Universal Expression

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I can't in good faith call this a theory.  I'm not going to come up with a catchy acronym or domain name.  This is beyond science and to put it up for scientific debate feels wrong to me, not that I don't want people to question or improve the idea, I do; but that this was given to me inspired and it is not my theory.  I wouldn't feel right arguing to defend it.  It feels sacred and special and for me to cast my usual prideful self importance on it would be disrespectful.

That said here is the understanding.  Evolution is incorrect.  Creation is incorrect.  Universal Expression shows us a much more real, understanding, and benevolent God than the theory of creation could ever paint.  God trusts us so much he doesn't create at all but rather lets us create.  And by us I mean all conciousness.  And everything is or was concious or created by conciousness at one point. Conciousness lives at the cutting edge where black and white exist.

Good and evil, light and dark, yin and yang are all expressions that describe potential for creation.  Whenever light and dark exists creation is not completed and conciousness will confront it.  God created light (and dark?), which is the possibility for creation, but he (I use that loosely as I don't expect God to have a gender, but who knows) entrusts conciousness in order to make concious choices on how to solve problems and create using that potential.  Our decisions in life, what we achieve (I use that loosely as teaching something is achieving something too) and the legacy we create literally is what creates the universe.  The universe is bieng created, even now.  Once that conciousness has begun creating this eternal legacy they reach enlightenment or baptisms.  Basically to get there you need to first find your true purpose in life, and begin excercising it.  That's it.  It's not hard but it does take courage to leave behind societies expectations and be actually true to yourself and your calling.  If you don't achieve this I don't know what happens to your conciousness after death.  But if you do achieve this even a little, when you die you will reach nirvana or heaven.  The way this happens is you become your legacy.  And if your legacy was integrated into the universe without bieng destroyed (because your legacy was proven to be good) then you live on in that legacy.  That legacy is living and active.  Perhaps it was a bacterium who's legacy is as a mitochondrion and now lives on in virtually every creature on earth.  This is nirvana or heaven.  That mitochondrion now has all of its needs met freely by the organism it supports.  It does what it loves to do for free and it recieves everything it needs for free.  This is heaven.  Find your true love in life and follow it and you too will achieve immortality in your death and your legacy will be encoded into the DNA of the universe.

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