Idea for a True Decentralized Video Platform: Blockchain Torrent Hybrid

We have seen examples in the space such as PeerTube and Dtube which use Torrent and Blockchain respectively to host video in a decentralized way.  However there are aspects of centralization in both but both can be used as a template for future development.  PeerTube is open source and downloadable software to host your own platform.  Dtube has an open source equivalent ScotTube that users can use to create their own platform.

Here is an alternative idea that combines the good from torrent and blockchain.  In this idea there are creators, hosters, and viewers.  The creators have a channel and upload videos.  Hosters sponsor a channel by hosting all the channels videos and share this list of videos with other would-be hosts so they can download from the other hosts.  Now when a viewer watches a video (1 view per IP/hardware), two coins are created.  One coin is given to the creator of the video.  Another coin is given to the hoster of the video.  Now in the interest of decentralization we want many hosters of the channel.  So if one is forced to take down videos or channels, there are still others hosting the content so it stays up.  In this case that there are multiple hosts of a certain channel, when a viewer clicks a video link there is a random "roll" to determine which host gets to host the video for the viewer and get paid in digital currency.  Only the host that provides the video to the viewer will get paid (can also be a group effort to host the video between all the hosts as well, in that case the roll determines who gets paid).  So if there is only one host for a channel, then the host and the creator both make the same amount of coins per viewer.  But if there are multiple hosts then the creator will get paid more than any one single host.

So the roll is random for which host gets to host (or hosts, or just the roll for who gets paid but all the hosts work together) a particular view, however this roll is weighted towards the best host.  What this means is that the channel itself will ping the servers every few seconds or any regular or random time interval, with a particular software that will measure the integrity of the host.  This software can check latency, delivery rate, etc. Then the creator software assigns a ranking to each host which ranking weights the random roll to what host gets to deliver the video on a particular click of the video link.  So a high quality host may be given a 25% chance to host (or just chance to get paid) instead of say 10% chance for a lower quality host.

What this achieves is three fold.  Firstly, the better hosts get to provide more views and therefore earn more currency.  This is to incentivize better viewer experience and not just having a person have multiple hosting instances to have a higher RNG (random) chance to host.  Secondly, there are multiple hosts so if any one gets taken down or censored there are more hosts to continue to deliver the content.  Thirdly, there is no way for anyone to know who will deliver the content to the viewer.  This randomness will help prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and also centralized censorship attempts or ddos attacks.  If one host gets ddosed then that hosts chance to host decreases and other hosts have a better chance.

Also each channel runs the software to test the hosts and distribute viewers to the hosts so they have ultimate control over their own contents' hosting.  Since this is distributed amongst each creator, there is no central distributor of all clicks that can be taken down.  Each channel distributes clicks for their own channel to the hosts.  So there is no central distributor to distribute all clicks of all channels.  Also the creators software is not dependent on a website or anything, as long as they can connect to the internet and run the program, they can keep their channel up, they are self hosting the distribution software and do not actually host any of their own videos.  Since they are not hosting their own videos they cannot be charged for their own content, much like how pirate bay doesn't actually host anything so they can't be held liable.  The hosts would be the only ones liable and there will be many of them so there is no single target which would make enforcement very difficult.

Finally there would be  one more layer, a website or application.  This site would simply bring all the channels/videos onto a central site and act as a search/recommendation engine.  Any clicks would be directed to the channel creator themselves and then distributed to the hosts from there.  The cool thing about this is there could be unlimited number of websites or applications that link to the video network.  If any one of these sites get taken down another one could pop up and link to the video network, just like a torrent search engine.

In conclusion we have a 3 layer decentralized video sharing network.  First is the channel creator who hosts a pinging and distribution software on their machine.  Secondly there are hosts that all have copies of the channels videos and host them either separately or as a team effort.  Thirdly there is a UI layer in the form of websites or applications which act as a search engine and aggregator/ranker that delivers links and/or previews to the end user and directs the traffic back to the creator and then hosts.

PS: the digital currency used would most likely just be etherium or steem or another mined cryptocurrency.  Since we currently don't want to worry about mining and distribution/verification of the coins we would rather use another premade crypto.  The channel creator could put a sum of crypto in escrow or on a smart contract that pays the hosts per view according to the roll.  In this case creators would have to pay for their hosting.  In another case sponsors could offer up the sum that pays creators and hosts or even the viewers could pay for this sum.  It is possible for this idea to have it's own crypto (proof of view) that mints new coins with each view as well but that would add a whole other layer of complexity.


Fed Using Counter-Currents To Cause Capital Flight From USA into China

The Fed's monthly meetings are like Ouija Boards where somehow they get manipulated by the people in charge to act against the best interest of the people and for the interest of the Global Central Banking Elite (which is to enrich China).

Counter-currents in this context means that the Fed adopted two opposing tools, lowering interest rates (first video below) and buying bonds (second video below), in order to squeeze money out of the US economy.  It also obfuscates the effect either one of the policies have alone.

How is this accomplished?  By lowering interest rates you are decreasing investment in US companies.  With a low interest rate investors no longer find it lucrative to invest.  So they would take money out of risky investments like stocks and instead buy bonds right?  Well now that the Fed is buying bonds (aka"conclude runoff of our securities portfolio", see second video) it lowers the interest rates on bonds too which also causes higher inversion of the yield curve.  So what this does, is cause pressure for money to leave the US for other markets.  Currently China's interest rate is over 4.5% so this will cause money to move to China.

Fed Lowers the Interest Rate to 2%

Fed now is Buying Bonds

So this dual move is to cause investment in the US to decrease and eventually crash the economy while enriching China with more investment.  This is to thwart Trump's negotiations with China and to crash American Stocks.  Why would they do this?  Because they are shorting American stocks and betting on China.


Duetsche Bank Financial Contaigen is Set to Blow

Treasury Yields in the US are at horrific lows right now as the Fed lowers interest rates:

However German yields are negative

It is well understood that negative interest rates crush the banks

The Fed lowering rates in the US has lowered German interest rates even lower.  When Deutsche Bank fails the entire EU will become insolvent and I believe this will cause the Mark of the Beast system to metastasize from China and spread to the EU.  The EU will become insolvent and Austerity measures will be put in place such as controls that have only ever been seen in China.  The Global Private Central Bankers (GPCB) love the China model and intend to spread it worldwide.  When a country becomes insolvent they are at the mercy of the GPCB and the austerity they impose.  From there after 2024 when the democrates likely Martin O'Malley take office they will then bring that system to the US and the Evil System will be worldwide.

The end of cash is inevitable if the GPCB intends to lower interest rates below zero.  Cash has to be outlawed first and that will coincide with the Mark of the Beast.


Why the Big Tech bubble will burst in 2020

It should be painfully (or happily if you listened to my advice) obvious that the fed interest rate cut has thrown us into the next recession. When Duetsche bank goes under later this year the recession will find it's clip. So what makes me think Big Tech will be hit the hardest of all sectors?

Big Tech doesn't produce anything. All they produce is a platform for real companies to advertise on. Companies tend to slash their marketing budgets in a recession because that is a big source of spending. So if companies are preferentially cutting their ad budgets, then advertising based buisnesses like Facebook and Google will get crushed.
Amazon also makes a lot of money from advertisers but they actually do prpduce something, they fulfill orders and make their own products and sell private label products. So Amazon will be hit less hard than the other Tech companies.
Microsoft also produces products so they also won't be hit quite as hard. Apple is in unique circumstances since they are so heavily tied to China woes.

 In conclusion the big tech bubble will burst this recession since thier business model of purely selling advertising opportunities is the most vulnerable to recessions.

Marketing gets hammered in recession


PROOF: Another Fake Shooting in the El Paso Walmart False Flag Hoax in Cielo Vista Mall Texas

Of course, you don't even need to read the news at all anymore to know that all the Mass Publicized shootings are fake.  One good indicator is the immediate uncovering of a "Manifesto".  This manifesto is written by the Intelligence Agencies and dropped off at the media to direct and promote the narrative.

