is they know they couldn't pass it off "as just your imagination".  If this happens we will all be in deep trouble and I predict the earth retaliates.  This is sulfuric acid and will cause global acid rain and unbearable oxidative and suffocating air worldwide.

from wikipwdia
Lifespan of aerosols: Tropospheric sulfur aerosols are short lived.[17] Delivery of particles into the lower stratosphere in the arctic will typically ensure that they remain aloft only for a few weeks or months, as air in this region is predominantly descending.[18] To ensure endurance, higher-altitude delivery is needed, ensuring a typical endurance of several years by enabling injection into the rising leg of the Brewer-Dobson circulation above the tropical tropopause. Further, sizing of particles is crucial to their endurance.[19


The NatureHacker Journey: It has merely just begun

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Since it's inception, NatureHacker has been a learning experience.  The goal of which was to make me independent of the healthcare system.  My big dependency at the time (2014) was on medicine for insomnia.  I started with ambien, and then figured out I could make due with just the active ingredient in Nyquil (Doxylamine Succinate) an over the counter sleep aid. But I wanted to be free of this too and really discover the root cause of my issue.  I believed that nature has the answers to every health problem, and I have not been dissuaded of this belief along the way, rather this belief has been greatly strengthened.  And I have figured out several causative factors of my insomnia and have greatly inproved it which I will discuss.

My journey started with Nutrition.  I felt that with perfect nutrition, the body could stay heathy and overcome any problems.  But fats, carbohydrates and amino acids - even vitamins and minerals and supplements I figured out - were not enough to reverse problems.  Next I moved to the gut microbiome.  With my science and engineering background I figured out that bacteria are broken down into 2 main types; gram negative and gram positive.  This classification does not strictly have to do with good or bad bacteria, but rather the type of cell wall they have.  I realized that most bad bacteria tend to be gram negative.  I had already experimented with food grade diatomaceous earth (to kill parasites like pinworms I thought may be causing my insomnia) and noticed massive "dieoff" symptoms.  I traced these symptoms back to endotoxins released from the diatomaceous earth killing gram negative bacteria.  I postulated that the mechanism producing this was the dessication properties of the diatomaceous earth.  But this didn't cure my insomnia, but it did make it so I never got the flu or food poisoning again (to this day, that was around 2012).  I then moved onto gram positive bacteria.  These are typically killed with detergents.  I found food safe natural detergents in steroidal saponin plants like tribulus terrestris (and later discovered triterpenoid saponins in adaptogens).  This still didn't cure my insomnia so I moved forward, but it did boost my testosterone from under 300 to over 1500 (it was literally off the charts, and the triterpenoid saponins cured my anxiety).  This reasearch led me to studies on germ-free mice.  Untill then I thought bacteria were beneficial to nutrition but I quickly learned that mice live on average 50% longer (translating to human years, instead of living to 80 a human would live to 120) when kept in a sterile environment without any bacteria, good or bad.  This suprised me because I knew before caloric restriction could cause life extension, and likely this means the mechanism in both of these life extension methods was terraforming the microbiome, the bacteria in the gut.

After killing the gram positive bacteria, some bad things started happening.  I would get symptoms of infected food much easier than most, but I had the tools to beat them so I still didn't get sick...until I got c. diff.  I noticed it was C diff from the intense pain and the smell of isopropyl alcohol in my bed and what felt like the makings of bedsores on my body at pressure points.  I was scared.  I knew that modern medicine can't really effectively treat C. diff so I knew I had crossed the threshold into the unknown in a sort of solitary and irreversible way.  (I did contemplate taking probiotics along the way before this moment, and I did, but they made me moody and gain weight).  But I believed in Nature.  I determined to do research to find out things that would kill Clostridium difficile.  Luckily there is a monumental amount of research into herbs by foreign countries who are trying to lessen their dependence on the pharmecutical industry.  I started with green tea extract and that did help.  Later I learned that triterpenoid saponins are probably the best to kill this bacteria.

I made it.  Going beyond C. diff. with virtually no bacteria in the gut was a real milestone and a threshold few people have ever crossed in all of history.

But I wanted more.  The further I got down this path the more I believed was possible.  I had already witnessed changes in my body that led me to believe that virtually all diseases were caused by bacteria in the body and likely mostly from the gut.

I started to piece together pictures of other bacteria that may be causing symptoms like insomnia, mabye hair loss and gynecomastia, adhd symptoms, chronic cough, etc.  I discoverd bacteria like Tuberculosis, Campylobacter, heamophilis, h plylori, proteus, and more that are causing virtually everybody problems that they don't realize are from bacteria.

