Harmony 0.3 full spectrum gut detox

This is still pre-1.0 so is not fully ready for release however the recipe is becoming quite mature so I think around 0.5 or 0.6 it may be ready for 1.0.

What is harmony? It is a full gut detox.  It makes the gut inhospitable to all foreign organisms.  It is designed to be taken daily at roughly 1/2 to 1 tbsp.  Harmony also adds antioxidants which are super important for helping with iron overload and other oxidative or toxic metals.  Harmony does not have any laxatives in it but it does help to promote regularity.  This is not a bowel cleanse or flush in the standard way that is done by other products, however it does absolutely cleanse the gut but not by causing diarrhea inducers (like senna) or stool softeners like other products.  Also this does not use potentially unsafe herbs including wormwood, black walnut, or berberine containing herbs.  Products using those herbs are not designed by true herbalists but rather ipad (new version of armchair) experts reading "top ten" lists online.  Harmony was also designed using as many basic herb powders and as few extracts as possible however saponins and most antioxidants need to be extracts so enough can be fit into the product to fulfill their goal.

Herbs and extracts

45g Agrimony hpylori
45g Echinacea haemophilus
45g Ginger campylobacter
30g Cranberry proteus
30g coconut milk powder absorption
30g artichoke glucuronidation
25g Gynostemma extract gram positive clostridium
20g Garlic mycobacterium
20g Mustard pseudomonas
20g Dandelion prions
15g tribulis terrestris extract gram positive baccilis cerus
15g marshmallow smoothness
10g Cinnamon pseudomonas haemophilus
10g oregano ecoli
5g orange peel klebsellia
5g slippery elm slipperyness

Antioxidants and chelators

12g green tea extract 50% polyphenols
10g ip6
10g tumeric powder
7g grape seed extract 95% proanthocyanin
7g pomegranate extract 40% ellagic acid
5g billberry 25% anthocyanins


Things to remove for work on glucuronidation as opposed to iron reduction:

grape seed extract
ginger powder
green tea extract

Things to elevate to work on glucuronidation:
Artichoke (glucuronic acid)
orange peel (limonene)
pomegranate extract
black tea, doesn't help but doesnt hurt

calendula an option for campy

Removed potassium citrate for now dont't want it to effect the compounds.  30g potassium citrate was 20g.  Boosted to lower blood pressure more

12g green tea was 10g.  Boosted to improve antioxidant effect

10g tumeric was 0.  Added because fights e coli and also is strong antioxidant but too much can turn into an oxidant (I think by supressing glucuronidation).  Balance with other antioxidants and glucuronidation promoters like artichoke leaf powder.

30g artichoke leaf powder was 0.  Added to boost glucuronidation.

10g oregano was 0.  Added to fight ecoli but better options like thyme are hallucinogrnic hopefully oregano is not.

5gslippery elm was 0.  Added to increase slipperyness and regularity.

Glucuronidation primer

Estrogen induces cox-2 also linked to glutamate (cox-2 causes inflammation and insomnia and is also induced by iron overload)


Toxic Generation: How Toxins Define Generational Traits

So recently I uncovered that the Millennial generation is defined by elevated birth control rates.  The early 80's is when Birth Control became prevalent.  Not only is this detrimental to the nearly 50% of children born to mothers on the pill, but just having someone on birth control in the family is enough to upset hormonal balance of others in the household as evidenced by males with gynecomastia by just being in a household with a woman on the pill.  All of the negative stereotypes of millenials are symptoms of early exposure to toxic levels of estrogens.  Laziness, overweight, entitled, etc.  Glucuronic acid or calcium glucarate are good ways to detox these estrogens.

Baby Boomers have their own problems.  This generation is defined by water fluoridation.  After the former NAZI's became employed by the US government to help enslave the population, water fluoridation across the US ensued right as Baby Boomers were being born.  Calcified Pineal Glands and fluorosis is the characteristic of this generation leading to superficiality and "standard of living" (white picket fence and 2.5 pets) as being the highest ideal this generation can aspire to.  The reason why baby boomers flocked to organized religion is because they could sense that they were spiritually depraved as their DMT production had been turned off and so their personal connection to the divine was shut down.

Gen Z is the Vaccine Generation.  As the link below shows the millennial generation had around 10 vaccine doses whereas Gen Z has around 72.  Autism rates are huge in this generation.

There is a reason why they started naming the generations X, Y, and Z... Because these "innovations" in fluoride, hormonal sterilization, and Mercury/Virus injection they knew would compound on each-other leading to a population crash ensuing and a docile and submissive slave population.

Welcome to the New World Order.


estrogen detox

glucuronic acid for estrogen detox from tremella fuciformis

NAG and Mg enhance Glucuronidation


FBI still Spying on me with Planes and Helicopters

So on my planned trips I have noticed Medium to small size planes crisscrossing the city behind my path of travel very likely spying on me.  These planes started after my post about being circled by blue and white helicopters.  They are able to get away with using airplanes now because they can surveil large swaths of the city and also they know my plans long in advance.

But on short unplanned trips I notice the blue and white helicopters buzzing over me.  This last time this happened today they had a blue and white (normal helicopter) fly right nearby me semi-circling me while another one that looked smaller and black with that post looking thing sticking out under the propeller hung back a ways.  As the blue and white partially circled me and took off the smaller one hung back a ways thinking I wouldn't notice it and watched me from afar along my path.

The planes are a bit bigger than Cessna and are dark colored (blue or black) and the wing ends are semicircular not squared off like cessna's are.  Wings are pretty wide.  I can't find any pictures of airplanes like these online.

For the unplanned trips I think they use cameras on top of stoplights along with your cellphone if you have it on you.  If you don't carry a phone, I think they monitor traffic light surveillance footage to track people.

Think this is crazy and paranoid?  Think again:

This report was removed from the web luckily it was archived:


Documents archive (again was deleted from the internet):

Here is what the blue and white ones look like:

Here is the small black one hanging behind looks like:

The traffic light cameras I am referring to look like this:

Flux Capacitor TrueForm: Gold and Dusty Plasma

So we have talked that a flux capacitor is basically a supercharged and straightforward version of a TENG (Triboelectric Nanogenerator).  In it's true form a flux capacitor would be sheets or meshes inside a high pressure flow.

Well that high pressure flow can also be a plasma *mindblown*.  This is the true form of the flux capacitor, using gold sheets or foil or mesh or nickel or copper mesh plated in gold etc.  Platinum or a platinum gold alloy would also be good.  Basically a setup very similar to modern catalytic converters.  And just like catalytic converters a flux capacitor could be in an exhaust flow.  But the trueform of the flux capacitor would be in a dusty plasma flow.  As we know hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen telluride, arsine, etc can be turned into a highly reducing (electron rich) plasma.  Introducing micro/nano dust (especially from a positive triboelectric charging material like sand) into this plasma collects electrons from the plasma onto the dust particles.  These dust particles become highly charged and when they impact a surface like gold (preferably) or another material they can deposit the electrons.  This is such a high charge it can be used in creating muons for fusion reactions, but we can also collect the charge to supercharge capacitors and batteries, or hydrolyze water to make hydrogen, etc.

Here is an example diagram.  Notice the sheets are connected in parralel instead of series, but they can also be connected in series based on my previous flux capacitor posts.

The Sheets can be something more like a honeycomb like a catalytic converter and/or using pyramid extrusions on the surface which are the most efficient triboelectric surface texture.

So our future energy will be made with Swamp Gas and Dust.  Thank you Doc Brown.