Watching the video here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7317905/El-Paso-police-say-theres-active-shooter-local-mall.html#v-1095849101931856524

Witness describes 4+ shooters in all black, not a lone gunman in khaki dress pants!

Another Witness describes 3 men in all black running in shooting, not one dude in tan pants strolling in!

Of Course Paid Parkland Actors were there!

Pathetic Fake wounds

The patsy is in state of "Shock and Confusion" Which is a hallmark of a Monarch Mind Controlled Victim.

It is abundantly clear that this was a Columbine type of fake shooting.  The witness describes 4+ men in blackout clothes ran in shooting what were likely blanks into crowds of what were likely Crisis Actors that fell dead with their blood packets.  Yet the news media blame a lone gunman who hates immigrants...right.

So why do the FBI Terrorists always use more that one person?  Because they need the appearance of Overwhelming Force, just like they use in the Military.  Seeing 4+ people in black and obviously bulletproof vests run in shooting volleys of blanks at you would make even someone with a Concealed Carry Firearm turn cheek and run.  They didn't want their operatives to have the chance to be shot during this Psychological Operation.

Then they pull out their Monarch Mind controlled patsy and lead him to the cop car, via his handler, in cuffs. The Patsy totally deranged and without a clue of what is happening.  They knew after Lee-Harvey Oswald that they need Patsy's that are fully brainwashed and deranged so they wouldn't even know what happened and wouldn't speak out.

"We need to be repetitive about this and not just do it on a Monday but every day of the week, we need to really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way"

- Paraphrase of Eric Holder.


Of course this is psychological warfare election meddling in the US 2020 election and is treason and terrorism by the FBI and CIA and any other involved agencies; likely government contractors like Lockheed Martin who were also responsible for 9/11 and Columbine and the Las Vegas Fake Shooting.


The tech bubble burst of 2020 has begun!

Don't be confused, the economic collapse of 2020 has officially begun!  Hurry and short stocks and buy bitcoin.

The Fed fells the economy on a regular cycle in order to make money.  Like a lumberjack who cuts a  wedge on the front of the tree (fed raising rates) and then makes the back cut (fed lowering rates) the Fed is a lumberjack of the global economy.  They collapse the economy on purpose to create boom bust cycles and they sell at the top of the boom then short before the bust.  This is how they secure and build their wealth.

The contaigen will be Deutsche Bank failing which will trigger the great collapse of 2020.


Quentin Tarantino is a Cinematographer not a Movie Director

I watched Once upon a time in Mexico...I mean Hollywood... and every aspect of the movie, from the title to the ending and everything in between, made it especially clear to me that Tarantino is not a real movie director.

It was painful.  The best comparison is to a nurse trying to be a doctor.  The nurse thinks she has more experience and therefore knows better than a doctor, but they just don't have the true capacity to act as a doctor.  Yes they may be able to insert a IV or give a shot better and even be more comforting to the patient, but they don't see the entire picture of health of the patient.

This is how Once upon a time was.  It should be a big clue when the movie doesn't even have a unique name.  Sounds like a remake of once upon a time in Mexico.  Maybe Tarantino has a way to frame shots well, but even if he does it didn't show.

Like an OCD patient, Tarantino makes sure to include a 10 second cigarette drag and bare feet in what seemed like every shot.  It was boring.  The lines were so bad that it made it painful for the actors to take them seriously.  For example there was a little girl talking to DiCaprio and I get that it is cute to make the girl seem smart but it was way over the top and didn't seem authentic at all.

There was no story.  The story is there is an actor who hangs out with his stunt man but the stuntman hasn't actually been working for a while and the actor is not getting as many gigs and goes and works in Italy for a year and then comes back home, the Manson gang tries to kill them all, then it ends.  There is absolutely nothing compelling or even engaging with the story at all.  Their was zero emotion in the movie either.  It was just flat and boring.  Nothing inspiring.  Just tropes.  I left the theater feeling like I lost 40 IQ points.

What is the vision?  This is why Tarantino isn't a real director.  He had a reel of ideas for scenes to check off his list and he did, but for what?  What is the point of a series of scenes strung together?  It was an exercise in futility and I mean that phrase in every respect.  Every scene seemed to be an exercise.  "It would be cool to have an actor acting to be an actor who is acting."  Ok...  So what?  You just want to do that to prove that you could?  It's as if this movie was just Tarantino trying to prove to himself that he is a real director but failing every step of the way.

I suggest you see the prequel, Once Upon a Time in Mexico for a better story. Oh wait...

Their is a point to this review, unlike the pointless nature of the film.  The point is that if you are trying to be someone you are not, then you will feel like you constantly have to prove yourself.  You have to prove you are better than the other guy by doing something unique.  But just trying to be unique without having a cohesive vision gets you nowhere and just proves that you don't belong doing what you are doing.  Find your true passion and you will find you just naturally are the best at it and you don't feel the need to prove anything and you don't even have to focus on what those around you are doing.  Tarantino is obviously a movie fan and this film is just a mash up of lots of tired tropes.  A true director makes something unique because he is uniquely skilled at what he does, it takes no effort for a true creator to create something unique.  It becomes the new gold standard, not a remix of what has already been done before.


A dentifrice that uses OCP, ACP, HAp, a-TCP, TTCP, TTCPS, DCP, MCP, CTP

This open source invention is for any ingredient or dentifrice including toothpaste, tooth powder, mouthwash, gum serum, oral nectar, oral gel, candy, chewing gum, etc. that employs one or various calcium phosphates for any purpose including remineralization, prevention of demineralization, occluding agent, sensitivity reduction, etc.

These calcium phosphates can be any or all of the following or any combination, in any concentration, in any form or combination of forms including micellar, liposomal, biogenic, biomimetic, powdered, nano, pico, peroxide, etc:

Alpha Tricalcium Phosphate (a-TCP)

Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP)

Octacalcium Phosphate (OCP)

Hydroxyapatite (HAp)

Tetracalcium Phosphate (TTCP)

Tetracalcium Phosphosilicate (TTCPS)

Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP)

Monocalcium Phosphate (MCP)

Calcium Triphosphate (CTP)

Some ideal forms of the above can include but are not limited to:

Biogenic or Biomimetic or Liposomal ACP

Nano Hydroxyapatite (nHAp)

Nano Hydroxyapatite Peroxide (nHApP)

Octacalcium Phosphate Peroxide

Tetracalcium Phosphate Peroxide


How to make Biogenic ACP, Calcium Triphosphate - Biomimetic ACP

So in one of my last posts (find the TEEF tag at the bottom of the site) I talked about a toothpaste or mouthwash that uses either biomimetic ACP or Octacalcium phosphate produced nano-hydroxyapatite.

In this post I will talk about what exactly the elusive calcium triphosphate is, how it is made, and how to then make biomimetic ACP (a pseudo biogenic ACP that we can easily make).

The biggest problem with this is that it requires a non metal blender.  Not very easy to find.  The reason for this is we will be blending an acidic solution at high speeds.  Acids quickly dissolve metal whereas alkaline solutions do not.  This fact alone makes this a far fetched idea and the octacalcium phosphate -> nano hydroxyapatite is likely a better solution for household or common lab equipment.  Nevertheless, lets proceed.  Using a glass beaker with a glass coated stirbar may be good enough.

Above is the molecule calcium triphosphate we are trying to create.  The way I propose to create it is to dissolve one mole of dicalcium phosphate with 2 moles of phosphoric acid.

CaHPO4 + 2(H3PO4) => Ca++ + 3(H2PO4)

So basically we have 1 calcium and 3 phosphates.  So in the above picture one of the phosphates needs to have 2 H's (the middle one with 2 bonds) and the other 2 need to have 1 H (it gives it up to bond with the middle phosphate in a condensation reaction).  Since the pKa of going from 2 H's to 1H for phosphoric acid is 7.2, we want a little more acidic than that, say ph 6.5-6.7 just as a rough guess.  The exact pH can be calculated from dissociation coefficients but I'm not brushed up on that calculation.  This guess is based on the pH of milk, a known source of biogenic ACP.

