Plasmatech is the future

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You have heard of 3D printing and AI and Cryptocurrency and Genetic Engineering and Hydrogen and Nanotech, etc.

Well the Real future tech is Plasma.

Plasma antigravity is made by surrounding something in magnetized plasma.  How do you magnetize the plasma?  You move it around.  Swirling or rotating plasma around and around magnetizes it.  How do you cover something in plasma?  You just charge it with high voltage.  Can be positive or negative.

Plasma cloaking is made by emitting plasma from a surface.  Like above, you just charge the surface.

Plasma shielding is done just like plasma cloaking, just charge the surface.  This will repel emi and other things like magnetic fields and even plasma weapons.

Plasma fusion is made by magnetized dusty plasma creating muons on metal oxides.  The dust is desired to create muons.

Plasma weapons are made by using magnetic unity to entrap plasma within a spiral magnetic field.  This plasma can also be magnetically accelerated.  Solar flares use this.

Plasma streamlining or repulsion uses plasma on a surface just like cloaking and shielding.  This repels fluids or other things and greatly reduces friction say on a car or boat or plane or anything else,

Plasma portals are made by using magnetic unity and ? Not entirely sure how to make a portal.

Plasma creation is done by using magnetic unity and ?  Not entirely sure how but aether is a photon sea and can be made into electrons via magnetic unity and then into protons.

Plasma petrification is done by hitting a creature with plasma and fusion takes place converting sodium and potassium into calcium and magnesium.

Plasma energy can be made using a flux capacitor with magnetized dusty preferably reducing plasma like hydrogen sulfide or preferably hydrogen telluride.  also tribogon/triborgone works similarly.

Plasma explosions can be used to run something similar to a combustion engine or also mining and other uses.  This is done by creating a plasma out of a liquid such as water using very high voltages.  Hot fusion can also happen in this process.

Plasma healing is done by treading a wound or a sick being with negative ions (plasma).

Plasma pumping of water or other polar materials is done by charging something up and water or other material being attracted to it.  This is how the pyramids pumped water out of the nile river.

Plasma weather modification is done by giving off negative ions into the atmosphere.  Trees do this and also other things like mountains.  This is the triborgone principle.

Plasma space travel can be done by using plasma weapon technology to shoot plasma contained within magnetic fields out of a spacecraft.

Plasma surface modification uses plasma to modify the surface of plastics and other things.

Plasma light includes fire and plasma glow and other things.

Possible future things:

Telepathy is likely done with magnetic unity effecting the aether using DMT but not sure if plasma is related.  Teleportation likely has to do with plasma portals but not sure.

Tasty Wheat 0.13

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Reduced cranberry by 1g to lessen sour taste.  Boosted oat bran to
compensate for pantothenic acid and calories.  Hemp changed to full
seeds since manitoba turned out to be pressed of the oil.

155g  Cost $6.39 per meal or $19.17 a day.
requires minimum of 32 oz water to fully hydrate, 1.5 liters is best for acceptability.

Flax 35g - walmart organic raw (0.01/g)
Cauliflower 30g - whole foods (0.03/g)
Oat Bran 18g - amazon organic raw (0.01/g)
Sunflower 12g - whole foods raw organic (0.01/g)
Hemp 11g - manitoba organic raw (0.03/g)
Avocado 11g - amazon freeze dried (0.04/g)
Wakame 11g - amazon atlantic raw organic (0.12/g)
Cranberry 7g - mountain rose raw organic (0.18/g)
Coconut Creamer 7g - sprouts/amazon (0.04/g)
Nori 5g - amazon raw organic (0.11/g)
IP6 1.5g source naturals (0.13/g)
Garlic 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.04/g)
Mustard 0.5g mountain rose organic raw (0.02/g)
Calendula 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.22/g)
Lavender 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.06/g)
Passionflower 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.04/g)
Artichoke leaf 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.03/g)
Broccoli sprout 1g HH Solutions Pesticide free (0.08/g)

Nutritional Analysis:


Growing Degree Days predict Solar Cycle

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If you compare the above pages you will see that the minimum of any solar cycle has a spike in growing degree days (gdd) and that there is another minimum right before the next cycle starts.  So since 2018 was a spike for growing degree days (minimum of the solar cycle) and 2019 was low for growing degree days, it looks like the new solar cycle 25 will begin sometime in 2020.

Also IceAgeFarmer in his 50k livestream mentioned that galactic cosmic rays peak 18-24 monhts after minumum so that may be related.


Graphene Velcro

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Graphene has been a fad trend word for several years now with even a nobel prize being awarded for it's discovery.  Many scientists and inventors including myself have struggled over the years to find an actual use for it.  We know it is a great conductor but the small size of the particles make it so larger pieces of graphite or other carbon are better for most conduction uses including electrodes.

So what is graphene really good for?

We now know that gold is absolutely best at harvesting triboelectric electricity as NatureHacker's previous inventions including the flux capacitor have entailed.  Gold is the very best conductive material that can suck up electrons, period.  Even the other noble metals are not as good as gold is at this use.  So the gold mystery has been solved, gold will be highly useful in electrostatic electricity generation in the future.

But graphene is less clear.  No highly commercializable use has been found for it to my knowledge to date.

Well that all changes today.

Graphene may be the best easily producible van der waals material known to man.  Graphene has a lot of exess electrons on its surface which can be used to attract other materials.  Ironically the way graphene was first rpoduced, by sticking to a piece of scotch tape, may prove to be its real true valuable use.  It is sticky.  On a molecular level.  It may not be so good sticking to itself, which is why graphite sheds so easily, but it is good at sticking to things that will accept it's electrons.  So new polymer glues and even glue free surface contacts (aka graphene velcro) should be developed.  This could include treating surfaces with graphene and/or anything else to increase grip such as gloves or anything else.

Graphene's true use is in creating stickinesss.  It could be the best thing we have to artificial gecko hands.



Plasma Antigravity

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A metal ball the size of a quarter was spun like a top and it ignited into plasma and floated unaffected by gravity.  Perhaps this is similar to the core of the earth which some think might contain plasma.  We know gravity is electric charge so perhaps magnetized plasma (consistently moving plasma) either is unnaffected by other electrical charges or it generates an opposite charge.


Tasty Wheat 0.12 - Codename FUDE

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Reduced nori a lot to help lower iron.  Also it gets the net weight down.  Also it gets cost down.  Doing that lowered daily taurine to 20mg which should be enough, also B12 is plenty high.  May want to lower cranberry in future but extra glucose is nice and it keeps iron low however the acids in the fruit may increase iron absorbtion.  Lowered mustard since imparted noticable flavor.  Essential aminos around 100% daily value for 3 meals for 180 lb person instead of 190 lb.  Tried to include cardoon for sodium but wakame has best high sodium to low iron ratio.  Possibly add onion and white pepper to improve flavor.  Possibly change avocado brand to AvoLov then eventually to my own freeze dried avocado, cauliflower.

155g  Cost $6.56 per meal or $19.69 a day.
requires minimum of 32 oz water to fully hydrate.