Personality types may be caused or influenced by gut bacteria

Doc Holiday probably died of Tetanus not Tuberculosis

Stenotrophomonas maltophilia: The Cold Killer

This is an interesting bacteria found in Raw Sugar (always boil raw sugar and make into a simple syrup before eating) and one that causes hypothermia.  Why does it cause hypothermia?  Because it is strongest at 30c which is 7 degrees below normal body temperature.  So it must have mechanisms to bring down an organism's temperature into its optimum temperature range.

If you wake up with the chills and it is a normal room temperature in the house, have weak shallow breaths, feel sleepy, and things look a bit different than normal (signifies excess DMT released in the brain) you may have a gut infection of this bacteria.  Also you may feel a bit nauseous.

To treat it, things that normally kill gram negative bacteria like cinnamon and mustard may be a good bet since it is a gram negative bacteria.  But for it to be susceptible to cycline antibiotics means to me you may need to use typically gram positive methods like saponins from tribulus terrestris and gynostemma.  Lemongrass essential oil is known to be good against this bacteria because of the citral present.  Also make sure body temperature is elevated into the normal range with things like potassium supplements and turning on the heat in the house :).

citral kills it

lemongrass eo high in citral

Potassium deficiency causes hypothermia or low body temperature


How to Make Platinum using DIIP Fusion

Platinum seems to be a combination of 1 atom chromium and 2 atoms of iron and 2 atoms of oxygen.  (Chromite).

Also 3 atoms Chromium, 1 Magnesium, and 1 Oxygen may work. (Peridotite, Dunite, Serpentine)

Possible it is also made from Manganese but I haven't seen any mineralogy supporting that.

Arsine or Hydrogen Sulfide dusty plasma is probably the natural source of electrons for the muon creation.

DIIP Fusion: Dusty Ionic Implosion Plasma Fusion

DIIP Fusion pronounced DEEP

So it turns out that oxide is not needed, simply ionic compounds hence this more basic type of fusion (compared to MODPI fusion).  I believe vacancies in the crystal structure may be important to muons forming which cause the structural implosion and fusion.

Ionic compounds are bombarded with dusty reducing plasma causing structural collapse and fusion via muons as an intermediary catalyst.

The ionic compound might preferably have surface anion vacancies, I'm unsure about cation vacancies.  These vacancies may be formed upon bombardment with dusty plasma and possibly heat - in the case that the plasma is a flame.

The dusty reducing plasma would preferably be hydrogen sulfide or telluride or another reducing plasma.  It would preferably contain  silica dust - or another preferably positive triboelectric charging dust (like mica, glass, quartz etc) since it can easily donate accumulated electrons, however negative tribocharging materials like nano or micro gold dust may also work.

The size of the dust particles will play an effect since the larger the dust the more charge it can hold, but there is surely an upper limit to effective dust size.

The temperature of the plasma may also play an effect with possibly lower temperatures being better for enhanced conductivity however a flame is the cheapest and easiest way to make a plasma and the heat may be needed to make anion vacancies.

Typically for DIIP fusion the combined molecular weights of the fusing elements need to equal the molecular weight of the heavier element you are creating.  If the combined atomic numbers happen to also equal the atomic number of the heavier element, all the better (like magnesium arsenide) but just as long as there are equal or greater than the amount of protons in the combined elements compared to the target heavier element, that is ok as the excess protons will be converted to neutrons via muon/electron capture (Positron Emission).

To find possible combinations for ionic species to fuse, study the minerology and geology of the metals you want to create.  For example studying gold minerology led me to making the discovery that 3 iron 55 atoms plus 2 oxygen atoms would fuse into gold (since gold is always found with hematite iron oxide) or how arsenic and magnesium are always found with Rhodium.  All of these metals are always found in proximity to SiO2 and Sulfur or Tellurium or arsenic, which ingredients are needed to make the dusty plasma.

DIIP fusion is the basic requirements and more complex methods can be employed including magnetizing and controlling the dust particles, different temperatures and oxidations of the plasma, etc.

For more info including safety precautions see my other posts with the label "Gold".


How to make Rhodium: Earth's most valuable metal

So I have talked at length about how to make gold however I think we should be making various precious metals.  One extremely low hanging fruit is Rhodium.  At over $5000 an ounce this one is definitely worth a look.  I have a feeling that iridium, platinum, and gold are bieng made and they easily can using the same sort of method with chromium oxide (Cr 53), manganese oxide (Mn 54,54,55), and iron oxide (Fe 55) respectively.  What I don't think has been found is how to make ruthenium, rhodium, and palladium as the mechanism is a bit different.  In the case of Rhodium I am quite sure I figured it out.

Rhodium is made by fusing magnesium and arsenic using dusty hydrogen sulfide plasma.  Besides the normal cautions seen in my making gold posts, this one also is dealing with arsenic, an extremely deadly mineral so more caution is needed.  In the case of gold only iron oxide is needed which is common, but rhodium needs both arsenic and magnesium (magnesium 26 and arsenic 76 with the arsenic 76 is likely created by the dusty plasma) in very close proximity so they can fuse.  Ideally arsenic and magnesium would need to be part of a crystal structure together such as magnesium arsenide or arsenate. Also I don't think palladium is known how to be made yet either so I will try to study the minerology of palladium next.

Magnesium and sulfides


Flux Capacitor VS Triboelectric Nanogenerator TENG

What is the difference between a flux capacitor (aka Flux Generator or Triboelelectric Flux Generator TEFG) and a triboelectric nanogenerator?  The Flux capacitor does not have the triboelectric layers rub on eachother and instead has a medium flow over both of the triboelectric layers (or a single triboelectric layer is also acceptable for a TEFG).

So practically speaking a TENG needs to flex and move and rub on eachother whereas a Flux Capacitor does not.  A flux capacitor needs movement of a fluid relative to the triboelectric layers and a TENG does not.  A TENG will wear out over time from rubbing whereas a Flux capacitor does not necessarily wear out.

A TENG tries to do two things at once, induce rubbing and induce separation.  Trying to do two things at once is not practical and often times one is done at detriment to the other.  A single device without complex mechanisms driven by random phenomenon like walking or moving cannot reliably deliver measured rubbing and then subsequent separation.

A TEFG does not try to do two things at once.  It simply needs to stay the way it is, with the two triboelectric materials a set distance apart.  The only thing that changes is the fluid/material flow through the triboelectric layers.  In this way a TEFG or flux capacitor is a truly passive device.

All in all a Flux Capacitor is an improvement over a TENG.  A TENG is an unsustainable unpredictable unscalable disposable design whereas a Flux Capacitor is sustainable predictable durable and scalable.


MODPI Fusion: Muon Oxide Dusty Plasma Implosion Fusion - How to make Gold

I've made several posts about this sort of cold (catalyzed) fusion before but here is the barebones practical version.

Dusty plasma (plasma must be strongly reducing like Hydrogen Sulfide or Hydrogen Telluride) is directed onto a metal oxide.

That's it!

So an easy way to make a plasma is by simply igniting it on fire.  So here is an example procedure to make gold but very many precious metals can be made in a similar way but using a different metal oxide.

1. Make a hydrogen sulfide flame. (precautions like acid gas respirator, flashback arrestor, mostly Proton Beta radiation and a little neutron blocking must be taken {so do this in a hole in the ground or behind a bucket filled with sand, water, and borax})

2.  Direct said flame over quartz.  This adds dust to the plasma.

3.  Direct the now dusty flame onto hematite (Iron Oxide)

4.  Gold is made.

I think a good way to achieve 2 and 3 is to make a mixture of quartz powder and/or kaolin powder with hematite powder.  Make this into a pressed, possibly sintered, disc.  Then just simply flame the disk with a hydrogen sulfide flame and gold should be made.