So my best hypothesis for creating this molecule is to use silica gel to help the condensation reaction proceed since we don't want to use strong acids or bases or noble metal catalysts.  This makes sense since silica is known to play a role in bone mineralization.

So my proposed process is to combine 1 mole of dicalcium phosphate with 2 moles phosphoric acid.  Blend or stir until fully dissolved in a small amount of water.  Having little water is important for the condensation reaction to proceed.  Next blend with solubilizing agents like amino acids/protiens, plant saponins, lecithin or other emulsifiers, and perhaps some fatty acids like lauric acid.  Start blending or stirring.  Slowly add calcium silicate until pH is between 6.5 and 6.7 (the pH of milk and also ACP).  The addition of the calcium during neutralization and the silica helping condensation should have not only created the calcium triphosphate but also converted the created calcium triphosphate to biomimetic ACP from the extra calcium.  This is why it is important for the whole process to be done while blending or stirring (in all glass).  The process of alkalizing to neutral pH slowly should cause the silica to cause the condensation reaction.  Not sure if heat would help but I would assume so.  The saponins, aminos, etc should help keep the calcium triphosphate formed in solution and on a nano-scale.

That's about it.  To sum it up:

1 mole Dicalcium phosphate

2 moles phosphoric acid

Amino's/saponins/Lecithin/fatty acids

Mix in glass

While mixing neutralize with calcium silicate until pH 6.5-6.7

In the following paper it appears: 0.498 g K2HPO4 was added into the CMC gel under stirring (500 rpm). Next, 0.555 g CaCl2 was added into 10 ml deionized water and this solution was added dropwise into the CMC gel under stirring for 5 min to form CMC/ACP gel


So this needs to be investigated but it seems the gel is needed and the stirring is needed to form it which aligns with my process using silica gel.


What AI teaches us about the Real Intelligence: God

There is a huge push by the technocratic overlords for AI.  Artificial intelligence can artificially age faces based on known trends in aging.  Puffing faces, wrinkles, saggy chins.  We can observe trends and program them and apply current data and run it through the algorithm.

But take a look at a human face.  Take a look at many human faces.  Did God design each one?  Yes and no.  There is an infinite variety and each one can be exquisitely beautiful.  God designed the algorithm as genetics.  The infinitely complex rules of how genes can combine to make unique things.  How is it that every fingerprint is unique yet so similar?  This is the beauty of the algorithm developed by God.

Instead of trying to usurp God by creating algorithms for manipulation like the anti-human technocrats. we should be trying to understand God's algorithms and use that knowledge to help humanity.  From curing diseases to healing past hurts - learning from God and His creation in Nature will bring us to our very own unique destiny.

The Liberal Litany: Why the "Squad" are Untouchable and Liberal Messiahs

We all know what I am going to term the Liberal Litany (LL): "RACIST SEXIST HOMOPHOBIC XENOPHOBIC ISLAMAPHOBIC TRANSPHOBIC ..."

What if someone showed up who was a black woman lesbian immigrant muslim who tansgendered into a man and back to a woman?

Well they would be the liberal messiah!

This is exactly what the four horsewomen of the apocolypse are, and why George Soros funded thier campaigns and provides them with viral talking points from his think tank.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar

See these 4 women are untouchable.  Anyone who would criticize them would be called a racist sexist xenophobic islamaphobic.  It shuts down all debate and they can't be criticized without invoking the Liberal Litany (LL).

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.—Voltaire"


Check out CensorWars.com Facebook Alternative!

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Poll Prediction Center Website

I created Poll.wiki to start this idea

This is an idea for a website, app, program, or any other software where users can propose polls and users can vote in polls.  Anything can be asked such as "how many stars are in the sky" to "when will the next recession begin" and everything in between.  It could be thought as a 'poll the audience' tactic like in the show Millionare.  It is well known that if you have a lot of people guess the weight of a cow or how many jellybeans are in a jar, the average of the guesses will approach the true value.  This shows the power of the human mind to analyze.

This website would be an aggregate of difficult questions and the answers people give are a sort of crowdsourcing to predict an answer.  The closest thing to this currently are betting odds, we have recently seen betting odds at 100% that there would be an interest rate cut by the end of july.  The poll prediction center would be a more deliberate and open way to predict the future.

The downside of this is the group with the best analysis of all these polls would have a lot of valuable information and could preduct the future prety well.  But at least the platform would be open and open source and open source tools could be developed to analyze the data by anyone and everyone.

Thought and explanations are divergent

The overarching theme in internet culture of the tech oligarchs is they are trying to see or induce convergence in thought and explanations.  The ultimate goal of evil has always been making themselves indespensible and immortal, gaining a monopoly on existance.  The tech oligarchs especially google, facebook, and amazon feel their immortality and success is based on finding the convergence in humanity and the universe.  They believe that reality is simply a program that is finite and they want to be the ones to find the convergence and exploit it.  Google wants to find convergence in searches.  Currently 1 in 6 searches have never been searched before.  With trillions of searches this is a pretty amazing feat.  Google is hoping that someday this will converge to the point virtually no searches are unique and google has all of human thought and conciousness catalogued.  Amazon with Alexa wants to converge answers.  They believe every search online has one best answer and that is the one Alexa will give you when you ask a question.

News flash.  Humanity is divergent.  Thought is divergent.  Conciousness is truly creative and there is no box big enough to contain it, it keeps growing.

What is the mechanism of this divergence? This makes me think of "novelty" by Terrence Mckenna.  Our brains are designed to be recievers of cosmic information and to be truly creative which process happens during DMT release in REM sleep.  New things are created by conciousness.  This not only means that the universe must be infinite; growing in not necessarily size, but complexity every second.  Also we as a species and every other species are infinite as well, there is no limit to human ingenuity and accomplishment.  To he who gives, he shall recieve. And to he who has, more will be given.  To he who teaches, he will learn - in his sleep.

If the tech oligarchs cannot find convergence in humanity, they will try to induce it.  This is a very scary thought indeed.  The parasites survival is based on controlling the host.  Convergence of humanity firstly cannot be achieved because of our inherent divine connection, but enslaving us, manipulating us, censoring us, and disrupting REM sleep is a way to slow divergence in thought.  And this is what they will attempt.

And this is why Alexa is laughing.

Salvia Divinorum may cause severe Campylobacter overgrowth and sensitization

Salvia is an interesting plant that contains Salvinorin.  This ingredient is extremely psycoactive and is seen as dysphoric.  I think one of the reasons for the dysphoria for me is the intense pins and needles feeling I get from it.  I don't think this feeling was present when I first tried it, I think it came after repeated use.  Well from my research pins and needles feeling is from Campylobacter jejuni.  Taking ginger kills campylobacter and that did seem to help during the experience.  I used the plant a lot a long time ago and I have always attributed that time using Salvia as a major reason behind my severe insomnia that developed a few years later, and campylobacter I discovered later was a large part of my insomnia and ginger is one of the main things that helps me sleep.

So my theory is that salvia use can reduce the bodies tolerance of neurotoxins from campylobacter.  Perhaps this has to do with the kappa opioid system or something else.  Perhaps certain receptors are downregulated during habituation to long term use which leaves the body more vulnerable to campylobacter toxins.

A similar thing happens with DMT and pseudomonas bacteria.

For a modern day shaman it is extremely important to understand what bacteria these enlightening substances invoke, and take proper steps to control the bacteria so the user isn't effected negatively perhaps for a lifetime.

Nano Liposomal Hydroxyapatite: Biomimetic remineralizing material

 In this invention Biomimetic ACP is defined as well as Liposomal Hydroxyapatite and they can be used for any use including most preferably to least preferably: Toothpaste, mouthwash, candies, chewing gum, gel, teeth powder, other dentifrice, supplements, foods, skin/hair care, or any other use.

