Straight to solvent extraction 2: easy future medicine

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I have made a post on a "straight to solvent" extraction before that uses acid/base technology that anyone can master and aquire ingredients for.  I am making a whole new protocol from scratch so that it is as easy as possible.  If you want crystaline alkaloids, see the other version of my protocol.  This version is intended for home medicinal use.

Tested on Catuaba and Kanna extraction with flying colors!

1 oz shredded plant material into glass mortar and pestle (biggest you can aquire, 120mm or 16oz is perfect for 1 oz of herb, try to get a 180mm on ebay to attempt 100g.  150mm is usually 32 oz so 180 mm may be 48oz if we are lucky)

Barerly but thouroughly moisten plant material with vinegar.  There should be no excess liquid.  Or use water then add a bit of glacial acetic acid to make it vinegar like.  Mix around for around 5 minutes.

Sprinkle sodium carbonate onto plant material to cover it like snow.  Exact amount doesn't matter, you can check ph if desired.  The whole thing may foam up (but not overflow if your mortar is big enough). Mix thouroughly 5 mins.

You should have damp material with virtually zero free liquid if you did it right.  If too much liquid, just add more sodium carbonate to dry it up.

Now add around an ounce of limonene at a time, mash and mix around for 5 minutes, and pour off and collect limonene.  Do this at least 3 times or untill you can tell that no more color (usually yellow or orange)/alkaloids are coming off.  Color may be very faint and only seen in collection vessel (catuaba).  For kanna it should be yellow-green.

Use a lab vacuum system and a warm water bath to evaporate off all solvent except 1 oz.  Preferably use a distillation rig so you can collect back your excess limonene to use again.  45 celcius is perfect for limonene, make sure vacuum and seals are good with high vacuum grease.  Also you can use rice grains as boiling chips.  Boiling chips are essential for vacuum evaporating limonene.  A vigreux column is highly desired and will help prevent any product from spilling over in distillation.  If you evaporate too much, it is ok just add a little more fresh limonene to 1oz afterward.

Place ounce of product in a 1 oz dropper bottle and use.  Typical dosage is 1-4 droppers full.  This is a 1:1 by weight extract, 1 gram of this limonene is roughly equal to a gram of the raw material but HIGHLY more bioavailable.

120c burner (setting 1 on my stove) = 45c waterbath.

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