We are slowly loosing our DNA fidelity

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I think that it is probable that modern methods are breaking us off from nature not only in a mental and spiritual sense but also a physical one.  What if genetic engineering in nature is a constant process? What if an organism needs a new gene and it's food provides it?  Over the course of our life we eat pounds and pounds of DNA.  What if biology is designed to genetically engineer itself using its food (and medicine ie: herbs) DNA? I think it is highly probable.

What this means is that if we cut ourselves off from nature our DNA will slowly degrade, we will loose gene functionality.  This is a natural process but the counter process is gaining new and improved genes from nature.  However modern clone farming, food processing, etc has stripped nearly all unique and adaptive DNA from our diet.  Our foods are not allowed to adapt and gain new genes.  Therefore our own adaptation has also been halted.  This will not lead to the destruction of the world, just the destruction of our own species.  Don't listen to the climate alarmists, the world itself will be fine.  It is we who are on a path of destruction.

Eat wild foods.

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