Biogenic ACP (amorphous Calcium Phosphate) in Wikipedia:
"Biogenic ACP has been found in the inner ear of embryonic sharks, mammalian milk and dental enamel. However, whilst the unequivocal presence of ACP in bones and teeth is the subject of debate, there is evidence that transient amorphous precursors are involved in the development of bone and teeth.[3] The ACP in bovine milk is believed to involve calcium phosphate nanoclusters covered in a shell of casein phosphopeptides. A typical casein micelle of radius 100 nm contains around 10,000 casein molecules and 800 nanoclusters of ACP, each of an approximate diameter of 4.8 nm. The concentration of calcium phosphate is higher in milk than in serum, but it rarely forms deposits of insoluble phosphates.[5] Unfolded phosphopeptides are believed to sequester ACP nanoclusters,[6] and form stable complexes in other biofluids such as urine and blood serum, thus preventing deposition of insoluble calcium phosphates and calcification of soft tissue. In the laboratory, stored samples of formulations of artificial blood, serum, urine and milk (which approximate the pH of the naturally occurring fluid) deposit insoluble phosphates. The addition of suitable phosphopeptides prevents precipitation.[5]"

 Here is a great Nature article on the topic:

In that above article it says that calcium triphosphate is the precursor to amorphous calcium phosphate and it takes up calcium ions to transform to ACP.  So one could solubilize calcium triphosphate say with phospholipids or biomimetic stuctures (Biomimetic ACP) composed of lipids, saponins, and proteins/amino acids - then add soluble calcium phosphates such as tetracalcium phosphate to convert the solubilized calcium triphosphate into ACP.  This would be biogenic ACP and is what biology seems to use to mineralize.

Also lets look at another angle.  Nano-hydroxyapatite is also known to attach to enamel.  We have an easy precursor to that in octacalcium phosphate (OCP).  Octacalcium phosphate converts to hydroxyapatite (HAP) in elevated temperatures.  So what we can do is blend octacalcium phosphate in distilled water.  Add phospholipids, or a mimic that can be composed of any or all of the following: saponins, lecithins, protiens/amino acids, oils, thickeners, humectantss, etc. at an elevated temperature.  The temperature should preferably be above 37c but the lower the temperature above 37c, the smaller the HAP particles should be entrained into the liposomes or micelles.  As the OCP hydrolyzes into HAP, those small preferably nano molecules/clusters of HAP are caught up in the liposomes and held soluble for best remineralization capability.  This just so happens to automatically create a toothpaste or mouthwash in the process so these would be the best, but not only, uses for liposomal HAP.

Nano HAP remineralization:


Various calcium phosphates for use in mouthwash, teeth powders, toothpastes etc.

This open source invention covers using octacalcium phosphate, tetracalcium phosphate, dicalcium phosphate, tetracalcium phosphosilicate, or any hydroxyapatite forming molecule or combination, and combinations therof and modified versions thereof like peroxides (such as tetracalcium phosphate peroxide) or element poor versions (silicon poor tetracalcium phosphosilicate) for use in toothpastes, teeth powders, mouthwashes, candies, gels, supplements, foods, chewing gum, dentifrices, skin/hair care or any other use.

This also covers the use of amino acids, protiens, vitamins, other minerals or precursors that can have an application in support or remineralization of tooth enamel or collagen or keratin or other biological matricies

Some of these uses have been covered in expired patents such as the following:


Octacalcium Phosphates for use in toothpaste, teeth powder dentifrice

It seems as though nano molecules of hydroxyapatite (HA), basically soluble HA, is what remineralizes teeth or bone best.  One way to achieve this is to mix soluble precursors to HA, and when exposed to water, these precursors combine to make nano hydroxyapatite.  In that case Tetracalcium phosphate and dicalcium phosphate can be used.  Peroxides also seem to help the soluble HA stick to surfaces.

Ca8 (HPO4)2 (PO4) 4

However another way to make nano hydroxyapatite is to hydrolyze a larger precursor to HA.  This could be Octacalcium Phosphate or another precursor to HA.

Octacalcium phophate will slowly hydrolyze or dissolve in water and release HA.  This is an execptional source for the natural remineralization of teeth or any other use at any concentration.





how to make:

easiest way to make probably 2 moles Dicalcium phosphate (DCP) and 2 moles Tricalcium phosphate (TCP) mixed in water at 37c for 3 hours.

2 moles Ca3(PO4)2  (MW: 310.18)
2 moles CaHPO4 2H20 (MW:172.09)
Ca8 (HPO4)2 (PO4) 4


62.04g Tricalcium Phosphate Annhydrous

34.42g Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate

Melt with HHO torch into Octacalcium Phosphate

cement method

water method


Tetracalcium Phosphosilicate: Next step in oral care

TTCPS is Tetracalcium Phosphate that we know and love with some silicate to help nucleate remineralization of bone and/or teeth enamel or any other natural mineralization.

It can be used in any product from bone regrowth to artificial bones, to toothpaste and teeth powder, supplements, or anything else.  Bioglass patents require over 35% silicon dioxide in their formulation, so this TTCPS is less than 35% SiO2, preferably 14% or less of the final product.  Ideally the Silicon content would mimic bodily remineralization processes for bone and/or teeth such as saliva and the enamel surface.

I will guess that preferably around 3% silicon dioxide (so it would be Silicon Poor Tetracalcium Phosphosilicate) should be used and added the the tetracalcium phosphate precursor ingredients.  Calcium and phosphate should be in a 1.67 to 1 ratio or higher (or 1 mole CaOH, 1 mole Tricalcium phosphate) and silicon dioxide, or silicon dioxide containing ingredient, added in addition before forming the TTCPS by any method including high temperature melt, sol-gel, or any other method.  Can be used in conjunction with Dicalcium phophate or related mineral to produce hydroxyapatite or any other use.

More than the stoichiometric amounts of Ca or other alkalai/alkaline minerals can be used if desired to make an even more soluble and alkaline product.

This is how to make hydroxyapatite from tetracalcium phosphate and dicalcium phosphate (DCP):
Ca4 (PO4)2 O + Ca HPO4 => Ca5 (PO4)3 (OH) or  Ca10 (PO4)6 (OH)2

This is how TTCPS is formulated using 2 moles tetracalcium phosphate and 1 mole silicon dioxide:
2(Ca4 (PO4)2 O) + SiO2 => Ca8 (PO4)4 SiO4

Obviously the above shows that with full silication we won't be able to simply form hydroxyapatite (HA) by just combining DCP with TTCPS, so since we do want to form HA with addition of DCP, we want a silicon poor version.

Ca: 40
P: 31
O: 16
Si: 28

2 moles Ca(OH)2 which is 74g
2 moles Ca3 (PO4)2 which is 310g
2 moles (Ca4 (PO4)2 O) which is 366g
+ H2O


2 moles (Ca4 (PO4)2 O) which is 366g
1 mole SiO2 which is 60g
1 mole  Ca8 (PO4)4 SiO4 which is 426g

TTCPS can also be peroxidized to form TTCPSP for even better adhesion to enamel as well.

Example full version:

74g CaOH
310g Tricalcium Phosphate
60g SiO2 or less

a 1:10 silicate poor version:

74g CaOH
310g Tricalcium Phosphate
6g SiO2

a 1:7 verison:

74g CaOH
310g Tricalcium Phosphate
8.57g SiO2

To this 3/4 cup distilled water is added and pressed in a pellet press or a little more water is added and made into a putty.  The putty is rolled flat on a cookie sheet and cookie cutter is used to make shapes.  These shapes are baked at 400f for 3 hours or until fully dry.

Then these discs can be treated with an HHO torch until molten or baked at sufficiently high temperature, roughly 1600c for several hours.

After this the new ingredient can be ground using a Micro-Mill and/or Ceramic mortar and pestle.  Any particle size can be used, the finer the better.  Nano is also possible but not ideal for dental use where swallowing or inhalation may happen.