How does it work?  The hydrogen sulfide/telluride plasma highly charges the tiny silica dust particles.  These dust particles impact a metal oxide depositing the charge which creates muons.  These muons catalyze a structural collapse (implosion) of the elements and they fuse together.  Oxygen vacancies may or may not be needed for this process to occur but should be created at the temperature of a hydrogen sulfide flame anyway (roughly 900c).

If this procedure ends up not working, then there are two avenues to go for enhancing the effect:

1.  More dust.  Perhaps the dust particles aren't numerous enough or big? enough for muon creation.  (the bigger the dust particles the more charge they can hold however they need to be small enough to move freely within the plasma)

2.  A better plasma.  Perhaps just making a flame isn't good enough plasma and you would have to direct the h2s gas stream through an electric field instead to make a better plasma.

If gold is made but not a lot, then the size of the hematite granules should be optimized.  The muons can be reused to make many atoms of gold so the size of the hematite granules should be optimum to reuse as many muons as possible but not too big as that would lessen the amount of dust producing ingredients.  Muons have a certain lifetime so can only be reused a certain amount of times.


Propionibacterium freudenreichii a dangerous hallucinogenic bacteria found in swiss cheese

My baby swiss cheese went a bit bad and I ate it anyway.  Well this caused bizzare flying dreams where I couldn't really control my flight right and also got in fights in my dreams.  Fighty and flighty I suppose you can call it.

This bacteria is diptheroid so it likely creates a tryptamine similar but not exactly DMT.  If DMT is the superhero molecule then what this bacteria produces might be called the supervillan molecule.  If diptheria bacteria gives you the force, then the molecule propionibacterium acnes or other spp. produces gives you the darkside.

Lightheadedness disorientation, trouble waking up from vivid dreams.  Pressure in head which started while helicopters circling.  Sinus pressure/feeling.  Constipation?  This bacteria is killed with tribulis taerrestrus extract and gynostemma extract taken in conjunction.

It causes meningitis so you don't want this bacteria to overgrow.


Dreams of flying and fighting
Bacillis cerus? Or gut diptheria?

Feeling nauseous after taking harmony with extra trib and gyno. 

Baby swiss bacteria?  Yes propinobactetium used to make swiss which is diptheroid.

Improved after taking harmony and elevated levels of gyno and trib


Confirmed: I am under FBI Surveillance

So for a long time now (since around 2015) I have had a notion that I was under surveillance but nothing definitive to prove it.  Well that all changed today.

Lately I have been followed around by police cars (when I say followed I mean I encountered multiple police cars along my bike route whenever I went out, even when taking backroads) but that ended a few weeks ago.  I think the police were sick of wasting resources tracking someone with no criminal record and has done nothing wrong.

In their place I have now been tracked by helicopters.  But today things got strange.  Instead of the casual flyby I have noticed lately in my travels, today there have been helicopters circling over my whereabouts.  White and blue helicopters.  I noticed one circling over a place that I often frequent today so I diverted my course.  The blue and white helicopter hovered around for around 20 minutes and then gave up and flew away.  I continued on to my destination (a couple miles away from that place) and lo and behold there was a blue and white helicopter circling over my destination.  While I was there not only that helicopter, but another one started circling with the other one. Literally right over the place I was for an hour long.  At the end a large gunship like helicopter went over.

So previously I could somewhat suspend my disbelief that I was being followed but today with helicopters literally circling over me at multiple points, I can no longer deny that I am under full FBI surveillance.  I think the fact that I am hard for them to surveil made it so they had to show their hand and prove definitively they were tracking me in order to follow me.

I am not nor have I ever been suicidal.  I do not have or ever had anything poisonous.  If something happens to me it is very likely because of my research on making gold.  According to my theory gold is made by making a hydrogen sulfide torch flame and aiming it over quartz to create dusty plasma and hitting hematite (iron oxide) with the dusty plasma.  This will create fusion and convert 3 iron atoms and 2 oxygen atoms into one gold atom.  The powers that be do not want the common person to make gold as they will no longer be slaves to the financial system and can make a living on their own. Also my posts sometimes don't seem to be able to be archived on the wayback machine, instead archive.today seems to work, so if anything happens to this blog check archive.org and archive.is for archives.


NatureHacker Peanut Butter balls recipe - Reeses like

This is an open source invention for a chocolate covered ball of peanut butter wherein the peanut butter is a mix of powdered sugar, peanut butter, and marshmallow creme.  Anything else can be included but this is the minimum requirement.  Can be organic, all natural, preservative free, fresh ground peanut butter, and/or anything else.  Percentages can be anything but a preferred iteration is below.

Example recipe:

30g fresh ground salted organic peanut butter (Sprouts)
13g marshmallow creme
11g powdered sugar
melted dove or other brand of chocolate

Mix peanut butter, marshmallow creme, and powdered sugar.  Make into 10g balls.  Roll balls in melted chocolate.  Let sit preferably in freezer until hard.

Store in freezer if desired to make sure no preservatives are needed.


Dragons actually made gold

Dragons decoded.

Why do dragons breathe fire and are always surrounded with treasure?

I figured that out.  We know that a hydrogen sulfide flame is a plasma and when aimed at silica containing thing like quartz or clay produces a "dusty plasma" that can create muons and thus heavy element nuclear fusion.  This is done by aiming a h2s flame over quartz and at red iron oxide hematite.

So dragons breathed fire when they want to by expelling hydrogen sulfide gas and sparking it in their mouth.  Why would they do this? Because they hibernated and needed to stay warm.  Not only would burning h2s keep them warm in the depths of the earth, but they could also aim their flame at the hematite and clay rich cave walls to produce a coating of gold on the walls of their den.  Why do this? Because gold is the best reflector of infared light (body heat). The gold walls would prevent their body heat from bieng absorbed by the earth and helped keep them warm during prolonged hibernation.

This is why the myth is dragons were surrounded with treasure, because people would hunt out these dragons and kill them to mine the gold walls they made for themselves.

Dusty plasma cold fusion video

Dragons lived in caves with iron (hematite)

Gold best reflector for infared light

Hydrogen sulfide induces hibernation and acts as an energy source when food is low during hibernation

Plateosaurus were likely the dragons

The Ecstasy Bacteria: Bacillis Cerus produces Serotonin in the gut

All of a sudden I woke up in a panic as I "felt" too much.  As an INTP I don't do too well with having too much feeling.  I had diarrhea and felt a bit better after.  I drank some tribulus terrestris extract mixed with water and over the course of an hour I was getting better.

I believe this enhanced sensation is caused by serotonin since I have noticed this with kanna especially when mixed with dopamine enhancing catuaba.

Also I got anti-cholinergic or acetylcholine like effects too days before and also after the ecstasy feeling experience so I wonder if that is from baccilis cerus as well.  Lucid type dreams where I wanted to wake- up but had trouble waking up and staying awake.  Probably linked to cereulide a toxin that is activated by potassium (I had taken potassium before getting sick so this probably made it worse).  Clostridium botulinum and clostridium perferingens may be anti-cholinergic.

Anyway I think I got bacillis cerus food poisoning from undercooked oatmeal.

Interesting as we have found diphtheria bacteria produces dmt.

My suggestion is magnesium oxide and steroidal saponins to treat bacillis cerus and cereulide poisoning.

Bacillis cerus also can cause "heart attacks" similar to anthrax by causing blood clots.