Flax 35g - walmart organic raw (0.01/g)
Cauliflower 30g - whole foods (0.03/g)
Oat Bran 17g - amazon organic raw (0.01/g)
Sunflower 12g - whole foods raw organic (0.01/g)
Hemp 11g - manitoba organic raw (0.03/g)
Avocado 11g - amazon freeze dried (0.04/g)
Wakame 11g - amazon atlantic raw organic (0.12/g)
Cranberry 8g - mountain rose raw organic (0.18/g)
Coconut Creamer 7g - sprouts/amazon (0.04/g)
Nori 5g - amazon raw organic (0.11/g)
IP6 1.5g source naturals (0.13/g)
Garlic 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.04/g)
Mustard 0.5g mountain rose organic raw (0.02/g)
Calendula 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.22/g)
Lavender 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.06/g)
Passionflower 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.04/g)
Artichoke leaf 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.03/g)
Broccoli sprout 1g HH Solutions Pesticide free (0.08/g)

Nutritional Analysis:


Tasty Wheat Personal Research Experiences so far

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** I am doing personal research with Tasty Wheat at my own risk as Tasty Wheat is not subject to FDA regulation.  I do not condone or support your use of Tasty Wheat in this way and if you do use it internally you do so at your own risk.**

Since starting taking tasty wheat a few days ago (I have had maybe 3 meals total of tasty wheat over the span of a few days) I have noticed some changes.

The first thing I was surprised by was it didn't increase my bowel movements much even though each serving contains around 30g of fiber.  I think part of it is it is so water absorbent you need to drink more water to keep things moving through.

Other things I noticed is a sense of being "out of it" sort of like I never fully wake up.  I have also been sleeping more which is very welcome since I have severe insomnia for over 13 years now.  It sort of feels like a detox reaction.  My sense of night and day (my internal clock) is sort of thrown off and it feels like night and day doesn't really matter.

I also noticed my muscles feeling a bit tired and like they need to be stretched.  I am pretty physically active so to me this seems like this better nutrition is causing my muscles to go into recovery mode.

Perhaps the feeling mentally "out of it" is my brain being rebuilt using more essential fatty acids since I am sure I have been deficient of omega fatty acids over the course of my life.  It could also be a symptom of bacteria or yeast die off.

I sort of feel like I have less energy and am more tired all the time but at the same time I can get things done without getting as burnt out as before.  Perhaps this is part of the healing process.

Even though I have been getting more iron from Tasty Wheat than I have before which should aggravate my iron overload, my heart has actually been doing better.  The Lauric acid is likely improving my HDL cholesterol and the other fatty acids are likely lowering my LDL so this is probably what is helping my heart and preventing skipping beats quite well.  Also lauric acid neutralizes h pylori (also the artichoke leaf and broccoli sprout) and we know h pylori is the #1 cause of heart skipping beats.  Also the fiber is likely absorbing lots of cholesterol out of the bile and preventing it being reabsorbed thus lowering my cholesterol.

So I think it is going well and I am only eating Tasty Wheat one meal a day.  As time goes on hopefully I will move to 2 and then 3 meals a day of tasty wheat as I can tolerate it.

It is strange because I have supplemented all of these things contained in Tasty Wheat in the past but none really helped me much.  Perhaps it is combing everything into one and giving the body full nutrition from whole foods that is required to heal, not just trying this vitamin or that mineral.

Time will tell.

Plasma earth core and why Gold Tellurides are found deeper than Gold Sulfides

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It turns out that there may be layers inside the earth in the plasma state.  This would be one way (besides volcanic lightning) to explain how heavy element fusion and transmutations happen within the earth.

We know that gold associated with tellurides can be found deeper in the earth than gold associated with sulfides.  Our hypothesis to explain this is that hydrogen telluride is a better superconductor (works at a higher temp) then hydrogen sulfide and the lower temperature closer to the surface allows hydrogen sulfide plasma to fuse iron and oxygen atoms into gold.

But in light of the recent understanding that it likely requires magnetized plasma to create fusion, we can predict that the reason telluride associated gold can be found deeper in the earth means that hydrogen telluride needs to be less magnetized to cause heavy element cold fusion than hydrogen sulfide needs to be.  So therefore it may be more efficient to make gold and other precious metals or other elements using hydrogen telluride instead of hydrogen sulfide.


Tasty Wheat 0.11: "Everything" the Body Needs.

TEEF Twice a Day keeps the Dentist Away for Free


***This Product is made in a clean way using only Food Grade ingredients, however it must be declared NOT INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION and FOR NUTRITIONAL RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY since this product is not made in an FDA registered facility.  Internal use is at the users own discretion/risk and we will not provide support for such use, but we will answer any questions that are not related to how to consume or what to expect from consuming this product.***

Balanced omega 3:6:9 to 1:1:1.  Protein decreased a tad, now it is 100% daily value for all essential amino acids for a 190lb person.  Cost elevated since more cranberry added for glucose.  Cost also elevated for IP6 and herbs.

161.5g  Cost $7.83 per meal or $23.48 a day.
requires minimum of 32 oz water to fully hydrate.

Flax 33g - walmart organic raw (0.01/g)
Cauliflower 26g - whole foods (0.03/g)
Nori 18g - amazon raw organic (0.11/g)
Oat Bran 17g - amazon organic raw (0.01/g)
Hemp 12g - manitoba organic raw (0.03/g)
Sunflower 11g - whole foods raw organic (0.01/g)
Avocado 11g - amazon freeze dried (0.04/g)
Wakame 10g - amazon atlantic raw organic (0.12/g)
Cranberry 8g - mountain rose raw organic (0.18/g)
Coconut Creamer 7g - sprouts/amazon (0.04/g)
IP6 1.5g source naturals (0.13/g)
Garlic 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.04/g)
Mustard 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.02/g)
Calendula 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.22/g)
Lavender 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.06/g)
Passionflower 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.04/g)
Artichoke leaf 1g mountain rose organic raw (0.03/g)
Broccoli sprout 1g HH Solutions Pesticide free (0.08/g)

Nutritional Analysis:

Tasty Wheat 0.10: Everything the Body Needs

 TEEF Powder is the best way to keep the Dentist Away for Free


Lowered sodium requirement to 1800mg from 2400mg and adjusted amounts of foods accordingly. This is convenient because each hour of heavy exercise burns 700 Calories and also sweats 700mg of sodium, so you can scale your intake of Tasty Wheat depending on your exertion level.  But the real reason this was done is I felt I was getting too much sodium and did research into optimum sodium intake which is around 1800mg for someone doing around 1 hour of sweating a day.

161.5g (2 cups powder)

Cost per meal $6.65, per day $19.96

requires minimum of 32 oz water (volume including powder) to fully hydrate.

Flax 34g
Cauliflower 30g
Nori 18g
Hemp 16g
Oat Bran 16g
Wakame 10g
Sunflower 10g
Avocado 7g
Coconut Creamer 7g
Cranberry 5g
IP6 1.5g
Garlic 1g
Mustard 1g
Calendula 1g
Lavender 1g
Passionflower 1g
Artichoke leaf 1g
Broccoli sprout 1g

Nutritional Analysis:

Future direction: May want to adjust avacado up for monounsaturated fats.  Make sure to keep mono:sat > 1:1.



FUDE 0.9: Tasty Wheat - The Taste of Survival

Free Organic Teeth Powder, Best in the World

I will now enter into bacteria neutralizing aspects of the recipe.

So eating 0.8 I felt some heartburn after which is a common problem for me and I counter it with mustard and garlic powder.  Cranberry is good for lower back pain and extra bubbly pee (protein leaking out of the kidneys from bacteria causing inflammation).  IP6 added to help block absorption of some iron which is high in this recipe.