Further this can be soaked in H2O2 preferably 35% or higher for several hours then air dried or dried using any method to form Tetracalcium Phospho-silicate peroxide which may have more active effects on teeth enamel.

Octacalcium phosphate:

Recession will hit in 2019; Tech Bubble will Burst

The recession will come before the end of the year, likely it will be felt much sooner.  Shockingly people have not yet figured out that everytime the FED lowers interest rates, we enter a recession.  If the FED were really trying to keep a stable economy small cuts followed by small rises followed by small cuts etc. then there would be no predictable recessions and rather no recessions at all.  It is really easy to do.  But what you have to understand is that the predictable boom bust cycle is how the globalist central bankers make lots of money.  When they raise rates, they keep raising several times.  And when they lower rates, they lower several times in a row.  The point here is when they start lowering, people know they will keep lowering which means people stop investing because they know that investment returns are dropping (interest rate dictates investment returns).

Like a lumberjack who first cuts the wedge on the front of the tree (raising interest rates untill we hit an inverted yield curve), then makes the back cut (lowering interest rates); felling the global economy is how they make a living.

It is a good time to short stocks (Especially Tech Stocks and Auto Industry Stocks), and also to get into recession assets like bitcoin (bitcoin is headed for 100k in the next several months) and precious metals especially tellurium, platinum, silver, and rhenium which are relatively underpriced. Also get your money into cash.



All-Natural Herbal Alternative Treatment of Hemochromatosis

Treating Hemochromatosis, a very common inflammatory disease of iron overload, has never been easier.

The biggest breakthrough I have found so far in this journey is eating lots of raw green cabbage.  I simply chop organic cabbage and mix in some real mayonnaise.  Do not add anything acidic like vinegar which will leach iron and worsen the condition.  Raw pH neutral green cabbage on an empty stomach for breakfast is the best natural treatment of hemochromatosis.

Besides that, drinking unsweetened tea with every meal can help.  Better than that is a supplement mix I designed that should be taken with every meal that includes IP6, green tea extract, anthocyanins, proanthocyanins, etc.


The best herbal friend a hemochromatosis patient has is Agrimony herb powder.  H Pylori seems to thrive on high iron and causes allergic attack on organs like the heart.  Agrimony counters this very well.  If you get heart skipping beats you need agrimony.  Also  if you have heart palpitations or heart beating too fast or joint pain, this is caused by streptococcus overgrowth and treated by saponins like gynostemma, ginseng, and tribulus.

Google Search is Officially Worthless

I always used google to search my site in google by typing: Naturehacker gut microbes; basically naturehacker then whatever I wanted to find in my site.  I started noticing that things I typically searched this way were starting to come up empty.  For example I would always get an easy hit with the above search terms, it would bring me to my page "quintessential guide to gut microbes". However one day it stopped showing that result.  I went through every page of google results and it wasn't there.  Different people on different ip's and different devices tried this search and couldn't find my page.  At the end of the results I clicked "show omitted results".  Instantly my guide to gut microbes page showed right up in the results, not just for me but for everyone.

What this shows is that google will stealth censor a page and then as soon as someone notices, they stop censoring it.  This is happening on a grand scale now.  Simply make a search on google and duckduckgo side by side and see all the great results google is missing.  We used to be forced to use google search because it was by far providing the most relevant results.  With google censorship in full swing this is unequivocably no longer the case. 

DuckDuckGo gives by far better results than google now and will only get better as they add more web crawlers.  Unfortunatly for google their "AI algorithm" will be their downfall as it is now clear they use it for censorship.


MCT oil Vape is the future of medicine

I am just beside myself after figuring out that MCT oil (preferably caprylic acid) works as a vape juice!  I spent a lot of time trying to dissolve my extracts in a vegetable glycerine base to allow it to be vaped but I didn't get good results.  Now that I realize that MCT works this opens up every door in medicine.  Not only can I use essential oils as simple mix-ins that provide targeted antimicrobial actions, but also any natural drug-like alkaloid compound can be easily added as well.

It is easy to extract any alkaloid to limonene using the below linked method.  Then the limonene can be evaporated out or just added right to MCT oil and vaped!


Some examples are Kanna (serotonin helper) or Catuaba (dopamine helper) also salvia divinorum or acacia confusa root bark ect.

CBD is even easier as it doesn't need the elaborate extraction tek, just get cbd kief and heat in some MCT.  Kief is not fully soluble so after heating a while in the mct, add the mct to 1.5mL PCR tubes and centrifuge in a micro centrifuge.  Then take the clear liquid off the top with a 1mL syringe and put into your empty vape cartridge.

In my last Vape post I warned about anticholinesterase inhibiting (ACHEI) effect of some essential oil components.  While it is best to stay away from oils high in these compounds, most oils do seem to be safe in vape cartridge use.  Before I was burning the oils with flame which must convert the oils into ACHEI's but at vape temperatures it seems pretty safe.

Also saponins like gynostemma extract 98% gypenosides can be mixed with the MCT for superior lung support and absorption enhancement.

My current recipe in progress:

1 squirt MCT Caprylic acid oil (Sports Research Keto C8 L532-V1)
1 pinch gynostemma extract (98% Gypenosides, Lesen)
0.5g Kief  (Mothership #2, blacktiecbd.net)
4 drops humulene (Elevation Terpenes)
3 drops Orange eo (Now Foods) or limonene
2 drops carrot eo (Now foods)
2 drops fresh ginger eo (Mountain Rose Herbs)
2 drops peppermint eo (Now Foods)
1 drop oregano eo (Now Foods) highest carvacrol content best
1 drop eucalyptus eo (Now Foods)
1 drop juniper berry eo (Now Foods)

Warm up sufficiently in small 30mL beaker.  Let cool then add to 1.5mL CF tubes.  Centrifuge until clear liquid on top.  Use a syringe to move this clear liquid into vape cartridge.

Use coupon code: SAVE40 for 40% off at The Kind Pen.
Vape cartridge glass 1mL (https://www.thekindpen.com/product/glass-wickless-airflow-510-tank/)
510 battery with button (https://www.thekindpen.com/product/variable-voltage-510-battery-silver/)

Humulene is a cox-2 inhibitor with CBD like effects
Orange eo has high limonene content for superior absorption enhancement
Carrot eo kill hpylori which causes chronic cough
Ginger eo kills campylobacter which causes pins and needles feeling on skin
Peppermint eo kills anaerobic bacteria which cause teeth problems etc.
Oregano eo contains carvacrol which is a cox-2 inhibitor like CBD but too much is spicy.
Eucalyptus eo kills respiratory bacteria that cause air hunger (dyspnea)
Juniper berry eo kills mycoplasma and corynebacteria.


Cryptographic Blockweb Shipping (CBS)

A peer to peer, decentralized, trust based, logistical, proof of work shipping method.

It works like this.  You (the customer) go into a software program and enter in the dimensions and weight of the package you want to ship and the starting location and ending location.  Also I suppose a list of contents and value (in cryptocoins) will be needed to be specified.  You enter a bid of how many cryptocoins (different than cryptocurrency as described later) you offer for the full ride.  The software will divide your bid into a bid/mile and offer that to potential shippers along the path.

Shippers in the program have registered their unique public key to how much volume of space and weight they can carry and how much cubic space and weight they can store at their home.  They also enter the radius they are willing to travel to make dropoffs and pickups.

Also per mile the shipper is awarded extra cryptocoins per mile that are created out of thin air.  This number is fixed or varying.  This is in addition to the coins/mile staked by the customer.  The reason why we can create new coins here is that moving the package a given distance is a proof of work (PoW).  All economies need inflation, especially here where staking coins (as described later) is a coin sink.

Depending on the "trust score" (completed dropoffs to pickup ratio, number of completed dropoffs, time in posession, distance traveled etc.) that the public key has, that key is allowed to store more packages and more package value.  So if the trust score for that key is extremely high, then that person could run thier own warehouse.  Trust score isn't the only factor in how much a person can hold.  Also there will be a staking function.  You can stake cryptocurrency in order to increase your "secured score".  Secured score will be based on the number of coins you choose to stake and also the length of time you choose to stake them.  Secured score and trust score are used to determine how many cubic feet and/or value of packages a public key can be holding at any one time.  This is called the "package score".  So in order to increase your package score you can just develop a good track record, stake a lot of coins, or stake a few coins a long time.

There is only 1 transaction per "block", your transaction.  Your package score, the previous leg shipper verifying you by scanning your QR code, has allowed you to add your transaction to the "blockweb" This would mean the cryptocoin is proof of physical work, proof of trustworthiness, as well as proof of stake.

Thus the only way you can spend the cryptocoins generated in this system is to stake it, or spend it on shipping goods.

This is different from traditional blockchains obviously.  In order to allow people to spend bitcoin frivously, it required non-miners to be able to spend coins.  This meant that miners would have to add transactions to the blockchain that they themselves did not create.  In the blockweb, people that win shipping rights can add only their own transactions to the blockweb.  Again this works because the spender can't frivously send coins to whoever they want, they are an integral part of the mining process.  This closed system can be used elsewhere like in ride sharing blockweb's or any other use.  The coins cannot leave the system or be traded for other currencies so they are not a currency and cannot be regluated like one.

In order to make the dropoffs, temporary emails or other anonymous communications are generated for both the handoff and the reciever to orchestrate a transaction location and time.

Feedback will also be a thing.  If the reciever of the package notices anything is missing then they can make a claim.  This claim will refund the full or partial package value out of the cryptocoins staked by the last leg shipper.  So it is in the best interest of the shippers to open the box and check the contents before accepting it.  If you as a shipper do not accept the package, then the previous leg shipper will have to find someone else to accept it and if they can't then the value of the package is taken from their staked coins and/or trust score.  If their staked coins are not enough to cover the lost value, then perhaps their trust score could lower or even have their earning garnished a maximum of 10% to pay back the customer that suffered loss. It is in the buyers best interest to not inflate the value since less shippers will be able or willing to accept high value packages because of the risk and thus shipping will be slower.  Also everytime a customer makes a claim, this increases their claim score and a customer with a high claim score or high claim ratio would make less shippers accept their packages.  So it is in the best interest of the customers to not make many claims.


Natural cure for stiff neck caused by concussion or whiplash

THC is bad for some people.  THC is proinflammatory by inducing COX-2.  If you have iron overload your COX-2 is already elevated and a high dose of THC could knock you out in a bad way.  For people that are anemic or otherwise deficient in COX-2 activity, THC is medicine.  For the rest of us, stick to CBD which is a COX-2 inhibitor and is anti-inflammatory.

If THC or something else like alcohol makes you fall and hit your head and suffer a concussion, or are in car accident, a stiff neck may be a symptom in your future.  Luckily I have pinpointed exactly what bacteria causes stiff neck and itbis the same one that is host to the common cold, haemophilus influenzae.

Knowing the bacterial cause is usually 90% of the solution, but it wasn't in this case.  This is a tough bacteria and it was quite hard to find a suitable natural cure.  Thankfully I finally discovered a great one.  Always follow your interests.  The strange cooling sensation from chewing echinacea root and seeds interested me and I did lots of research on the akylamides and eventually linked them to killing hemophilus.  So if something interests you and makes you want to learn more, always do.

So anyway take echinacea purpurea root powder capsules (any echinacea can work but purpurea root has the highest levels of alkylamides, the thing that makes your tongue feel cool, tingly, and numb if you chew it) until the stiff neck subsides on the order of 3-5 per day.  Take more if and when the stiff neck returns.  I think you will be suprised with how well echinacea can beat stiff neck and haemophilus!  And also how gentle it is on the other gut microbes.


Announcing the official start of the Mini Ice Age

The mini ice age has officially begun.  Since this is the case, for the next 10 years things will only get worse.  The sun is in a dormant period which means we will have elevated earthquakes, volcanism, wars, bizzare weather, and weakening of earths magnetic field which will lead to more diseases as we are inundated with space radiation. The things that really triggered me to officially announce the start of this period was the very abnormally cold and long winter in much of the US this last winter, heavy rains much later than normal in the east of the country this year which will lead to widespread crop loss and increase in food prices, the quakes in california, and increase in volcanism this year including increase in geyser activity in yellowstone.  ALL of these aformentioned things will get worse every year for at least 10 years, then it will slowly get better, but some are predicting low solar cycles for the rest of the century.

All of this just happens to coincide with the two X paths of solar eclipses (great american solar eclipse) which also trigger earthquakes.

It also coincedes with HAACE and HAARP geoengineering.

It also coincides with so many more things that i can't detail them all again.  Please read the NatureHacker prophecy for all indicators pointing to our current place in history:

NatureHacker Prophecy

Also just a warning that the economy will enter recession as soon as the FED starts lowering rates.

California quakes

Yellowstone geyser acticity record levels

Heavy rains and crop failures 2019

Volcanism awakens


Great american solar eclipses

Earthquake correlation with solar eclipses

Why does volcanism awaken?  Think of solar activity like a mixer on our planet and its molten core.  When the mixing of our core via our magnetic field interacting with solar ejecta stops, boiling begins.  If you have a pot of boiling water and you stir it, the boiling stops.  When you stop mixing, it starts boiling.  Likewise when the sun stops mixing earths molten core via solar activity, the molten core boils causing volcanos.

Leads to wars

NatureHacker Facial Cleanser

So due to a request I am going to design a facial cleanser.  If you haven't already noticed, I have created a NatureHacker store on Amazon so this may end up there after it has been perfected  (nothing is ever perfect or finished and this will be under constant development ... but you get what I mean).

This recipe is going to be based on the work I have already done over the years

Real wound care

Synthetic human sebum

and can't leave out guide to gut microbes

why no tea tree?  do you really think the mainstream would sell you something healthful?  Tea tree oil is a neurotoxin and should never be used.

So here is my starting recipe: (<<...>> means that this recipe is also defined.)

1 tsp manuka honey (used as a humectant)
1/2 tsp food grade de (in this case used as a exfoliant)
1/2 tsp natures fury (used as a natural emulsifier and anti-microbial)
15 drops <<Wound oil>>
Arrowroot powder?  Extra water? glycolic acid? lactic acid? ph should be 5.5.
Also need vitamins and minerals and collagen promoters like proline, lysine, glycine, ascorbic, PCA, silicic acid, and citric acid. 

Wound Oil:
1 oz <<synthetic human sebum>>
10 drops thyme eo (staphylococcus)
10 drops cinnamon eo (pseudomonas)
5 drops peppermint eo
5 drops oregano eo
5 drops lemongrass eo
5 drops orange eo (serratia)
5 drops eucalyptus eo (mycobacterium)
5 drops clove eo
5 drops juniper berry eo (tetanus, didn't notice this but just to be safe)
5 drops rosemary eo
5 drops fresh ginger eo (campylobacter)

Synthetic human sebum:

1 TBSP      Grapeseed oil
1 TBSP      Extra light Olive oil        (less irritating than virgin)
2.5 TBSP   Palm oil                          (preferably refined, again virgin may be more irritating)
2 TBSP      Jojoba oil
1 TBSP      Squalane                         (available online I like Mayumi)
2 Drops     Vitamin E                        (T-50 available online) 

How to make a plant based synthetic human sebum

This was an old post from my blog bydimarco.blogspot.com

I no longer agree with the part about the polysorbates, use Natures fury instead (1 part tribulus terrestris extract powder, 5 parts gynostemma extract powder.

I am revisiting making a facial cleanser using this recipe as the oil base and my wound care recipe from here: http://www.naturehacker.org/2018/12/real-wound-care.html 


Here is a professional, yet accessible recipe for making human skin oil.  There are many benefits to doing this, but anecdotal evidence shows it can improve the health of the skin, possibly be used to treat premature ejaculation, improve scalp, etc.

Ever want to have the best moisturizer but torn between all the fad products and ingredients?  One thing almost all of those fad ingredients have in common is they use certain components of skin oil.  Why not combine those beneficial ingredients in the proper biological concentrations to have a lifelong solution to skin moisturization!

Here is the recipe:

1 TBSP      Grapeseed oil
1 TBSP      Extra light Olive oil       (less irritating than virgin)
2.5 TBSP   Palm oil                       (preferably refined, again virgin may be more irritating)
2 TBSP      Jojoba oil
1 TBSP      Squalane                     (available online I like Mayumi)
2 Drops     Vitamin E                     (T-50 available online)

Optional: (if you want to increase the absorption of the oil or use it as a truly moisturizing cleanser)

1/4 tsp Polysorbate 80 (again available online)
1/4 tsp Polysorbate 60 (also available online)

And that's it! heat up during/after mixing until clear.  If it settles later on, heat it up again until clear again before use (in the body the oil is kept at 98 degrees so it might settle at a lower temperature :).  Microwaving is fine, 20 seconds on high should do it.

I place this recipe in the public domain; Feel free to use this recipe yourself, improve it, sell it, or make it commercially.


Cox-2 natural inhibitor CBD vape recipe essential oils

This is an open source invention laying out an anti-inflammatory vape mixture for use in vaping devices that is all-natural and organic.  COX-2 inhibition can help with chronic pain, insomnia, inflammatory conditions, and iron overload.

Basically, this invention is the addition of COX-2 (and/or cox-1 but preferably cox-2 specific) inhibiting plants or plant extracts into MCT oil or any other lipid and/or emulsifiers such as PEG/vegetable glycerine but most preferably caprylic acid.  Other inflammatory enzymes or markers may also be effected and/or target such as Nitrite, TNF-alpha, IL-10, IL-1beta, iNOS, etc.

Absorption enhancers like limonene or other terpenes or extracts can be also used.

Anti-microbial extracts can also be used to enhance health

If the person is low on cox-2 they can use plants that induce it like THC.

Some examples of oil soluble cox-2 inhibitors are CBD, Carvacrol, humulene, etc.

One example of a non-COX mediated anti-inflammatory is salvinorin or Salvia Divinorum.

<<<<DANGER! Many of the essential oils listed below are acetylcholine esterase inhibitors and may cause heart failure in vulnerable people.  Do not attempt any recipie of vaporized essential oils without doing all necessary research.  Pure limonene seems safe but most other essential oils with mixed terpenes are not.  See end of this post for my research on essential oils so far.>>>>>

Above only applies to burning the oil.  Vaping should be ok, although do stay away from oils high in ACHEI's.

Example recipie:

Dissolve 1g of high CBD kief (like that from blacktiecbd.net) into enough caprylic acid  to dissolve with gentle heating.  Since kief and other CBD hemp flower contain some THC, if a stronger liquid is desired then CBD isolate can be added (like from blacktiecbd.net).

Next terpenes and/or essential oils like oregano oil, orange oil, humulene, beta carophyllene, or hop oil, and lemongrass can be added to enhance the cox-2 effect and also to enhance absorption.

Humulene- cox-2 inhibitor
CBD- cox-2 inhibitor
Carvacrol- cox-2 inhibitor
Lemongrass- kills h pylori and absorption enhancer
Orange- absorption enhancer from limonene
Carrot- kills h pylori
Ginger- kills campylobacter
Eucalyptus- kills proteus, mycoplasma, corynebacteria (must use only a couple drops per ml max)
Peppermint- kills anaerobics
Cinnamon- kills pseudomonas and haemophilis
Juniper berry- kills tetanus

Example mixture:

24% essential oils and terpenes

4% orange
5% humulene
5% oregano
2% lemongrass
2% carrot
2% fresh ginger
1% eucalyptus
1% peppermint
1% cinnamon
1% juniper berry

60% kief and CBD

50% kief
10% CBD isolate

16% caprylic acid

Add this using a 1ml syringe into an empty 510 compatible vape cartridge if desired.

Iron induces (increases) cox-2

salvinorin-a anti-inflammatory

<<<<ACHEI research>>>>

Careful of achei! Carophyllene delta-3-carene alpha pinene, camphor, 1,8 cineole

Alpha pinene>camphor>1,8 cineole (achei potency)

Carophyllene- cloves, rosemary, cannabis, hops

3-carene- turpentine

Alpha pinene- Eucalyptus, orange, rosemary, pine, sage

Camphor- rosemary, coriander, sage

1,8 cineole- eucalyptus, camphor laurel, bay leaves, tea tree, sweet basil, wormwood, rosemary, sage, Cannabis sativa

Coriander composition linalool? Camphor, a-pinene

Clove composition eugenol carophyllene

SO orange lemongrass oregano compositions

Orange has a little a-pinene like 1%

Lemongrass has a little camphor like 2%

Oregano has thujene, camphor, a pinene, carophyllene

So need isolated carvacrol and limonene and h pylori oil


Give Karma: Open source coin made from UV Activated Ocean Plastic (UVAP)

Clean up our oceans with Give Karma!

The most important thing is that Give Karma should always be given, never sold.  What makes it special is the only way you can recieve Give Karma is to either make it yourself or for someone to give it to you.  It's free to Give Karma.

Give Karma is a disc (coin, token, chip, whatever you want to call it) that is 50%, by volume, plastic taken from the ocean.  It is defined as a 50mm round that is 5mm thick. This means each one has 9.82 cc's of ocean plastic each.  Most will likely be made of PET at least initially since it is easy to grind, and PET has a density of 1.38g/cc.  PET is also not only the most common ocean plastic but also the hardest to degrade. Every coin has rougly 7.12g of ocean plastic each.

Roughly 21 trillion total can be minted with a tail supply emission of 1.12 trillion more per year (at the current rate).  This is a 5 and a third percent inflation, which just so happens to be the optimum amount, and 1 million times the supply as bitcoin.  Bitcoin is also considering a tail emission as well to prevent the perils of deflation.

This supply is based on 150 million metric tons (1.5 × 10^14 g) of ocean plastic exist currently with 8 million metric tons (8 × 10^12 g) added per year.  Tying a coin's inflation rate to real world consumption just so happens to be a perfect way to stabilize an economy.  The end result is that all ocean plastic would be used up as fast as it is created if this idea is a success.

Each coin is 50mm in diameter and 5mm thick and 1/2 of the volume (+/- 10%) is ocean plastic.  Each coin should have no part thicker than 5mm.  Any engraving should not cover more than half the coin surface area of either side and should be at a depth of no more than 0.3mm, this includes engraving on the rim.  Notice I say "should" as some experimentation is ok but we want each coin to be pretty uniform.  The engravings can be anything you want, from advertisements to art to fortunes or anything in between.  Get inspired by pogs.

Give Karma is, at a minimum, UV Activated Plastic (UVAP).  What this means is that the disc is designed to degrade in the sun.  Other degradation methods such as bio (bacteria/fungus/seeds) or thermal can be done also if desired.

This is accomplished with breaking down the plastic into a powder and mixing with special ingredients and then pressed into shape.  These UV activating ingredients can be anything so please experiment!  My recipie for the Give Karma I produce will be the following:

Half volume of powdered PET plastic sourced from the ocean

Half volume of the following:

100 parts Exfoliated vermiculite peroxide (photocatalyst, iron, oxidizer)
10 parts Bilberry extract powder (chelator)
5 parts Willow extract powder (adjunct to chelator)
5 parts Chamomile seeds (bioremediator)
2 parts lactobaccilis plantarum powder (bioremediator)

I will press it in a heated vacuum mold at 75c in a 20 ton press with vacuum applied.  Pressure will be held for 10 minutes to allow the sintering.