Similar to anthrax

B. cerus and Staphylococcus aureus caused thrombosis

S. aureus also causes blood clots with coagulase

first night cholinergic/anti-cholinergic cured after I brushed my teeth.  May be c botulinum
bacillis cerus emetic toxin

cerelulide binds serotonin receptors and increases vagus activation
also uses potassium to infect

botulism bacteria produces anticholinergic but usually not hallucinations.

bacillis cerus and other spore forming bacteria stimulate enterochromaffin (ec) cells

ec cells release serotonin which increases acetylcholine
"This results in the release of acetylcholine to initiate secretion
from the gut mucosa via release of chloride ions."

ec cells stimulated by serotonin

Staph also stimulate ec serotonin

acetylcholine degradation enzymes linked to diabetes type 2


How Humans are Bieng Obsoleted - MBTi Cracking

There are the Hackers and the Crackers.  Hackers find the problems in things and if they are good (white hat) they help provide solutions to the problems.  Crackers on the other hand use tools developed by Hackers to destroy things.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Humanity is under attack by MBTi Crackers.

How is Humanity under attack?  Humanity is under attack by the 1% who are trying to make their organizations run without humans.

Here is how this Cracking process has played out thus far: (at the end I will predict how this all plays out in the end)

1.  First they came for the ENTP's.  ENTP's are salespeople.  They are the boots on the ground pounding pavement and knocking doors types.  These people in their interactions can gather data and testing out the policies from the ENTJ's and seeing what does and doesn't work and provide valuable feedback/points to the INTP's to spark new ideas in the INTP's.  Advertising especially Digital Advertising have made ENTP's unnecessary.  I don't really mean that since ENTP's are way more valuable to an organization than digital advertising however it does provide an alternative to ENTP's.  So by and large ENTP's aren't desired by big corporations.  ENTP's will more and more become unemployed unless they embrace their darkside and become an INTJ which is detrimental to them as they are nasty INTJ's.

2.  Then they came for the INTP's.  INTP's are being socially engineered out of society.  Crippled by a lack of good points coming from the now non-existent ENTP's, INTP's are rendered ineffective.  When INTP's do speak up they are immediately shot down by INTJ's.  INTJ's cant actually win against an INTP with logic however they usually can make a big enough stink to get the INTP to just shut up.  This is two fold, one because the INTP's aren't given good information to work with due to the lack of ENTP's,  and secondly because the INTJ's secretly want to use their own pet project ideas and therefore don't want to listen the the INTP's better ideas.  INTJ's are secretly vulnerable to INTP criticism and they don't want to be vulnerable.  INTP's are also socially engineered from ENTJ's by the ultimatum-guilt method.  If an ENTJ gives an INTP an ultimatum the INTP will become resentful and hate them but will usually do what the ENTJ wants.  But eventually the INTP will become angry enough that they can leave the situation and watch the ENTJ fall down.  Adding guilt softens the ultimatum.  For example there could be a conflict at work between an INTP and an INTJ.  The ENTJ solves the dispute by saying that if you don't apologize to the INTJ that you will be let go in so many words.  They immediately follow that with "you really hurt her feelings by what you did".  This immediately switches your mind as an INTP from resentment for the ultimatum to trying to feel sympathetic for the INTJ.  Therefore your resentment is buried and you are manipulated to do what you didn't feel was right to do.  The INTP wasn't in the wrong.  The INTJ was the one attacking you for no reason.

INTP's are also being forced to adopt their darkside as an ENTJ in order to find work.  This is done by piling work up so high on the INTP that they convert to their darkside an ENTJ (The worker bee) in order to complete all the work.  This is unsustainable and will lead to burnout eventually because unlike a real ENTJ, an INTP cannot effectively create policies that protect themselves from overwork.

3.   Next they will come for the INTJ's.  I don't know how they will do it but I assume they will.  I don't want to think too hard into how they would do this because I don't want to give them any ideas.  Nothing immediately stands out in how this is happening in society today.  INTJ's could become the underclass of humanity if they can't eliminate them entirely.

4.  ENTJ's will be the only humans left in the antichrist system.  They will be the faithful workers.  The funny part is many INTP's will be among the ranks operating in their darkside.  When the system crashes these will revert back to INTP's and will rebuild a better society from scratch in the case that the other possibility I talk about doesn't pan out.  Also if INTJ's aren't eliminated then there will be ENTP's in their ranks operating as their darkside INTJ and will revert back to ENTP's and will support the INTP's in rebuilding a better society.

The best future possibility and the one I actually expect to take place is that there is a breakaway human-centric society.  This society will make their own gold and many of their own things.  They will use the personality torus to each work in thier strengths and value every personality type.  This breakaway society will outlast the antichrist system and will be more effieicnt and more powerful than the AI overlord system and when the AI system collapses a golden age will rise for humanity.  In the case that the breakaway society is squashed, Shadow INTP's acting as ENTJ's in the system (and "possibility-type" people in general) will come out of the closet as INTP's and bring the system down from within then all types will rebuild a better society in the ashes.  The point is no matter how the 1% tries to socially engineer out different personality types, they will fail in the end.


Personality Torus: Interaction Chart of Myers–Briggs Jungian Personality Types

How do the 16 personality types work together to achieve a highly functioning society?  Well I figured that out.  Here is how.

How this works is as follows.  Most groups (and I suggest people work in groups as sole proprietors or partnerships) will want to focus on what type of thing they want to achieve.  Lets call them action groups.  Each Action Group will want to focus on either a moral deliverable (helping someone in need), an intellectual deliverable (like a technology), a physical deliverable (like a table), or an inspirational deliverable (like a monument).

However these action groups can interact and should interact with eachother on a large scale.  For example, groups in the Moral field should take field trips to things made by inspirational groups, or commission projects from the Inspirationals.  Intellectual groups should gain direction on what technologies to develop by watching what the problems that the moral groups are focusing on.  For example the moral groups may pinpoint access to clean water as a problem that they are addressing socially, the intellectuals will want to work on technologies that could help mitigate that problem.  Physical groups should use the technologies from the intellectuals to create physical goods,  Inspirational groups should use physical goods in a transformative way. etc.  Notice that this isn't a linear list, it is a circle with the 4th connected back to the first.  However they don't often feed backward, rather they mostly feed forward from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to 1 to 2 to 3 ...

The 4 P's are individual positions within each group.

There are those that create Possibilities.  These are the ones coming up with too many ideas to count.  However these people will come up with the range of things that can or should be done.  Nothing should be done if it isn't in the range of what the Possibilities person indicates.  By letting these people explore new possibilities is how you allow them to develop professionally.  These people heavily rely on the Points people to adapt their thinking about the world.

There are those that create Plans.  These people heavily rely on the ideas generated from the possibilities people.  They use this wealth of ideas to pinpoint which ideas are most applicable to the tasks at hand and create plans based on them.

There are those that create Policies.  These people heavily rely on the Plans people and use these plans to create executable and enforceable policies.

There are those that create Points.  These people heavily rely on the Policies from the policy people and put those policies into action and see how it goes.  They then develop Points based on the Policies and these Points are given to the Possibilities person to see what new possibilities can be explored to address them.

In case you cant see the picture:

Moral field:

Intellectual field:

Physical field:

Inspirational field:

Possibilities People:

Plans People:

Policies People:

Points People:

Find out your personality type to see where you fit on the chart (you may be multiple types)



1.  People should date marry others on the same or similar planes (action groups) as you however they should be 2 positions away from eachother.  So for example INTP and ENTJ are most compatible.  Or an ISTJ and a ESFJ as another example.  If an INTP is dating an INTJ then the INTJ is going to be super happy with the INTP however the INTP will feel like they could be betrayed in a second by the INTJ.  This is because the loop of flow goes forward, not backward and their are 3 steps between the INTJ and the INTP.  However there is only 1 step between the INTP and the INTJ.  This will make the INTJ feel very close to the INTP but the INTP will feel very distant from the INTJ.  The INTP will feel like the INTJ understands them fully but they don't understand the INTJ at all.  If you are 2 steps apart things will feel at balance.  You will both have quirks that eachother don't understand but there will also be lots that you do understand about eachother.