Also noticing some gut cramps which is rare for me so I will see what helps that (probably lavender) and add that to the recipe.


Flax 33g
Cauliflower 30g
Hemp 16g
Oat Bran 15g
Wakame 15g
Nori 15g
Sunflower 10g
Avocado 7g
Coconut Creamer 7g
Cranberry 5g
IP6 1.5g
Garlic 1g
Mustard 1g
Calendula 1g
Lavender 1g
Passionflower 1g
Artichoke leaf 1g
Broccoli sprout 1g

I expect to need to add lavender (clostridium) and also calendula (campylobacter) and perhaps some triterpenoid and steroidal saponins (passionflower is triterpenoid and chrysin).  Also artichoke leaf, agrimony, and broccoli sprout powder for h pylori.  Edit: I added all except agrimony.

FUDE Powder 0.8 Raw Vegan Open Source Complete Meal Ration Food Powder like MRE

 TEEF is Free!


Cost per meal $6.91; $20.74 per day

When mixing with water total vol should be (at least) 32 oz per meal.  Taste is reasonable, umami (seaweed) forward flavor.

Will take around a half hour to hour to consume, most will not be able to chug it down in one go.  Will leave you quite full.

1 meal - 153g

Flax 33g - walmart organic raw (0.15/oz)
Cauliflower 30g - whole foods (0.88/oz)
Hemp 16g - manitoba organic raw (0.86/oz)
Oat Bran 15g - amazon organic raw (0.27/oz)
Wakame 15g - amazon atlantic raw organic (3.50/oz)
Nori 15g - amazon raw organic (3.25/oz)
Sunflower 10g - whole foods raw organic (0.32/oz)
Avocado 7g - amazon freeze dried (1.25/oz)
Coconut Creamer 7g - sprouts/amazon (1.06/oz)
Cranberry 5g - mountain rose raw organic- (5.19/oz)

Started balancing for amino acids, now 200lb person gets 100% DV or more of all
essential amino acids and also tyrosine and cystiene and taurine.  Omega 3:6
ratio had to be sacrificed a bit and is now 96:100 so good enough. Cost raised
a bit since more seaweed is added.



How to make a fence to keep Bigfoot Out

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This may sound hilarious yet this is one of the inventions I am most confident in.

As we have established earlier, Bigfoot Sasquatch is a Plasma Ape.  I lean towards ape but there are some that think bigfoot is human.  I think that bigfoot is of the genus, likely a couple genus' of 'pithicus like Gigantopithicus, Australopithicus, and Paranthropus.

Anyway there is mention of how to keep them out in the Quran.  While I don't agree with the immoral teachings in the Quran, just like the Bible it can be viewed as an accurate historical record of a people.

Yajuj and Majuj

So it appears that this creature is repelled by a magnetic shield.  Iron coated in bronze/brass/copper is a traditional magnetic shield.  Copper repels magnetic fields whereas Iron attracts magnetic fields.  The net effect is that magnetic fields are blocked.  This is a well known phenomenon in the modern age.

Next we know that Missing411 dissapearances are clustered around low spots/transitional spots in earths magnetic field.



We also know some apes can see magnetic fields


So it is enirely possible that magnetic shielding- an and will keep bigfoot out, and it appears people thousands of years ago already did this (see video above.

So how can we apply this knowledge?  Simply make poles of iron coated in copper and drive them around the property line.  This will confuse and repel any bigfoot.

Also you can simply carry an iron rod coated in copper (or gold or silver) with you as a walking stick which should confuse and repel any bigfoot on your travels.

Also armed with this info we may even be able to attract bigfoot using their curiosity.  Simply place or bury an electromagnet, can be hooked to a battery.  Coil a thin copper magnet wire around an iron core. You can use high voltage and very low current to do this.  Set up photo traps and prove bigfoot exists beyond a doubt.

bigfoot static


Leukemia Research

 True Free Organic Tooth Powder

From "A True Amish Story"

Pale green skin (hemolysis?)

Blood tests

Bone marrow- 50% leukemia cells.

Caused by commo-n infection, flu virus? causing immune reaction?

half have hemolysis

anemia of leukemia

Strep in leukemia


My working theory: Group A hemolytic streptococcus infection of the bone marrow combined with flu virus disturbing the immune response.

The Causes and Natural Cure of Irregular Heartbeat and Heart Skipping beats and Palpitations

Oral Health is the #1 Factor in Heart Health, Free Organic Tooth Powder

So I feel confident now that I have found all the causes of irregular heartbeat.  RANKED.

#1.  H Pylori.  This bacteria I believe causes an allergen dependent skipping of heartbeats.  What this means is this bacteria burrows into the digestive tract and allows allergens like gluten and others to elicit an immune response that attacks the heart.   This is the #1 cause of heart skipping beats occasionally.  If Legumes is a cause then G6PDD may be a part of this clinical picture.

Cure: Agrimony herb powder, Artichoke leaf powder, broccoli sprout/seed powder, carrot seed essential oil and other essential oils that fight h pylori like myrrh, mastic, etc.

#2.  Streptococcus and/or Stapylococcus.  This bacteria infects the heart and causes irregular heartbeat.  This is likely the classic cause of a persistent irregular heartbeat.  Also causes the heart to beat too fast, atrial fibrillation or flutter (strep causes anxiety).  Also causes panic attacks.

Cure: A combination of steroidal and triterpenoid saponins.  The steroidal boost the bioavailability of the triterpenoid saponins which disrupt gram positive bacteria membranes (most gram pos).

#3 Tetanus - Clostridium Tetani.  This bacteria causes muscle twitching including the heart muscle.

Cure: Juniper berries or essential oil works well.  Lavender or essential oil also works but I don't think as well.  Triterpenoid saponins taken internally like passionflower, -ginseng, or gynostemma preferably with a steroidal saponin like tribulus terrestrus or sarsaparilla.

#4.  Mycobacterium and/or Corynebacterium.  This bacteria infects the heart causing missed beats but especially a stabbing pain in the chest.  I believe also heart attack which the other two mentioned contribute as well.  So this one is #3 on the list and not higher because this bacteria causes mostly a stabbing pain and less about skipping beats but it does contribute.

Cure: Garlic powder.  Eucalyptus essential oil also works but only use 10 drops or less at a time, more causes fainting.

#5.  Iron Overload.  Excess Iron creates an oxidative state which causes heart to skip beats.  Paradoxically treating for the iron overload or hemochromatosis with phlebotomies or even treating it naturally with flavonoids causes increased skipping beats since the iron is being mobilized and more able to effect the heart.

Cure:  Reduce Iron intake to near zero.  Use antioxidants that will further lower levels over time.  Just say no to Phlebotomies and do it naturally.

#6 High LDL Cholesterol.  Especially in conjunction with high iron, high cholesterol is very oxidative.  Notice how saturated fat helps beans cook to be more soft and make for softer cookies, these fats do a number to cellular membranes allowing for oxidation.

Cure:  Lower cholesterol by replacing saturated fats with mono and polyunsaturated fats especially omega 3.  Also replace Palm oil with Coconut oil as the Lauric Acid boosts HDL cholesterol.