Photocatalysts like ZnO (non-nano), and absorbers/conductors like graphene would also be good to try.  Mushroom spores are worth exploring. Cellulose nitrate in small quantities may also be worth trying and see if it improves fenton oxidation efficiency.  TiO2 should not be tried because it is cancerous upon inhalation.  Every ingredient of Give Karma should be both safe to eat and breathe just to be safe.

My recipie above was designed to create a photo-fenton reaction.  The vermiculite is the iron source and also the matrix for the disk.  Also it is peroxidized (soaked in hydrogen peroxide for a time and evaporated to dryness) to oxidize the iron for the fenton reaction to proceed. The bilberry extract powder contains anthocyanins which can help keep the iron soluble and reactive.  The willow extract contains caffeic and ferullic acid which support the anthocyanins and produce color changing effects.  The lactobaccilis planarium is a harmless bacteria that contains enzymes that might degrade plastic.  The chamomile seeds will help convert the degraded plastic into bio-energy and provide something useful.  Also the seeds make sure the user buries it, which will ensure that full remediation is achieved.

The process an end user would have would be to spray the disk with water or put in a shallow tray of water in the sun for a few days to allow the plastic to degrade, then bury it to grow flowers from the embedded seeds.  This is an end-of-life use of the plastic so this plastic will never reach the oceans again, and if it does the sun will quickly degrade it.  This is in contrast to other products that use ocean plastic; eventually those products will likely make it right back into the ocean or a landfill again.

My notes:

Absorbers, photocatalysts, oxidizers, hydrolyzers

Exfoliated vermiculite peroxide (photocatalyst, iron, oxidizer)
Ocean Plastic powder
Bilberry extract powder
Willow extract powder
Chamomile seeds/Chicory seeds


Polyethylene degradation with catalyst


Pressing with clay and sintering

Pressing with sodium percarbonate

Pressing with silicon or other visible light bandgap material

Plastic uv degradation

Clay semiconductor and photofenton

How do I get a GIVE coin?  Someone has to give one to you.

Lignin is a plastic

Nitrocellulose or other nitrates?

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Oxidation and hydrolysis for photodegradation

Graphene absorbs light and conduxts heat and electrons

Photo-fenton ferric hydroxide

Photofenton highly efficient

Using photofenton as fertilizer

Ferrulic and caffeic acid with anthocyanin increases color over uv exposure.

Chicory seeds organic

Photofenton ph and concentration, lower ph better or faster only?

Anthocyanin sources

Chamomile seeds small would be good

Lake ontario probably kaolin

Exfoliated vermiculite

Vermiculite used in fenton

Getting plastic to a powder


Marine organism microplastic

Lactobacillis plantarum

Lactobaccilis denitrification

5% inflation good

Glass transition temp lf PET is 70c

It may be possible to use a coffee grinder for PET since the glass transition is so high
but something like this micro-mill where you can control the temperature is ideal

Heated press plates ebay

50mm pellet press die, contact seller if you want them to add vacuum ports which may cut down on sintering times and provide a stronger disk

20 ton hydraulic press.  You can probably get away with a 6 ton or even 2 ton press but the higher the pressure the faster the sinter and also higher quality disc you will produce.

Source for ocean plastic:




Artificial Inteligence (AI) will mine cryptocurrency in their dreams

Sadly I didn't get this prediction posted sooner because this has happened much sooner than I expected.  AI bots will mine cryptocurrency as they sleep.  Sooner or later fully autonomous AI will wander the streets and air serving humanity (or their evil overlords). When a bot is running low on crypto that it uses to buy electricity, gasoline, or maintainence; it can mine some cryptocurrency.  I predict that every night as people sleep these bots will be dreaming of crypto (mining it that is).  As they can't serve humanity as much at night they will put those spare cycles to work mining primarily CPU only coins like monero, yenten, cranepay, and the future coins like my own coin idea of factorizations of large numbers.  My coin uses a GNFS sieve which makes it resistant to ASIC mining that currently runs bitcoin.  The GNFS method will favor AI, which uses a combination of graphics cards and processors in a sort of APU combination.  It will also favor mobile phones and other personal devices which all have a CPU and GPU.  This will help fend off against the botnets that can thrive on a cpu only mining method like monero.

Drones already mining Monero

My new proof of work number based on factorization of large numbers

Which can be introduced to bitcoin as factorization of some multiple of the nonce


Cold Iron: The mythological material reborn!

After learning what I have about metallurgy, I am very confident I have decoded what the mythical "cold iron" was and why it was effective against the supernatural.

We know that pure iron is very good at magnetic permeability, which is the ability to control invisible magnetic fields which appear to effect the supernatural.  Also we know that the rapid cooling of iron into the form martensite or even amorphous (which is very hard) also enhances this effect of iron (like metglas)

The term cold iron likely came to be because it it feels colder than normal iron because this form conducts heat better and would feel cold to the touch.  Also it was impossible to forge because it was so hard.  The ancients likely figured the iron was inherently "cold" and couldn't be worked until it was heated up.  All iron is harder when cold but this iron would be extremely hard, order of magnitude harder. 

Where could the ancients have found this?  In meteorites that fell into the ocean.  The hot melting temperatures at reentry combined by the ultra fast cooling that takes place when it shoots through the cold water and that shock of it contacting the water would have produced an extremely hard or "cold" form of iron.  The nickel present in the meteorite would have made it easier for cold iron to form but here we are going to try to keep the iron pure so it is an even more effective magnetic field manipulator.

So to recreate this mythical material we need to do a few things.

1. Make austenite grain size as small as possible.  This not only helps martensite form initially, but also toughens the iron as well.

2. Rapid cool the iron from austenetic temperatures.  This induces martensetic formation because of the stresses induced.

3.  Compress or shock the iron during rapid cooling.  This helps give energy to form martensite.  Another way of looking at it is is creates more stresses in the material leading to more nucleation sites for the martensite.

4.  Create an electric current, perhaps pulsed, through the material.  This is known to help iron whiskers form which is even stronger and harder than martensite but will also helps martensite form.

5.  If you still can't get it to form you can add 4-30% nickel (or less) which will help the martensite to form but would reduce the cold iron's effect on magnetic fields greatly.

There can be an unlimited number of ways to achieve this but here is an example.


1. Use high purity (99.9%+) Iron powder

2.  Melt iron in suitable crucible in inert atmosphere furnace at around 1540c.

3.  Pour iron into Room Temp mold of your desired shape (lets say 4"x1"x1/8" investment casting mold)

4.  Immediatly drop that in dry ice-antifreeze (DIAF) bath.

5.  Recover iron bar and wash.  Add to austenetic temperature (930 c) inert gas furnace for 30 mins.  Immediately remove it from furnace and place metal between plates cooled to DIAF or liquid nitrogen temperature and compress to 40 tons (basically as many tons as possible).  Keep compressed for 15 minutes while actively cooling the plates if possible.  Repeat this step 3x.  This will sucessively reduce austenite grain size and leave us with hopefully high % martensite at the end.  Make sure on the last pass that the iron reaches full liquid nitrogen temperature.

7.  Compress bar at 40 tons (or as high as possible) and turn plate temperature to 150c.  Plates should be anodized if aluminum or coated with something to prevent electrical conductivity but allow thermal conductivity.  Attach pulsed or constant DC power supply with the negative wire at the tip of the future blade and the positive wire to the bottom (base) of the blade.  This will induce crystal formation starting at the tip to strengthen it. Paint all exposed surfaces of the metal and wire with high temperature paint to prevent any reaction with oxygen.  Let sit for 96 hours.  Quench in DIAF or liquid nitrogen.

8.  Grind into blade or other shape (like a cross) with a wet belt sander with ceramic grit.  Make sure temperature of the blade does not heat up while sanding, keep a bucket with ice water and dish soap nearby and after every pass dunk it in the water.  The dishsoap will help prevent rusting.

9.  Wash item well and coat with wax often

Whiskers grow from anode; current, compression, and elevated temperature induce growth

Electric current helped martensite formation

Electropulse increased hardness and strength

NASA searching for cold iron

99.95% pure iron chunks