The Real Truth About Iridescent Roast Beef and Pastrami: It's Bacteria

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Even the USDA is complicit in this Big Agra Coverup.  Iridescent beef is not natural and normal, it is a sign the meat is spoiled.  It is the bacteria Leptothrix.  This bacteria requires B12 and Iron to grow, which is why you only see it on beef.  This type of bacteria is called filimentous, and these filiments are what cause light to diffract causing a rainbox of colors.

Don't believe the lies that they claim it is just the muscle fibers.  You will know that is bullshit when you buy the meat and its fine then after several days it turns iridescent.  Government agency scum.  You may have also seen this bacteria in ponds and steams causing what looks like an oil slick on the water.  This is the same bacteria in your roast beef.

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