#7.  Potato Poisoning.  Solanine or other anticholinergics like wheatgrass, pesticides, and others.  Mostly these cause weakened cardiac output and less about causing skipping beats, but again it does contribute.  Also this causes heart failure and may contribute to heart attacks.  Bacillus Cerus in the gut may also contribute.

Cure: Stop eating or being exposed to them.  Also oximes (search for my other posts on making oximes) may help.  If Baccilis Cereus is involved a combination of steroidal and triterpenoid saponins in combination with garlic powder works well.

#8.  Low blood pressure.  Low blood pressure is good but it can expose a heart rhythm problem.  For example your heart may seem fine but when you take potassium it starts skipping beats.  This means you have a problem with one or more above factors and lowering your blood pressure has uncovered it.  This is why for many their first symptom is a heart attack, because their high blood pressure masks the symptoms of a heart problem.

Cure: Balance your Potassium and Sodium intake to create a blood pressure around 110-120 / 70-80.

#9.  Calcium overload.  Calcium is actually good for the heart.  It allows the heart to not have to work as hard.  Calcium is needed for muscle relaxation.  If you feel your heart beating strongly and you can hear or feel it beating, you have a calcium deficiency.  However too much can exacerbate heart skipping beats similarly to having low blood pressure.

Cure: Balance your Calcium and Magnesium intakes.  Magnesium helps excrete excess calcium similarly to how potassium helps the body excrete excess sodium.

#10. Blood Clots.  This is less of a cause of skipping beats and more a contributor to heart attacks and other events.  This is caused by Bacillus (see above how to kill most species can be killed with garlic but others that are waxy like Cerus require saponins too), Heavy Metal poisoning like Cadmium, Streptococcus.  A good way to notice blood clots is pain in the fingers and finger tips and possibly feet.

Cure:  See above for Strep and Baccilus (take saponins and especially garlic) and also chelating cadmium with L-Cystiene seems to work if cadmium is a cause.-

#11. Nitrate reduction seems to be a major cause of heart attacks along with calcium overload and other bacteria like mycobacterium, corynebacterium, and h pylori.  Of course high cholesterol and high blood pressure are also huge factors.  In relation to nitrate reduction to nitrite, haemophilis seems to be the biggest player followed by some others, see first link below.

Cure: Haemophilis is killed with peppermint essential oil as well as cinnamon.  Also echinacea purpea root powder is good to kill haemophilis in the gut, also probably lavender flower powder.  Nitrate reduction does lower blood pressure though so after eliminating it one should keep bloodnpressure under control by reducing sodium and taking potassium.

#12.  Thiamine deficiency.  Thiamin seems to help prevent oxidation effects on the heart.

Cure: Take Thiamine, up to half a gram per day.  However taking too much can exacerbate skipping beats.

#13 Taurine or cysteine deficiency.  This nutrient nourishes the heart.  Can be low in vegetarian or vegan diets.

Cure: If you are a vegetarian, eat red nori seaweed.

#14.  Selenium Deficiency.  Again Selenium may help reduce oxidative stress.

Cure: Take selenium.  Too much is dangerous though.

#15. Virus.  Virus is likely a very big cause of irregular heartbeat and heart skipping beats however it is dependent on bacteria which is why it is low on this list.  It is actually very hard for virus to infect human cells and it requires bacteria to be ushered into the cells.

Cure: Kill the aforementioned bacteria.  Also some things like tannins and activated charcoal could help prevent viral entry into the bloodstream from the gut but I am not sure.  See my other posts on virus.


Nitrate reduction Neisseria, Veillonella, Haemophilus, Porphyromonas, Fusobacterium, Prevotella, Leptotrichia, Brevibacillus, and Granulicatella.  Haemo probably best and lactobaccilis worst and probably inhibitory


Actinomyces vellionellia rothia

Ecoli and lactobaccilis


FUDE 0.6, 0.7

 Stock up on NatureHacker's Free Organic Tooth Powders


cost per meal 6.45; $19.35 per day

Cauliflower 30g - whole foods (0.88/oz)
Oat Bran 20g - amazon organic raw (0.27/oz)
Flax 31g - walmart organic raw (0.15/oz)
Hemp 8g - manitoba organic raw (0.86/oz)
Avocado 20g - amazon freeze dried (1.25/oz)
Wakame 16g - amazon atlantic raw organic (3.50/oz)
Sunflower 10g - whole foods raw organic (0.32/oz)
Coconut Creamer 6g - sprouts/amazon (1.06/oz)
Nori 7g - amazon raw organic (3.25/oz)
Cranberry 5g - mountain rose raw organic- (5.19/oz)

tweaked things around, lowered hemp boosted flax to achieve 1:1 omega3:6


Cost per meal: 6.46; 19.38 per day

Cauliflower 31g - whole foods (0.88/oz)
Oat Bran 21g - amazon organic raw (0.27/oz)
Flax 20g - walmart organic raw (0.15/oz)
Hemp 19g - manitoba organic raw (0.86/oz)
Avocado 18g - amazon freeze dried (1.25/oz)
Wakame 16g - amazon atlantic raw organic (3.50/oz)
Sunflower 11g - whole foods raw organic (0.32/oz)
Coconut Creamer 6g - sprouts/amazon (1.06/oz)
Nori 5g - amazon raw organic (3.25/oz)
Cranberry 5g - mountain rose raw organic- (5.19/oz)

0.7 label:

Last sign for 2024 Judgement: Hades

Prepare with Free Organic Teeth Powder

I think apophis in 2029 is hades

Revelation 12 signs in the last 2000 years:


1507 9-09

1293 9-05

1246 9-14

1056 9-14 StanisÅ‚aw Szczepanowski seems to have been one of the witnesses and King BolesÅ‚aw either the beast or antichrist.

866 9-15

629 8-27

439 8-29 Witness was St. Patrick.  Coroticus was either the beast or antichrist who slaughtered christians.  St. Patrick was nearly executed but lived.

356 9-13  Beast or Antichrist likely was Shapur II.

249 8-28 Witnesses were likely Cyprian and Novation and St. Valentine, Valerian was the Beast, Aurelian/Claudius the Antichrist*.  They were killed by the beast and antichrist.  Possibly St. Alban one of witnesses. *Diocletian could be the antichrist of this era and carried out the Great Persecution.


FUDE 0.5

 Nature's Best Oral Care is now Free



Cost per meal: 6.90; 20.70 per day

Cauliflower 31g         whole foods (0.88/oz)
Oat Bran 21g             amazon organic raw (0.27/oz)
Flax 20g                     amazon organic raw (0.62/oz)
Hemp 19g                   amazon raw (1.02/oz)
Avocado 18g               amazon freeze dried (1.25/oz)
Wakame 16g               amazon atlantic raw organic (3.50/oz)
Sunflower 11g            whole foods organic raw (0.32/oz)
Coconut Creamer 6g  sprouts (1.06/oz)
Nori 5g                       amazon raw organic (3.25/oz)
Cranberry 5g              mountain rose organic (5.19/oz)

0.4 had error in gram amount, was 155.

Lowered to 152g by reducing nori and balancing others to have right nutrients.
Did this because nori was expensive and it didn't need to be that high for
any specific reason.  Taurine is nice in nori though but also quite high in iodine
so the less the better.  B12 is plenty high which is nori's main benefit.  I
tried using celery to compensate for some of the sodium wakame gives, but
it wasn't enough and raised the grams per serving too high.