2.  This reiterates #1 a bit but to clarify people tend to "crush on" people one step above them.  So an INTP will usually have a crush on an INTJ.  However this feeling is rarely reciprocated in the same way.  There can be an initial attraction of the INTJ to the INTP, but the INTJ will eventually become bored.  4th feeds back to first so ENTP's will typically have a crush on INTP's.  This can be romantic or also in a friendship way (man crush).  Basically the reason for this is people tend to be attracted to those they can help.  Those one rung below someone feel they can really contribute to that persons life.  The problem is that person they can easily help is 3 steps away from helping them.  So reciprocation is not quite natural.  This is why stable relationships should be two steps apart horizontally.


A Mild Biological Process for Making Gold

So here is a bacterial gold production method.  Gold has been found to a high degree in sewage, Japan actually combusts sewage to get the gold out.  We can use this principle to make gold biologically.  First we need Iron III Oxide and hydrogen sulfide gas.  Apparently there are a strain or two of bacteria that do just that, they oxidize iron metal and make hydrogen sulfide gas.  Either it is a single bacteria that does this or a synergy of 2 types of bacteria that work together to accomplish this since the science papers have selected for bacteria that reduce sulfur (so use cysteine) and also use iron metal and no other energy sources that can be oxidized.  You can select for these bacteria yourself using damp rotting type soil and the aforementioned selection pressures.  Here is an example process to make the iron containing media for the bacteria to eat and hopefully produce gold with a good efficiency and be easily recoverable.

Dissolve iron in acidified water.  Soak up this ionic iron into acid washed delignated? wood.  Also soak up silicic acid into the wood. Burn into charcoal with calcium carbonate (to get the silica to crystallize).  this will reduce the iron ions into iron metal and crystallize silica into quartz which will hopefully help reduce FeS produced and increase gold produced. Add vitamins and bacteria.  The charcoal will allow the iron to float or fill the liquid media if held down with a cap (which you should do to reduce oxygen in the system).  After a given time the matter is burned releasing iron sulfide and leaving gold and minerals behind.  Soak in vinegar to dissolve minerals and you should be left with reasonably pure gold.

bacteriaceae with .01% cysteine.

oxidation of iron by sulfate bacteria

geobacter oxidation of acetate and reduction of iron.

We want oxidation of iron and reduction of sulfate.



quartz from alkalized silica at charcoal burning temps

90c acid wash wood after lignin removal?


MUDPO Fusion: Magnetic Unity Dusty Plasma Oxide Fusion

So we have been talking a lot lately about making gold.  But I believe it can be even bigger than that.  MOVI fusion Muon Oxygen Vacancy Implosion fusion may actually be used to create power above unity.  You may hear above unity and think its impossible but it happens every day when you burn oil or gasoline.

The real revelation of MUDPO is the dusty plasma.  But not just that, using magnetic unity principles to control the dust and enhance fusion.  A 3.3 Tesla magnet (or more or less) can be used to magnetize the silica (or any other element or molecule or compound) dust or grains (of any size from pico to nano to micro and so on) in the plasma.  Using spiral magnetic fields from Magnetic Unity principles, the dust can spiral in a plasma chamber impacting Oxides including but not limited to hematite.  When these dust particles, highly charged by the plasma, (can be any plasma but preferably Hydrogen Sulfide or Hydrogen Telluride) impact an oxide which preferably but not necessarily has oxygen vacancies in it, muons are created and cause implosion of the structure and heavy (or light) element fusion.

This process can be used for any use including but not limited to power generation, heat generation, neutron generation, muon generation, valuable heavy element generation, etc. And can be on any scale.  Fuel like hematite could be added to the vacuum plasma chamber by any method of any shape or size or the oxide can be part of the chamber or be created during or after the process.


DMT trip inducing bacteria Diptheria

Ever had a Grinch dream?  Where you are whisked away and shown many things and it makes you feel emotional?  Or like what the prophets of the bible were whisked away in the spirit and shown something profound? That is a DMT induced dream.  I'm not saying what was shown was not from god.  DMT is the molecule of the spirit and may be used in projecting our spirit when we die.

The cause of this, if you didn't comsume DMT containing preparation, is the diptheria bacteria.  This bacteria loves to live in the nasal cavity, throat, lymph nodes, salivary glands and ducts, etc.  It is called corynebacterium diptheriae.  For me itninfected my salivary gland duct on the inside of my cheek.  I could have gotten it from undercooked chicken.  This bacteria can also cause dreams of seeing evil or satan.

This bacteria can explain dreams and visions and the prophetic.  Studying DMT may be the ticket for us to learning about all sorts of paranormal phenomenon.  Haemophilis may be responsible for near dreams of seeing through your eyelids and also seeing what is around you in a room when you are nearly dreaming and near death experiences like that.  I think these two bacteria and the molecules they produce can teach us a lot about remote viewing, seeing into other realms, etc.


Secrets FBI and CIA use to surveil, entrap, and assassinate people without cause.

Martin Luther King Jr. was under FBI surveillance and later assassinated because he posed a "threat to national security".  How is that possible?  What tricks did they use legally to surveil him and assassinate him?

They claimed he was in contact with terrorists.  This is the secret.  The FBI has undercover agents.  If they want to surveil or assassinate someone, all they have to do is send an undercover FBI informant, who can be a terrorist, terrorists work for the CIA and FBI as "sources".  They send this "terrorist" source, who is paid by the FBI, to contact the person of interest.  The person doesn't have to say anything bad or treasonous.  If you simply reply to them or have a conversation with them then you are "in contact with terrorists".  The "terrorist" informant won't tell you anything out of the ordinary.

So lets say you are leaving work or at a church event and someone strikes up a conversation and you give them your phone number or email to contact you.  Boom now the FBI can claim to a FISA court that you are in contact with terrorists.  Or lets say you have a forum or discord.  Lets say one of these informants posts or your forum or discord and you reply to them.  They could ask you what your favorite color is.  They don't have to say anything terrorism related, but just the simple fact that the government considers their own paid informant a "terrorist" you answering their question of what your favorite color is now means you are "in contact with terrorists".  And the FBI will feel they can surveil you and assassinate you if they so choose.

This is the true risk of the Deep State and these Unelected and Unfirable Spooks that are running this country and killing influential people behind the scenes.

The true thing they are afraid of is loosing their power.  And this is what motivates the Deep State to intimidate and kill people that are empowering we the people.


How Carmeltazite is made, mineral harder than diamond

minerals zircon (ZrSiO4) rutile (TiO2) sapphire (Al2O3)
with covered in quartz so seems silica floats out during melt.

so 1 mole Al2O3
    4 mole TiO2 (is Ti4O8)
    1 mole ZrSiO4


ZrAl2Ti4O11 + SiO2 + O2

Melt with HHO torch.  Cooling rate will determine crystallization.
Even if it breaks apart and pulverizes during cooling, can be used
to coat cutting tools.

