Tuberculosis causes dementia and Alzhiemers

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So I have been I think trying to kill tuberculosis because from what I remember I had chest pains, wait not it was heart skipping beats.  Yes and then when I took garlic extract powder yesterday from purebulk I started having stabbing chest pains.  Stabbing chest pains are pericarditis and in my book always from tuberculosis.  So this confirmed to me that I was dealing with TB.  So today took vitamin c and garlic extract powder and started to become very forgetful and just like my memory feels totally blank and I ramble on with incoherent thoughts and lots of internal talking and banter.  Turns out tuberculosis also causes dementia.  Most of the times you notice some symptoms from bacteria is when you start killing them.  This is because usually they release toxins when they die. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/22127948/



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