FUDE 0.4

 The Best Teeth Remineralization Powder is now Free



Cauliflower 30g
Oat Bran 21g
Flax 20g
Hemp 19g
Avocado 18g
Wakame 16g
Nori 11g
Sunflower 9g
Coconut Creamer 7g
Cranberry 4g

tweaked it to remove endive with cauliflower for pantothenic acid since it is easier to acquire.  Also cauliflower had sugar so removed apricot.  Amount of grams lowered significantly which helps.

From the end of the world... Humet will keep you company.

Its the end of the world and we know it.

Humet or Hument

Vitamin D Precursors avacado and sunflower

vitamin d synthesis in body, does coconut oil (lauric acid) help?

FUDE Analysis:


FUDE 0.3

 NatureHacker's Free Organic Tooth Brushing Powder



25g Oat Bran
21g Endive
20g Flax
19g Hemp
18g Avocado
16g Wakame
11g Nori
8g Coconut Creamer
8g Sunflower
7g Cranberry
5g Apricot

Added cranberry and apricot because they are the two lowest fructose glucose
sources.  Also Cranberry kills some waterborn bacteria like proteus and ecoli.

Future add: IP6, garlic, broccoli sprout, mustard, artichoke, calendula, lavendar, lemongrass, dandelion.



FUDE 0.2

 TEEF Powder Free Organic Dentist Alternative

Human - Measured


118g per meal: 600 kcal each pack.

25g Endive
23g Oat Bran
20g Hemp Seed
20g Flax Seed
18g Avocado
16g Wakame
12g Sunflower Seed
11g Nori
10g Coconut Creamer

future: garlic, broccoli sprout, mustard, artichoke, calendula, lavendar, lemongrass

Should contain matches and the herb additives should sterilize dirty water.  Paper bag used to hold powder within vacuum sealed plastic.  Pour herb powder into plastic bag, filter dirty water through paper bag into plastic.  Mix and glug.

Ingredient calculation (contains 100% daily value of everything):

In these sorts of survival packs you need some survival gear like matches (why not scented?) and maybe a smoke to lighten the spirits.

Smoking herbs


incense matches



Codename FUDE 0.1

 The Best Free Organic Teeth Powder

This is a all-inclusive food powder perfect for preppers, hikers, campers, and people looking for fast optimum health.

Just add water.
115 g
20g Oat bran powder
20g red nori powder
15g coconut oil/milk powder
15g avocado powder
10g wakame powder
10g hemp seed powder
5g kelp powder
5g flax seed powder
5g artichoke leaf powder
2g ginger powder
2g mustard powder
1g broccoli sprout powder
1g cinnamon powder
1g garlic powder
1g gynostemma powder
1g oregano powder
1g IP6

Oat Bran - soluble fiber lowering cholesterol, plastics, synthetic hormones, and promoting regularity.

Red Nori - Taurine, B12, protien, etc.

Coconut oil/milk powder - lauric acid to boost hdl cholesterol and also MCT's

Avocado powder - emulsifiers and also monounsaturated fats

Wakame - Helps burn fat and also contains omega 3 and fucoidan.

hemp seed - protien, DNA, thiamine, polyunsaturated fats., and magnesium.

kelp powder - thamine and iodine

flax seed powder - omega 3, fiber, thiamine

artichoke leaf - lowers cholesterol and improves glucuronidation and expells fat soluble toxins like bpa and DES.

ginger - campylobacter

mustard - pseudomonas and other gram neg

broccoli sprout - h pylori

cinnamon - anaerobic

garlic - gram neg and some pos

gynostemma - adaptogen triterpenoids, clostridium, staph, strep

oregano- staph and strep.

1P6 - helps prevent iron overload.

FUDE Analysis:


Nitrate reducing bacteria likely cause heart attacks and inflamation

 Organic Tooth Powder For Free

Nitrate reduction seems to be a major cause of heart attacks along with calcium overload and other bacteria like mycobacterium, corynebacterium, and h pylori.  Of course high cholesterol and high blood pressure are also huge factors.

In relation to nitrate reduction to nitrite, haemophilis seems to be the biggest player followed by some others, see first link below.  These bactetia tend to be active in the mouth concerting saliva nitrate to nitrite and also in the gut somewhat so treat accodingly.

Haemophilis is killed with peppermint essential oil as well as cinnamon.  Also echinacea purpea root powder is good to kill haemophilis in the gut.  Nitrate reduction does lower blood pressure though so after eliminating it one should keep blood pressure under control by reducing sodium and taking potassium.

Neisseria, Veillonella, Haemophilus, Porphyromonas, Fusobacterium, Prevotella, Leptotrichia, Brevibacillus, and Granulicatella.  Haemo probably best and lactobaccilis worst and probably inhibitory


Actinomyces vellionellia rothia

Ecoli and lactobaccilis


True Cause of Insomnia: Cholesterol, Estrogen, Glucuronidation, Iron Overload

 Free Teeth Powder Organic

So I will try to upload some supporting links on this below but you should be able to find them by searching "women cholesterol insomnia".

The point here is that it appears that elevated Cholesterol can cause insomnia but only really for women.  To me that means that elevated estrogen is also required.  This is interesting because I am a man however I have signs of excess estrogen (and testosterone) with gynecomastia and baldness.  So just recently I have realized I am deficient in the detox pathway called Glucuronidation.  Anyway I suffer extreme insomnia which I have improved over the years with stress reduction and also gut microbiome terraforming.  Anyway I also have always had high cholesterol.  I also believe I have high iron but was never tested.  So the best thing I have found so far is artichoke leaf powder.  This causes your body to excrete cholesterol through the bile and also hormones like estrogen and testosterone.  It makes your stool lighter in color from this excreted bile/fat/cholesterol.  It also improves glucuronidation.  Certain bacteria seems to tax glucuronidation especially campylobacter and probably streptococcus and killing those with ginger and steroidal/triterpenoid saponins respectively helps with the insomnia as well.  Having iron overload (hemochromatosis) is especially tough because many of the iron lowering flavanoids and anthocyanins and proanthocyanins actually inhibit glucuronidation pathway.  It seems ellagic acid from pomegranate and zeaxanthan from marigold may help with iron overload but also not hurt glucuronidation.

In conclusion high cholesterol with high estrogen (can be relatively high if you are a man, usually the opposite sex notices greater effect with the opposite sex hormone, women with slightly elevated testosterone experience more rage then men with those levels, and men with slightly elevated estrogen experience more estrogenic mood and body effects than women do with those levels) causes insomnia, even extreme insomnia.  What causes high cholesterol and high estrogen (and/or testosterone)?  Insufficeint Glucuronidation.  How to treat this naturally?  Artichoke leaf powder (also sulforophane from broccoli sprout powder).