It turns out that plants produce these antimicrobial agents like saponins and essential oils as actually their own immune system.  Plants don't have white blood cells so they rely entirely on chemistry to fight invaders.  This is why plants are so good to extract for medicine.

And I finally figured out the causes of my insomnia.  It was very complex.  My insomnia is from an interplay of haemophilis, streptococcus, campylobacter, proteus, and tuberculosis, in that order of prevalence.  I now can take a mixture of herbal extracts and essential oils targeting these bacteria and I can always fall back asleep when I wakeup in the middle of the night.  Sometimes I can even recognize the symptoms of one of these bacteria and just take the herbs to kill that one and I can fall back asleep.  I hope that eventually as my immune system improves by bieng exposed to the byprodycts of killing these bacteria (antigens) daily, that I will have to take them less as my immune system learns to fight them on it's own (like a natural vaccine).  But these bacteria are all well adapted to subverting human immunity so it will be a long journey, but hopefully a journey that lasts close to 120 years ;).


Tuberculosis and H Pylori work together to cause heart skipping beats

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It seems tuberculosis working together with h pylori cause cardiomyopathy and heart skipping beats.  To kill them take garlic extract powder and wheatgrass juice powder.  Garlic kills TB and wheatgrass kills h pylori.


Why do I hear squeaking or grinding in the back of my head or neck?

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This is caused by inflamed cerebellar tonsils.   This can cause central sleep apnea.  I believe it is from haemophilis bacteria, killed with cinnamon essential oil taken internally.


cerebellar tonsils


tuberculosis cerebellar tumor

How we win

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Work a normal job full or part time to make enough money to survive.  Use your freetime and discretionary income to do what you love to do for free and give away what you create.  This will cause a chain reaction called the freecontaigen where everything will become free, money no longer needed, and the parasites will starve and we will finally be free.


Durian fruit is a holy grail antibacterial (HGA)

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What makes a holy grail type antibacterial? I can design products that can kill virtually all bacteria in the body.  I do not believe in good bacteria.  However I do acknowledge that some bacteria are better than others and can even provide a beneficial trade-off in certain circumstances.  One of these circumstances is people who want to have a robust microbiome.  I believe going germ-free is ideal but admitedly it takes a lot of effort and leads to a somewhat fragile existence that is extremely dependent on natural medicines.

So a holy grail antibacterial is one that kills the most pathogenic microorganisms while leaves the least harmful organisms alive so that the body is not suseptible to other pathological organisms because the less harmful ones can out-compete the worst ones.

I had a dream of a couple, About 30 years old, healthy looking.  Brown haired man clean shaven and well groomed and a blonde girl.  The girl had a 1oz tincture bottle of a natural medicine.  I asked what it was for.  She told me but I could not remember what she said once I woke up.  I asked what the extract was and the guy answered me that it was pineapple and skunk pineapple.  At this point I made myself wake up so I would remember what it was treating and what it was.  I remembered what it was but couldn't remember what it was treating.  However I do remember that I didn't think what it was treating was that important.  This means either it isn't a serious medical problem in my eyes and/or I thought my typical antimicrobial herbs could treat the same disorder well enough.

Well my best guess right now is the couple in my dream was using the "stinky fruit" extract to treat infertility.  Durian fruit (I didn't know this untill I did research after the dream) is used widely to treat infertility in women.  This makes sense that the woman was holding the tincture.  Also they were the age that a couple would want children.  Also the dream was a couple so that would make sense too.  So I'm pretty sure that the dream was referring to using stinky fruit like durian to treat infertility.

It turns out that eating durian fruit kills ecoli and pseudomonas body wide (Food grade DE also kills these bacteria however that is limited to the intestines and wouldn't make it into the female reproductive tract.) Durian also kills yeasys and fungus as well like candida.  It is a holy grail antimicrobial (HGA) becuase it does not kill gram positive bacteria as well so it will leave behind "less bad" bacteria so various types of bad bacteria won't make you sick.  So now we just have to figure out how to extract ths active principle so we don't have to spend tons of money importing the raw fruit.

fertility enhancing

gneg and fungus


Nostalgia emotion caused by Serratia Marcescens bacterial infection

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Edit: Could also be klebsellia

Nostalgia is from Serratia bacterial infection.  This bacteria produces dopamine and causes bouts of nostalgia.  Serratia is killed with lemongrass and citrus essential oils.


bacillis and serratia dopamine

serratia resists oregano and cinnamon

lemongrass serratia

limonene cures?