Silica should float out during melt and coat the surface. "These corundum minerals are dark
grey to black full with inclusions of mostly titanium, zircon,
aluminum oxides and encrusted by volcanic glass (Griffin et al., 2015)"

They Key to Gold Creation is Dusty Plasma in MOVI Fusion

The one last key piece to making gold from hematite using a hydrogen sulfide flame is: dust.  silicon dioxide or quartz dust to be exact.  So we have a hydrogen sulfide plasma and we have oxygen vacancies that form in the hematite due to the 700-1000c temperature of the h2s flame.  Next we need particles of silicon dioxide in the flame or plasma in order to help clump the electrons into muons.  These dust particles can concentrate electrons on themselves and when they hit hematite they can dump the electrons into the oxygen vacancies creating muons and starting the structural collapse into gold.  2 Oxygens per 3 irons may be needed to get the molecular weight of the 3 irons up to 197 which is gold.  Also perhaps 1 proton is needed from the oxygens with the rest turned into neutrons from the muons.

This is why all gold veins form on hematite in proximity to quartz.  In order to do this with our h2s flame is aim the flame over quartz in fire quartz so the flame passes over the quartz before hitting the hematite vein.  This should turn the hematite vein into gold.  I am sure better processes for introducing sio2 dust into the h2s flame can be achieved!

dusty plasma creates muons





China set to release a Gold Backed Cryptocurrency In conjunction with Russia

So I believe China has been stockpiling gold off the books and they are getting ready to release a gold backed crypto.

Why would they do this?  To subvert US control of the global financial system.

We have believed that the Illuminati and the Freemasons are on the same team.  I no longer think this is true.  I believe the Illuminati are Pro-China and want the US to fail.  I believe the Freemasons are Pro-America because they founded America.  America is the creation of the Freemasons.  The illuminati have been trying to infiltrate the Freemasons for a long time.

However I do believe that both Illuminati and Freemasons are both behind the Deep State and both are of darkness.

So China backed by the illuminati will start a gold backed crypto.  Why do I think Russia will be involved?  Because Russia makes gold (along with Iridium we have seen evidence).  So China wouldn't really want to leave Russia out of it.

It's a gold arms race right now.  America with the Freemasons are making gold and China and Russia are making gold.  Whoever can make the most the fastest will win the next phase... However a wrench is currently being made to be thrown into the works by us.  I think I have figured out how to make gold and I have already released the information worldwide.  As this knowlege spreads and the average people worldwide start making gold, the Powers that be will fall because we will be able to make more than Deep States worldwide.  The people will win this next phase and we will be launched into a Golden Age where the people have all the power.

How to Evade Unjust Deep State (FBI, CIA) Surveillance of Your Movements

So you are a normal law abiding citizen who makes controversial posts on the internet.  Think you are safe by the first amendment right?  Wrong.  There are secret courts called FISA courts that issue warrants for Government agencies to spy on you you even if you have done nothing wrong, and you will never be notified of it. Even Trump and friends of Trump were under FISA surveillance before he was elected. I am not sure if you can do a freedom of information act (FOIA) request to see if you are under FISA surveillance.  The FBI considers "conspiracy theorists" as the biggest domestic threat.  If they think you are one then they can get a FISA warrant and spy on you with all of their sophisticated methods, to them you are no different than a criminal or terrorist.

In this article we are just going to talk about how to avoid surveillance of your movements.  Avoiding surveillance of your digital life can be found elsewhere.  I am not advocating breaking any laws.  The Deep State is the one violating your right to privacy for tracking you without any legal due process.  It is your God-Given right to privacy and you have to protect your rights, because if you don't then who will?

1.  Ditch your phone.  Your phone is the #1 way the Deep State tracks you.  Even if you have the internet off and location tracking off, or even in airplane mode, they can get pings from your phone from cell towers and even peoples local wifi.  If you must bring your phone, then wrap it in 3 layers of aluminum foil.

2.  Ditch your car.  Car's are extremely easy for the Deep State to track.  Not only can they easily follow you in their cop cars or undercover cruisers, but many street lights and businesses have licence plate readers that can ping a chip in your licence plate.  Also there are cameras at many street lights which not only read your licence plate in real time but also take pictures of you, perhaps even real time facial recognition.  These cameras don't just turn on when you are speeding or running a red light, they are always on and use infrared lights to illuminate you which is invisible to the naked eye.  Opt for a bike or motorized bike instead.

3.  Get Fast.  A fast bike rider is the hardest thing for the deep state to track.  Also the less time you are traveling the less time they will have to find you.  Travelling by foot is also a good way and the best way to blend in and avoid aerial surveillance (helicopters).

3.  Change up your schedule.  The Deep State likely uses AI to predict your whereabouts and also they will monitor your messages and emails.  If you are leaving the same time everyday and for the same amount of time, they will easily be able to track you.

4.  Take strange routes and traffic is your friend.  If they can't easily follow you because you left your phone at home but they know you are out and about, they will send several cop cars out to find you.  If you switch up your routes all the time they won't know where to look for you.  Also they are much less likely to get themselves stuck in traffic to try to spy on you.

5.  Avoid cameras and hold your head down or cover your face if you do.  Facial recognition is a thing and the Deep State has access to all businesses camera systems.

6.  When you leave your house leave quietly and leave all lights and TV's on.  The Deep State can see your power usage from the utility companies.  If all of a sudden your power usage goes down then they will know that your are leaving your house.

7.  Don't leave WIFI on in your house.  WIFI can actually be used to track human movement even if you don't have a device on you.  I don't think this is commonly used currently but may be more prevalent in the future.

8.  Make sure you have no video/listening devices in your house including echo or google home or xbox with its camera.  Cover any webcam cameras when not in use.  Be quiet when you leave because they may have mounted listening devices drilled inside your walls if you are in an apartment or outside your home.

9. Be on the lookout for cop cars and helicopters.  It seems like cop cars are commonly used by the deep state to monitor local people under FISA surveillance.  The Deep State collaborates with local police and will likely delegate surveillance if they don't believe you are an immediate threat.  If you always are seeing lots of cop cars on your route then you are doing something wrong and they are surveilling you.  If you see a helicopter, wait.  It is very difficult to evade a circling helicopter especially if they have goons on the ground.  Stay under full cover until the threat passes.  If you have a bike, chain it up somewhere, try to change your appearance, and walk and blend in.

10.  Be persistent.  The less threat you seem to pose and the more headache they have trying to track you, the less likely they will try to keep track of your movements.  This battle is winnable, just hang in there and don't give up.

How to Whip Egg Whites in a Blender

EDIT:  I was able to do this again with no powdered milk.  Just make sure the amount of egg whites is just enough so the blades can hit it and over about 5 mins you will have peaks! (make sure the blender is su-per clean and no yolk bits get in)

They say it can't be done but I did it.  I got a dense foam and I think if it went longer I could have gotten stiffness but I just wanted a yeast alternative for bread so a foam worked for me.  Make sure the blender is fully dry.  Drop 2 egg whites in the blender.  Less isn't enough and more might not work.  2 works well because it allows for aeration.  Keep blender on the lowest setting the entire time.  Do not elevate the speed as this will break the foam.  Wait 10-20 mins.

Things that help:

A pinch of Salt.  This adds some potential acidity to help the foam form.

Dry milk powder.  This absorbs some moisture and also nullifies any oils that may be present that would otherwise prevent foam formation.  Full disclosure I would able to get a full foam even though I had a bit of yolk present because I added around a tbsp of dry milk powder.

So you've made Gold...

(disclaimer, I have not made gold yet so this is assuming the process I have described earlier works, or you found your own way!)

Now what?  Do I sell it?

Not quite adventurer.  Your gold is radioactive.

How long will it be radioactive?

2.5-5 years depending if you want to wait 5 or 10 half lives to be safe.

Is there any way to speed up the process?  What is the shortest time I have to wait?