Missing 411 Portal Theory

 Try it Free: NatureHacker's TEEF Powder

I have always been skeptical of portals (however I have wanted them to be true) since these traditional portal sites can be seen but you can't go through them.  However I just had a dream that I was waiting at a doorway with a few other people and we were waiting for it to open so we could pass through.  Waking up from that I realized that portals may only open for a short time every so often.  This may make sense why ancient cultures mapped the seasons and solstices so precisely, so they would know when the portals would open.  Where do these portals go?  I have no idea.  However one thing could be bieng born.  I have noticed that the planet you are born nearest to seems to dictate your fortunes.  What I mean is if you are born when mars is the closest planet to earth then when mars is close during your life you will have favor and when mars is far away things won't go right for you.  What this means to me is perhaps our spirits or souls were on that planet and that when a baby is born a portal opens up and a soul steps through into the baby becoming that person.  To me for a long time this didn't make sense.  Why isn't it to planet that was nearest when you were concieved, why when you were born?  It just started to make sense, perhaps because when you are born you are waking up for the first time.  Before that you were still connected to the unconcious and didn't have a soul.  This also makes sense when thinking about DMT and how it is released during REM dreams which is like living a different life.  In the womb is is pure DMT and you havrn't ever actually become yourself yet.

When I woke up from my dream I mentooned earlier about the doorway I noticed the big sheet of aluminum foil over my window is in the exact location and size of the doorway in my dream.  In fact upon waking I saw the closest thing I have ever seen to a ghost, and it was a hooded white figure standing right in front of and facing the aluminum foil looking like it is waiting for the portal to open.  As soon as the DMT wore off (naturally produced of course in my dream) a split second later the figure was gone.  Immediatly I took out my EMF meter but didn't find any anomolies where the figure was standing, perhaps it made it though the portal or it was just a figment of my imagination.

Then I got to thinking.  In missing 411 these portals (see vanished on amazon prime, and the russion mountain pass case) are often in stone or above the treeline on mountains.  We know trees emit negative ions.  Above the treeline is very positively charged from blowing snow charging things.  Perhaps strong positive ions can create portals or cause them to open.  Solar flares and places where these flares come into the earth like the poles or triangles may also gain a strong positive charge.  Also triboelectric pyramids (tribogon) would also cause these effects like the pyramids in egypt.

And the cell towers charging up my ungrounded aluminum foil sheet would also cause positive ions likely.

Any other thoughts or resources on these portals?

At the end of the following interview david says that he received an email about missing planes in Bermuda and Michigan triangle at the same time as people vanishing-.  Could be a portal opening event.  Should correlate this to solar activity:


Harmony 0.4 open source recipe under development

 TEEF, Nature's Best Organic Tooth Powders

Again, this recipe is under development, 1.0 will be the first commercially ready version.

15g artichoke leaf powder (h pylori and cholesterol lowering and glucuronidation)
10g ginger powder (campylobacter)
10g mustard powder (gram neg bacteria)
5g garlic powder (gram neg and mycoplasma and corynebacterium)
5g tribulus terrestris extract powder (absorption and gram pos)
5g gynostemma powder (gram pos including clostridium)
5g pomegranate extract (40% ellagic acid) (glucuronidation and iron chelating)

So 0.4 is a restart making sure to only use herbs that don't lower glucuronidation.  broccoli sprout and zeaxanthan for next version.  May need more haemophilis support and ginger alternative like calendula.


Italian Sicilian Anisette Easter Cookies recipe

 Free Organic Teeth Powder

Update 2:

3c flour
1c sugar
3/4c milk
2 eggs
1.5 tsp baking powder
3/4 cup organic shortening
just under 1 tsp anise extract

1c powdered sugar
3 tbsp milk

Bake 350f for 17 mins
makes 2 pans of cookies

Update 1:

2c flour
1/2c sugar
1/2c milk
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder aluminum free
1/4 cup + 2 TBSP  (3/8 cup) organic shortening
1 tsp lemon extract (OR 1/2 tsp anise extract)

4 tsp milk
1/2 cup powder sugar
1/2 tsp lemon extract (optional, not for anise version)

So my grandma made these for many years and she was way better at it than I am (I basically just got this recipe from allrecipes.com).  The difference is this one uses baking powder and hers used yeast so hers were more bready and dense which I liked more.  However this may be able to use less baking powder and may achieve a similar consistency if yeast isn't desired. (try 1/4 tbsp baking powder)

2 Cups White Flour

1/2 Cup sugar

1/4 cup milk (and more as needed to make cohesive dough)

1 egg

1/2 tbsp baking powder (aluminum free from sprouts)

3/8 cup Organic shortening (Organic shortening is palm oil from sprouts, grandma used crisco and that may taste a bit better)

1/2 tsp anise extract

mix the powdered ingredients (minus the sugar) together thoroughly.  Dissolve the sugar with the milk and warm to liquefy the shortening and mix in the egg.  Mix the liquid ingredients with the dry ingredients and form a somewhat stiff dough.

Bake 350 degrees for 17 minutes.

Frosting mix:
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 tbsp warmed/hot milk (may need an extra splash)


3 eggs
4 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons anise extract
3/4 cup sugar
4 cups all-purpose flour
3/4 cup organic shortening (or crisco)
1/2 cup milk
For the Glaze
2 cups powdered sugar
3-4 tablespoons milk
1 teaspoon anise extract

Butter or lard doesn't taste as good.  Organic shortening from sprouts is great, crisco may taste even better though, or go half and half.

Makes about 12 cookies (using egg size dough ball squashed down).  An egg can be placed on the center of each cookie to prevent it from rising too much in the middle (this is a traditional thing to do).

Here is anise bread, maybe a hybrid can be made:


    • 2 pkg. dry yeast
    • 1/2 c. warm water (105 to 115)
    • 1 c. milk, scalded and cooled
    • 1 c. sugar
    • 1/2 c. softened butter
    • 3 eggs, whole
    • 2 egg yolks, only
    • 1 tbsp. Anisette
    • 6 1/2 to 7 c. flour


    1. Dissolve yeast in warm water in a large bowl. Add Anisette, milk, sugar, butter and eggs and egg yolks. Beat in 2 1/2 cups flour until smooth. Stir in enough remaining flour to make dough easy to work with. Turn dough out onto a floured board. Knead until smooth. Put in a greased bowl, cover. Let stand in warm area until dough doubles (2 to 2 1/2 hours). Punch down. Divide into 4 parts. Shape each into a rope. Braid 2 at a time together. Place into greased round cake pan forming rings. Makes 2. Cover and let rise again for 45 minutes. Baste with butter and egg yolk for glaze. Sprinkle with multicolored decorator sprinkles. Bake at 375°F for 30 to 35 minutes or until brown. Serve warmed with butter.


Bigfoot Sasquatch is the Plasma Ape or Invisible Ape: My message to David Paulides

 TEEF Powder, Nature's Best Teeth Cleaning for Free

Hello David,

I am a mechanical engineer and chemist and have been fascinated with your work on missing people.  There are several factors common to missing people that you have discovered that fit in with plasma physics.  As you may or may not know, plasma is one of the most promising cloaking devices we know of and has been used by governments for that purpose.  I am not saying the government is responsible, actually this is more advanced than what the government can do and I will tell you at the end what I think is responsible.

One of your factors is proximity to storms.  This ionizes the air and makes it easier for plasma to form.  I think whatever is doing this only does it when the air is ionized which I will explain why.  Second factor is proximity to granite boulder fields.  Granite contains uranium and produces radon gas, both of which ionize the air and help plasma form.  Third is inability to track.  If a creature was covered in plasma then their scent would be nullified.  Also nearness to water, water vapor in the air will help ionization and plasma formation.  In addition to those factors in "The Hunted" you also revealed actual plasma events in proximity to these sorts of conditions, the blue ball of light, lightsaber-like floating light, the orange glow over the band practice (nitrogen plasma has this color).  Also the same time as the nitrogen plasma event, there was also a cloaking event.

