WARNING: Economy has flatlined, prepare for recession

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As I have said before I had a dream that when the 1 year bond yield crosses the 5 year bond yield the economy is on borrowed time.  Every time this happens there is a calm before the storm, then an economic collapse.  It is the most reliable indicator of an upcoming crash bar none.  It is always right.

So what does this mean, the 1 year crossing the 5 year?  It means you will collect more interest on a 1 year investment than if you sign up for a 5 year investment.  What this obviously means is that no one in their right mind would want to tie up their money for 5 years when they will earn less interest than on a 1 year investment.  So everyone sells their long term bonds.  This is what causes an economic collapse, people pulling out of investments.

Now the important thing to realize is that the FED knows this.  The FED is a private entity that is run by the shadow government trillionares.  The FED owners don't need to borrow money to buy stuff.  So when the economy crashes and prices plummet, they buy up all the cheap assets with cash.  This is how they make money.

The tool that is used to cause these crashes are interest rate hikes.

As you can see below the 1 year yield is just now within the last few days started crossing the 5 year.  This is an EMERGENCY ALARM that the economic crash is inevitable and immiment.  They are timing this to coincide with the 2020 elections but as I have said before I know for a fact that Trump will stay in office and Martin O'Malley will win in 2024.

Get your money out of the banks and investments and prepare for the collapse.

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