The absolute minimum time for any reasonable process is 1 month.  Beta decay which we can't speed up much has 5 half lives in 1 month.  This may be even better if you dissolve the gold in aqua regia to remove electrons from the atom to let beta decay happen faster.  The second mode, electron capture, has 5 half lives in 2.5 years but this one is easier to speed up.  Simply hook up a high voltage power supply to the gold so it can capture electrons much more efficiently.  In truth we are not really doing electron capture but muon capture.  Also holding the gold in a plasma tube would be another way to accomplish this.  Those making gold for fort knox didn't know this until around 30 years ago!

Am I the first ever to make gold?  

Not quite adventurer.  People have known how to make gold since Ancient Egypt.  The Jews carried this knowledge from Egypt and the West learned of it from Nicolas Flamel who re-discovered the Philosophers stone.  Newton and the Freemasons knew of it (The "G" in the Freemason Symbol is not for God, it is for Gold).  They started making gold and eventually created their own colony called America.  They made gold in the caves of Kentucky which funded the revolution and the meteoric rise of the USA.  Fort Knox was built nearby to house the radioactive loot.  The Dendera light of egypt wasn't to make light... it was a vacuum tube for the plasma generation of gold https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dendera_light

Will this devalue gold if everyone is making it?

Perhaps but the process is work, equipment, time, and safety intensive.  Man made gold (non-radioactive) will probably stabilize at $900 an ounce by my estimates.  Plus with lower prices and increased availability expect new and exciting uses to be discovered for gold and increased ownership, much like how mexican avocados multiplying the market size made people buy more of them and increased their popularity.


How to Make Crunchy Professional Granola

I love granola but it is way too expensive to buy and store bought granola contains weird ingredients like oil.  I finally found out the secret to making professional granola, grinding some of the oats.  Here is the recipe:

1/3 cup ground oats (can use blender or coffee grinder)
2/3 cup rolled oats
3.5 tbsp sugar
(add any other ingredients desired like dried cranberries, walnuts, or whatever)

Add water until just moist.  Let sit for around 10 mins stirring a bit t let the water permeate.

bake at 200f for 1 hr.  Keep in the oven until it cools.  Let stand to finish air drying if extra crunchiness is desired.


The First Things I Would do as President of the United States

1.  Disband all government agencies and pass an amendment that prohibits any agencies and unelected people from government duty and makes any government branch or committee to be unable to delegate tasks to any outside organizations.

2.  Disband all police forces and pass an amendment to the constitution that prohibits enforcement of any laws by anyone other than elected Sheriffs and non-government affiliated Citizens.  Only domestic laws can be enforced by these two entities.

3.  Pass an amendment that prohibits any mandatory taxes on the American people.  Funding shall be gained only by voluntary contribution and tarrifs.  The Government shall not create any infrastructure as that is left to the private sector.

3.  Pass an amendment that guarantees the right of any resident of the United States to claim a single 5 acre square or circular parcel of land that cannot be transferred or taxed.  The land must be occupied by the resident 7 months of the year in order for the claim to persist. No land shall ever be purchased or sold, ownership can only be traded 1 for 1.

4.  Abolish all entitlements and pay them back in full immediately by printing greenbacks.

5. Decommission the Federal Reserve and return money creation to the treasury which task cannot be delegated.

6.  Abolish the Military and return the country to entirely Voluntary Citizen Militia based.

7.  Abolish all laws that prevent or curtail or regulate any human, nature, or god created technology in any way.

8.  Abolish the Patent and Trademark System.

9.  Erect a wall along all our borders and allow all individuals free passage through the border (tarrif-free) with 4 foot wide gap in the border every mile.

10.  Pass an amendment that makes it clear that any and all human rights cannot ever be signed away or forfeited.

11.  Pass an amendment that makes corporations illegal.  No organizations are recognized by the government.  Everyone shall work as a sole proprietor or partnership with each citizen maintaining full autonomy.

12.  Expand the 4th amendment to disallow any invasion of privacy for any reason and this right cannot be forfeited.

13.  Pass an amendment that guarantee that everyone is fully free to do anything that doesn't break a law anywhere, even when invited to someone else's property.  There shall be no "house rules" or "Terms of Service" however you do have the right to deny someone entrance to your property or deny service to anyone for any reason.

14.  Decommission Fort Knox, Area 51, and all other secret and non-secret installations of the united states government.

15.  Pass an amendment that makes it impossible for the government or any government affiliated person or organization from owning or storing anything for anyone.

16.  Pass an amendment that disallows any government secrets or classified information.  All currently secret and classified information at all levels shall immediately be declassified and given full access to the american people.

17.  End all US sanctions worldwide and pass a constitutional amendment making sanvtioning countries illegal since it suverts the peoples right to do business with who they please.

18.  Cut all ties with Israel, China, Saudi Arabia and all other countries that enshrine human rights abuses of their citizens and encourage US militias to help opressed peoples worldwide.

19.  Pass an amendment that makes the president and congress and the juducial system unable to command the militias or declare war.  The militias which are run by the people for the people able to do whatever they please to protect the united states.

Early Waking Insomnia Linked To Hemochromatosis Iron Overload By Cox-2

I don't have too much to say about this at present but this is important information for people with insomnia.  Iron overload causes induction (increased activity) of Cox-2.  This causes increased prostaglandin-h2 and prostacyclin production.  I believe prostaglandin H2 causes insomnia by an inflammation based mechanism, I'm not surr exactly how this prostaglandin induced inflammation causes insomnia perhaps a certain brain region like substantia nigra or something is effected by the inflammation.  Regardless we know this causes insomnia.  However there is an interesting counter to prostaglandin h2 called lipoxin.  Lipoxin sounds bad but it is actually a potent anti-inflammatory that seems to balance prosta h2.  Interestingly the cox-2 inhibitor asprin (or natural counterpart salicin) not only blocks cox-2 prostaglandin h2 production but it also makes the cox-2 enzyme produce entirely lipoxin.  So it seems salicin does 2 jobs, inhibit the insomnia causing prostaglandins but also increase the insomnia reducing lipoxins.

For a long term solution though we need to reduce the cuase of the cox-2 overexpression, and to do that we reduce iron in the body.  IP6 in conjunction with antioxidants from green tea, pomegranate, billberry, etc can help reduce iron in the body naturally over the long term and stop eating iron rich foods like beef.



Cox-2 enzyme and asprin hijacks it to make lipoxin


A Practical Method for Gold Production

*DANGER*  This process is deadly.  Certain precautions need to be made including doing this OUTSIDE away from any humans by hundreds of feet and wearing a hydrogen sulfide respirator.  Nuclear shielding is REQUIRED, the easiest way is to do this in a hole in the ground with you laying in the prone position away from the hole so the ground will absorb most of the nuclear radiation emitted.

So I have made several posts and many youtube videos on how to make gold however I never really developed a practical process.  Well I think I have now arrived at one.

I want to thank the Curse of Oak Island show on netflix for helping me put together the final missing pieces.  In that show one extra piece of info is strange lights above the money pit.  As I have said in my last post, the money pit is an abandoned gold mine.  The lights were from hydrogen sulfide gas plasma.  This charged hydrogen sulfide reacts with DRY hematite iron oxide to form gold.  If the hematite is wet it will form iron sulfide which is fools gold.

So what this means is we do not require quartz crystal on the hematite in order to shield it from becoming iron sulfide.  We simply just need the hematite to be dry.  This would make sense why potentially so much gold is found in the superstition mountains of arizona where the hematite is nearly always dry.  If you want to go prospecting in the superstitions, instead of a metal detector, bring an h2s sniffer.