Based on that event I will propose to you my theory.  We are dealing with a "Plasma Ape".  Of course this is commonly known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch.  But what isn't known is this ape is capable of using plasma for cloaking.  How would it do this?  This ape emits easily ionizable gasses primarily hydrogen sulfide, the rotten egg smell gas (which creates blue plasma).  This gas is the most powerful superconductor known.  I believe this creature absolutely knows it's superpower and lives where, and acts when, it can be cloaked.  I think that it carries granite rocks with it, and it will crack two of these boulders together sparking the plasma (the sharp sound that the hunter heard before their friend went missing) and when the cloaking kicks in (around water, near storms, etc) it feels empowered to spy on people, snatch people, etc.  I think the spooky audio in "The Hunted" is proof to me that not only does this creature exist, but that it is spying on people and learning "Human calls" as you can tell this ape is imitating human voices but with illegible words.  As we know from myths and legends that the will-o-wisps and other myths of human like calls that lure people to their demise.

Anyhow hope this doesn't spook you out more than I'm sure you already are!  Let me know if you have any thoughts on this or questions.

Similar theory:

These creatures may also appear like elves or other things via glamour.  The way they may do this is via psychic telepathy.  The person would likely need to be grounded to communicate with them, hence the removal of the shoes that the creature tells the person to do.

Magnetic anomaly map, usually people missing in magnetic low spots.


Basilisk was a Real Creature: The Plasma Lizard

 Free Organic Teeth Powder for Remineralization

Theophilus Presbyter gave a long recipe in his book[which?] for creating a basilisk to convert copper into "Spanish gold" (De auro hyspanico). The compound was formed by combining powdered basilisk blood, powdered human blood, red copper, and a special kind of vinegar.

My theory is that basilisk blood is high in bilirubin (makes sense because some lizards are high in biliverdin).  Red copper is Cu2O.  Human blood is a rich source of Heme Iron (Red Iron Oxide).  The acid may be akin to lactic acid.

So the acid conjugates the bilirubin which complexes with the copper ions and forms a strong reducing (electron donating) agent.  These electrons cause ionic implosion fusion of the heme creating gold.  So Theophilis was wrong in the mechanism, he thought copper was converted to gold where in reality it was the iron that was converted.  However they may have placed this concoction on copper metal and that metal may have provided an electron pool to convert the heme to gold.

(actually yes this does seem to be the case: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/on-the-trail-of-the-warsaw-basilisk-5691840/)

So what can we do now that basilisks have been made extinct by the Crown who was afraid of alchemists?  Well we can just use bilirubin instead of the basilisk blood in the mixture.

Acid breaks hydrogen bonds and converts bilirubin into conjugated bilirubin

conjugated bilirubin is strong reducing agent with copper ions

Why did weasel urine kill basilisks?  Because the ammonia conjugated the bilirubin in the basilisks blood thus destroying the bloods activity.

Also the basilisk and it's very high blood bilirubin and likely copper and heme could make electric plasma.  This plasma converted the sodium and potassium in peoples blood into magnesium and calcium, thus petrifying the creature.  Also this fusion is how it broke rocks, this fusion within the rock creating internal heat and breaking it.

How did a basilisk have bilirubin in it's blood if reptiles lack the biliverdin reductase required to make bilirubin?  Because Bilirubin can alternatively be created by heme destruction from snake venom.  So the venomous Basilisk may actually destroy some of the heme in it's own blood thus elevating bilirubin.  It is also possible that the Basilisk venom is in their blood and that this when added to human blood creates Bilirubin, instead of the Basilisk already having Bilirubin in their own blood.

Reptile hematology

Snake venom causes hemolysis which elevates bilirubin


God is Speaking to America: The Translation Doesn't Bode Well

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So I woke up in the middle of the night and I just had to know the meaning of the two great american solar eclipses, one in 2017 and one in 2024.  Turns out there are actually 3.

The August 21st 2017 solar eclipse is on the end of month Av.  Av is the month of Comfort, Father.  The next month is Elul, the month of Repentance, Search.

The October 14th 2023 eclipse lands on the end of the month of Tishrei,  Tishrei is the month of Fullness of the Spirit.  The next month is Cheshvan, the Bitter, Judgement month.

The April 8th 2024 eclipse lands on the end of the Month of Adar 2, the second Adar month since it is a leap year.  Adar is the month of Fire, Presence of God.  The next month is Nisan which is the month of Spring, Redemption.

So if all the month meanings are right, then the prophecy that God is speaking is:

Repent and Search your heart, Bitter Judgement is coming to America.  After 7 years, Redemption will come and a New Beginning.

The seven years is from the traditional reign of the antichrist and also the 7 years between the first and last eclipses.  The revelation 12 sign (september 23 2017) shows that we are close to the Antichrist, 7 years after the rev 12 sign a beast and Antichrist arise and the mark of the beast comes and Christians are killed.  I have found several rev 12 signs since 0 AD and every time there are two witnesses that are killed and a mark of the beast arises.



Eclipses line up with Hebrew months in prophecy.

Eclipse paths:




Hebrew calendar:


MUDPII Fusion: Magnetic Unity Dusty Plasma Ionic Implosion Fusion

 NatureHacker's Space Age Toothpaste Alternative, and it's Free

Phew that is a tongue twister.  This is basically DIIP fusion except I really needed to add magnetic unity to it since it is now pretty clear to me that the plasma needs to be magnetized to achieve efficient fusion.  The reason I now believe this is watching a lecture online about Plasma Physics and the instructor said that terrestrial plasmas are highly magnetized.  By terrestrial plasmas he means earth based natural plasma.  This is important because when gold is made in the earth (and other precious metals) it is made with terrestrial (magnetized) dusty plasma.

Magnetic unity is a principle you can read about on my blog in essence it is spiral magnetic fields and it is tightly related to plasma as magnetic unity is how to make plasma "acquire" a magnetic field.  Plasma can also self magnetize if it is made to move in a uniform way, and I also consider this process to be magnetic unity.  A random plasma doesn't acquire a magnetic field.  Magnetic unity can be used to even accelerate a plasma using the spiraling magnetic field moving forward to accelerate the trapped plasma.  It would be akin to rotating a barrel and propelling that rotating barrel forward to propel a bullet from inside the barrel.  The barrel is the spiral magnetic field and the bullet is the plasma.

MUDPII is a fitting name because it appears the best way to do this is make a Mud Pie out of Red Iron Oxide, Kaolin Clay, crushed Quartz crystal, and Volcanic Ash.  Red Iron Oxide of Iron 55 or any isotope is the Ionic Compound of choice for making gold but can be any ionic compound or compounds including whatever isotopes you want or a natural random mix, depending on which precious metal you are trying to make.  Then you hit this Mud Pie with a Magnetized Reducing Plasma like Hydrogen sulfide.  The plasma will pick up "dustiness" from the silica and alumina etc. based ingredients in the pie.  Dust may also be added to the plasma elsewhere and the target may also just be a mud pie made from Red Iron Oxide with or without silica or other dust producing ingredients.

Here is a sample recipe for a dust producing Mud Pie Target (MPT):

50% Red Iron Oxide Powder
35% Kaolin Clay
15% Volcanic Ash

Mix these together and should form a stiff paste.

