Time Perception and how to slow down or speed up time

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There are two factors that determine how fast time seems to be going.  Dopamine and serotonin.  All things bieng equal if you increase serotonin, time will seem to be going by slowly.  If you increase dopamine time will seem to go by fast.  The reason why time seems to speed up as people age is that their number of dopamine receptors decrease so the little dopamine they have fills up all their receptors and it is as if they have a lot of dopamine and so time goes by fast.  The reason kids seem time goes by slowly is they have a lot of dopamine receptors so it takes more dopamine than they have to fill them up.  This is a relative lack of dopamine for kids and so time goes by slowly.

The reason people drink coffee is because it helps time go by faster at work.  This happens because caffiene stimulates dopamine and increased dopamine makes time go by faster.  So if you want time to go by faster use herbs that increase dopamine like catuaba.  If you want time to go by slowly use serotonergic herbs, dmt is one.

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