Here is the process:

1. Obtain dry (oven dried) hematite rock

2.  Obtain iron sulfide and hydrochloric acid and/or magnesium telluride and water or other sulfides or tellurides and either hydrolyse them (heat in water) or disslove in dilute acid.  this will produce hydrogen sulfide and/or hydrogen telluride.  *DANGER DO THIS OUTDOORS WITH A H2S RESPIRATOR* These gases when a plasma (highly charged), pressurized, preferably very cold (become a superconductor) but hot (as in a flame) could also work.

3.  Create a torch that is expelling hydrogen sulfide/telluride.  We want it to be in a plasma or highly charged state.  This is easiest done as a flame.  *DANGER THIS REQUIRES A FLASH BACK ARRESTOR SO YOU DON'T CAUSE AN EXPLOSION!*

4.  Use the torch on the hematite and you should notice it "melt" into gold.

5. Send your sample for testing to be sure you have gold and not just pyrite.  There may be a combination of the two depending on how optimized the process is.

The True Secret of Oak Island Solved: It's a Natural Gold Mine

I have been watching "The Curse of Oak Island" on Netflix and it is a great show.  I feel like I am uniquely able to offer an explanation of all the evidence found thus far.

1. The money pit is a abandoned gold mine.

2. 10X is a natural spring.

3.  The alternate money pit is a new gold mine.

Now how do I know it is a gold mine with natural gold deposits?  2 things.  Natural Iron deposits and H2S Gas.  We know that some of the Oak Island treasure hunters actually died from H2S gas exposure.  Here is my post on the ingredients needed to make gold and these are the two main ones https://www.naturehacker.org/2017/04/recipe-to-make-gold.html and https://www.naturehacker.org/2017/04/how-to-make-cold-fusion-theory.html and also I have many youtube videos on it.

The couple gold artifacts found in the money pit I believe were not found there at all but they are what was left of little pieces of gold left behind by the original excavators and fasioned into little objects by the three boys in the shape of ancient artifacts.  What I'm saying is the boys found little flecks of gold as they dug and they melted them into imitation artifacts.  But this is just the tip of the iceburg since they were searching in an already mined shaft so not much gold was left.

As the only public expert on how gold is made naturally in the earth, I can without a doubt give you my suggestion on how to find the gold veins throughout the islands.  Use an H2S sniffer.  Where the H2S is moving through Iron deposits gold veins will form.


How Hong Kong people can subvert or get around the face mask ban

How to subvert the facemask ban for hongkongers: paint your face white with black splotches. This will thwart facial recognition from seeing the lines and contours of your face.  It is a camouflage technique called Dazzle.


Antioxidants may help Severe Burns

I got a 2nd degree burn today touching hot cookware taken out of the oven at over 500 degrees.  Immediately I started running cold water over it and even put coconut oil with lavender essential oil and cinnamon essential oil, the lavender to kill clotridium botulinum which causes gas gangrene and the cinnamon which kills anaerobic bacteria.  Both of these essential oils are known to help with burns presumably because of the bacteria they kill.  While I have no doubt this will make my burn heal faster, still the pain was immense and I only found relief with putting ice directly on the burn.  Whenever I removed the ice the pain would flare up unbearably.

Then I drank some antioxidants which are a big part of my harmony product that I am developing.  Here is the recipe:

Harmony 0.2 (Formerly SADC)

45g Agrimony herb powder - For H Pylori
45g  Echinacea root powder - For Haemophilis
45g Ginger root powder - For Campylobacter
30g Nature's Fury (20% tribulus extract, 80% gynostemma extract) - For Gram Positive
30g Cranberry fruit powder - For Proteus
30g Coconut Milk Powder - for improved Absorption
20g Garlic powder - For Mycobacteria
20g Mustard powder - For Pseudomonas
20g Dandelion Powder - For Prions
5g Orange Peel Powder - For klebsellia and Serratia

10g green tea extract (50% polyphenols)
10g IP6
7g Grape Seed Extract (95% proanthocyanins)
7g Pomegranate Extract (40% Ellagic Acid)
5g Bilberry Extract (25% anthocyanins)

This recipe has high levels of synergistic antioxidants.  Almost immediately when I drank 1 tbsp of this mixed in water the pain started subsiding and within about 1/2 hour I could remove the ice without pain.  I believe it was the antioxidants in the mix that immediately started working on the pain.


Y Space: A breakaway digital space

Privacy is a human right.  Governments and corporate monopolies have fully violated that right.  Y Space is a solution.  It does not exist yet but if you are good at programming you can make it.

Y space is a program for phones, computers, etc.  Mostly would be done with tablets, laptops, and desktops.

This program basically prevents any record of your computer use.  It hides your identity and location with VPN, it hides your activity with Tor encryption, and it hides your local activity with deleting everything.  It even has a dead man switch, if you let go of the ctrl button, the session ends and everything in the computers memory is deleted.  One way it keeps all the info in one spot for easy deleting is y space blocks access to any peripheral including usb ports, hard drives, disk drives, etc.  Everything done in y space is done on the RAM and when you release the dead mans switch the ram is fully wiped by 3 passes and cannot be recovered.  Y space takes your privacy seriously.

Y space is basically a breakaway Operating system and internet, it has a handful of essential apps.  It has a payment system Ypay.  It has a browser Ysee.  It has a messenger/social media Ysay.  It has a wiki Ynet.  It has a notepad Ypad. You must login to enter Y space.  The way you can login in a private and decentralized way is you have to use a code generated by an original Y space member (say 10,000).  These members can generate say 100 consumable codes a day (Ykey's) and can give them out or trade them if they desire.  These codes will allow for encryption of information and also for logins.  Each time you login you would need a new Ykey.  Y space is hosted by numerous people each keeping an up to date record of Y space and hosting the content.  Your Y space program would match you with a random y space host (trustednode).  Or you can rank trustednode hosts or choose the one or ones that you trust.  Or you could connect to an "explorer" layer that itself aggregates the nodes and finds a consensus.  When you want to post something to y space you would sign your request using your Ykey.  Just as long as you signed using a valid Ykey it would be accepted by the network.  To delete is another story.  You would have to sign your request with your current session Ykey as well as the Ykey that you used to write the post that you want to delete.  So all nodes would update when they see things match up.  You do not need a "winner" node that is the only node who has the correct blockchain, every node would simply know if a request is valid or not depending on the signatures given.  There is no chain of custody that has to be followed like cryptocurrency so there is no power hungry blockchain that needs to be validated.

Ypay is how codes are traded.  The original 10,000 members can generate codes and give them by hand to people or send them using Ypay.  What the recievers Ypay does is it takes codes bieng transferred then uses the code to sign a transaction which changes the code into a new code and signs the transaction with the old code and new code.  This transaction which includes the old and the new signature is the proof a new code is generated, so the old code is obsoleted in Ypay network.  So the reciever converted the old code to a new code so the giver cannot double spend.  In that way no chain of custody is required, and therefore no costly blockchain.  The reciever simply needs to wait for their transaction to be accepted by the majority of active members before believing that the sender really gave them the ykeys.

The way Ypay is able to not need a validated chain of custody is that Ykey is not a currency it is a digital collectable.  Also their are trusted nodes, the original members (masterkeys), so a majority vote of the members is the consensus. The special master keys that can generate new Ykeys are themselves digital assets and also can be given/traded.  No currency is needed and therefore no blockchain.

Y do we need Y Space? https://www.activistpost.com/2019/10/chinese-citizens-will-be-required-to-scan-their-faces-to-use-the-internet.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ActivistPost+%28Activist+Post%29

Ypay article on bitcointalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5190402.msg52665031#msg52665031