Now dust the surface with Quartz (or Rose Quartz) powder.  Red Iron should still be visible however.

Bake at 350 degrees (exact temp not important) until dry and solid.  Or you can sinter this at a higher temperature to achieve partial melting of the clay and/or other ingredients to make a ceramic.  This can be in any shape including a coin shape.

Next hit this Mud Pie Target (MPT) with a Magnetized Hydrogen Sulfide (and/or Hydrogen Telluride and/or Arsine and/or Phosphine and/or other reducing gas) Plasma.  The simplest way to do this is by making a hydrogen sulfide torch (see other posts for precautions and dangers) and just torching the mud pie.  This will only be weakly magnetized so may not be efficient.  An easy way to make the plasma magnetized is by moving the plasma down a long tube before hitting the target.  Another way is to put the mud pie ingredients in a beaker and evaporate all the water so it dries in the beaker then placing this beaker over a plasma generating setup in a microwave.

The microwave method is a whole system and can be found here, in our case we need iron sulfide powder mixed with sodium bisulfate or any other hydrogen sulfide producing mix:

Self Magnetizing dusty plasma experiment, notice it gets magnetized towards the end of the tube:

Anyway that is enough for today and lets hope we can get any sort of positive result upon testing!


Harmony 0.3 full spectrum gut detox

 Free Oral Health Upgrade

This is still pre-1.0 so is not fully ready for release however the recipe is becoming quite mature so I think around 0.5 or 0.6 it may be ready for 1.0.

What is harmony? It is a full gut detox.  It makes the gut inhospitable to all foreign organisms.  It is designed to be taken daily at roughly 1/2 to 1 tbsp.  Harmony also adds antioxidants which are super important for helping with iron overload and other oxidative or toxic metals.  Harmony does not have any laxatives in it but it does help to promote regularity.  This is not a bowel cleanse or flush in the standard way that is done by other products, however it does absolutely cleanse the gut but not by causing diarrhea inducers (like senna) or stool softeners like other products.  Also this does not use potentially unsafe herbs including wormwood, black walnut, or berberine containing herbs.  Products using those herbs are not designed by true herbalists but rather ipad (new version of armchair) experts reading "top ten" lists online.  Harmony was also designed using as many basic herb powders and as few extracts as possible however saponins and most antioxidants need to be extracts so enough can be fit into the product to fulfill their goal.

Herbs and extracts

45g Agrimony hpylori
45g Echinacea haemophilus
45g Ginger campylobacter
30g Cranberry proteus
30g coconut milk powder absorption
30g artichoke glucuronidation
25g Gynostemma extract gram positive clostridium
20g Garlic mycobacterium
20g Mustard pseudomonas
20g Dandelion prions
15g tribulis terrestris extract gram positive baccilis cerus
15g marshmallow smoothness
10g Cinnamon pseudomonas haemophilus
10g oregano ecoli
5g orange peel klebsellia
5g slippery elm slipperyness

Antioxidants and chelators

12g green tea extract 50% polyphenols
10g ip6
10g tumeric powder
7g grape seed extract 95% proanthocyanin
7g pomegranate extract 40% ellagic acid
5g billberry 25% anthocyanins


Things to remove for work on glucuronidation as opposed to iron reduction:

grape seed extract
ginger powder
green tea extract

Things to elevate to work on glucuronidation:
Artichoke (glucuronic acid)
orange peel (limonene)
pomegranate extract
black tea, doesn't help but doesnt hurt

calendula an option for campy

Removed potassium citrate for now dont't want it to effect the compounds.  30g potassium citrate was 20g.  Boosted to lower blood pressure more

12g green tea was 10g.  Boosted to improve antioxidant effect

10g tumeric was 0.  Added because fights e coli and also is strong antioxidant but too much can turn into an oxidant (I think by supressing glucuronidation).  Balance with other antioxidants and glucuronidation promoters like artichoke leaf powder.

30g artichoke leaf powder was 0.  Added to boost glucuronidation.

10g oregano was 0.  Added to fight ecoli but better options like thyme are hallucinogrnic hopefully oregano is not.

5gslippery elm was 0.  Added to increase slipperyness and regularity.

Glucuronidation primer

Estrogen induces cox-2 also linked to glutamate (cox-2 causes inflammation and insomnia and is also induced by iron overload)


Toxic Generation: How Toxins Define Generational Traits

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So recently I uncovered that the Millennial generation is defined by elevated birth control rates.  The early 80's is when Birth Control became prevalent.  Not only is this detrimental to the nearly 50% of children born to mothers on the pill, but just having someone on birth control in the family is enough to upset hormonal balance of others in the household as evidenced by males with gynecomastia by just being in a household with a woman on the pill.  All of the negative stereotypes of millenials are symptoms of early exposure to toxic levels of estrogens.  Laziness, overweight, entitled, etc.  Glucuronic acid or calcium glucarate are good ways to detox these estrogens.

Baby Boomers have their own problems.  This generation is defined by water fluoridation.  After the former NAZI's became employed by the US government to help enslave the population, water fluoridation across the US ensued right as Baby Boomers were being born.  Calcified Pineal Glands and fluorosis is the characteristic of this generation leading to superficiality and "standard of living" (white picket fence and 2.5 pets) as being the highest ideal this generation can aspire to.  The reason why baby boomers flocked to organized religion is because they could sense that they were spiritually depraved as their DMT production had been turned off and so their personal connection to the divine was shut down.

Gen Z is the Vaccine Generation.  As the link below shows the millennial generation had around 10 vaccine doses whereas Gen Z has around 72.  Autism rates are huge in this generation.

There is a reason why they started naming the generations X, Y, and Z... Because these "innovations" in fluoride, hormonal sterilization, and Mercury/Virus injection they knew would compound on each-other leading to a population crash ensuing and a docile and submissive slave population.

Welcome to the New World Order.


estrogen detox

glucuronic acid for estrogen detox from tremella fuciformis

NAG and Mg enhance Glucuronidation


FBI still Spying on me with Planes and Helicopters

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So on my planned trips I have noticed Medium to small size planes crisscrossing the city behind my path of travel very likely spying on me.  These planes started after my post about being circled by blue and white helicopters.  They are able to get away with using airplanes now because they can surveil large swaths of the city and also they know my plans long in advance.

But on short unplanned trips I notice the blue and white helicopters buzzing over me.  This last time this happened today they had a blue and white (normal helicopter) fly right nearby me semi-circling me while another one that looked smaller and black with that post looking thing sticking out under the propeller hung back a ways.  As the blue and white partially circled me and took off the smaller one hung back a ways thinking I wouldn't notice it and watched me from afar along my path.

The planes are a bit bigger than Cessna and are dark colored (blue or black) and the wing ends are semicircular not squared off like cessna's are.  Wings are pretty wide.  I can't find any pictures of airplanes like these online.

For the unplanned trips I think they use cameras on top of stoplights along with your cellphone if you have it on you.  If you don't carry a phone, I think they monitor traffic light surveillance footage to track people.

Think this is crazy and paranoid?  Think again:

This report was removed from the web luckily it was archived:


Documents archive (again was deleted from the internet):

Here is what the blue and white ones look like:

Here is the small black one hanging behind looks like:

The traffic light cameras I am referring to look like this: