What to do for Eucalyptus oil overdose home care.

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Eucalyptus oil is a trememdous medicine especially for lung issues including tuberculosis which causes high cholesterol, chest pain, and heart skipping beats.  Also it is great for proteus which causes high blood pressure, low back pain, and uti/kidney infections.  However one should never take more than 1 mL at a time.  In case one forgets and takes 2-3 mL you can probably be treated at home.  If you take 3-5 mL you may need urgent care and over 5mL you will most likely need emeegency care.  This oil is no joke so be very careful.

Home care:

1. Administer activated charcoal

2.  Do not eat much

3.  Do not excercise

4.  Keep the body cool.  Warmth volatilizes the oil and makes symptoms worse.

5.  Rest, but adrenaline helps.  Getting a little scared but not overly scared may help too keep blood pressure up.

6.  Breathe.  Make sure you are breathing adequately.

7. Wait it out, the dizzyness and lightheadedness should pass.

8.  Stay awake, at least until you are mostly back to normal.  Sleeping can enhance respiratory depression.

Obviously if you need help, call poison control center and/or get emergency help.

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